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Auntieflo Sat 18-Mar-23 11:53:32

I have been a subscribed member to this site for years and had no problems.
This year though, I try to send a card, get to where I choose "send by email etc"
and the site takes you back to a blank card. All written messages disappeared.
The FAQ's know that there is a problem, if using Safari on android, ios. and suggest perhaps using a different browser, or that you are short on memory.

But why has it only happened recently, to me any way?
Surely they could fix a known fault?
On trying to send a card, I have managed, after many, many, many, attempts, to suddenly get it to go through.

But, try to send another, and you are back to square one.
I am losing the will to live 😵‍💫

Lizbethann55 Sat 18-Mar-23 19:47:23

We have used Jaqui Lawson cards for a few years now. Admittedly our computer is so old it is steam driven, but we found out that we can only send JL cards if we access JL through Google Chrome and not Google

Redrobin51 Sat 18-Mar-23 20:14:59

I have had the opposite problem, some people I send Jacqui Lawson cards to can't access them.
As you say it is such a well-established site, I must have been a member for over 10 years and you would think they could suggest an easy way to overcome your problem. It must be so frustrating for you. It is a mystery why it has suddenly started happening to you. Mind you since my computer mysteriously updated itself to Windows 11 I have had trouble accessing many things.
I know when I had trouble accessing a digital magazine they told me to use another browser and when I did I accessed it perfectly.
I do hope you can resolve the problem.

JackyB Sun 19-Mar-23 08:45:35

To be honest, I wish people wouldn't send me Jacqui Lawson cards. I find them twee and would be very embarrassed if someone saw me watching one.

I would prefer, if it has to be electronic and not a real card to stand on the mantelpiece, an email with sincere wishes and news of the sender.

silverlining48 Sun 19-Mar-23 08:57:03

I agree, JackyB,
very twee,
not for me,

Maggiemaybe Sun 19-Mar-23 09:05:48

I do like the Advent calendars though. I bought three of them many years ago and still have them on my desktop. Yes, some days’ offerings are very twee, but there are some good puzzles and activities on there to occupy the grandchildren when they’re around 5 or 6. Mine have all enjoyed decorating the Christmas trees and snowmen, even in the height of summer. grin

MawtheMerrier Sun 19-Mar-23 09:10:11

Like others upthread I am not keen.
I have subscribed in the past and admit I used them when I had left it too late to post a card- which probably colours my opinion when I get one!
The music is usually twee and cliched and the images wildly old fashioned - not in a good way.
So it’s a thumbs down from me!

nanna8 Sun 19-Mar-23 09:10:21

I don’t like them but several friends and relatives send them to me so I thank them and reply. Half the time I just zonk them ,can’t be bothered watching them. I wouldn’t be so rude as to say anything,though, because I guess it’s the thought that counts.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 19-Mar-23 09:27:47

I receive them from certain people. I appreciate the kind thought but would much prefer a real card to display. I know this can be expensive especially with the postage, but these particular people are well off and able to shop.

Sparklefizz Sun 19-Mar-23 10:29:34

It's a no from me.
As others have said, they are too twee and too long and I can't be bothered to watch them, so just scroll to the end, but it's the thought that counts.

I'd rather have a real card but they are expensive plus postage. A straightforward email or text would be fine instead.

Farzanah Sun 19-Mar-23 10:37:21

I hate em.
Lazy way of sending greetings.
Don’t even open them.

Allsorts Sun 19-Mar-23 10:45:01

I have sent them for years on and off. However found out that quite a few of my friends don’t like them so I won’t be renewing. I must admit it’s been getting harder to find cards not to twee as they dont suit the people I know.

Farzanah Sun 19-Mar-23 10:48:40

The ones that I’ve seen appear to be more suitable for children than adults.

Jaxjacky Sun 19-Mar-23 11:25:13

Not my choice of cards, I prefer using Moonpig, I never get any of them either, phew.
But to answer the OP, not very professional, they’ll certainly lose customers.

ixion Sun 19-Mar-23 11:47:18


I hate em.
Lazy way of sending greetings.
Don’t even open them.

I think you are being harsh here.
I don't like them either, but have been a recipient in the past.

The sender? A 96 year old lady in a home who thought enough of me to want to send me love and greetings on noteworthy occasions.
She couldn't shop, was fiercely independent but what brought her joy? She browsed a selection of 'cards', chose one she liked, wrote a nice warm message on it to me and 'posted' it.

The closest she could get to normality for her.
And I accepted it with thanks and gratitude, as you would.

Farzanah Sun 19-Mar-23 11:54:43

Yes ixion I was too harsh.
In your example, and I accept in some circumstances it can be a heartfelt nice gesture.
I got out of bed in a bad mood with cystitis this morning sad

Granmarderby10 Sun 19-Mar-23 11:59:13

I accept what I can get from wherever as long as it’s with good intentions and kind wishes.🤗

BlueBelle Sun 19-Mar-23 12:08:28

I truly dislike e-cards of any kind give me a good old fashioned card I can put on on shelf and look at over and over I m with you all the way farzanah although I can see the way they can be useful to someone who can’t get out as illustrated by ixion

Oh sorry about the cystitis farzanah that’s the curse of the devil

grannyactivist Sun 19-Mar-23 12:13:44

I agree they are very twee, but I subscribed recently because I’ve had many days when I can’t get out of bed. I have always sent a lot of cards; not just birthdays, but for all sorts of reasons and I don’t want to stop just because I’ve run out of my ‘stash’ of actual cards. So, I pick the best of the bunch for each occasion and hope the recipient understands. My very young grandchildren love them, but there’s nothing much suitable for anyone aged between 12 and 55.

They remind me of nighties with bunnies/hearts/unicorns etc. marketed at my age group. I like to have something suitable for a mature woman and not be infantilised.

Blinko Sun 19-Mar-23 12:21:14

I do subscribe, but now I realise they might be unwelcome, I probably won't subscribe again. Shame, really. They were always well meant.

ixion Sun 19-Mar-23 13:20:57


Yes ixion I was too harsh.
In your example, and I accept in some circumstances it can be a heartfelt nice gesture.
I got out of bed in a bad mood with cystitis this morning sad

Thanks Farzanah. Had my Grrr hat on this morning as the lady in question has just died and I was feeling a bit sensitive.
Still don't like 'em!

(Oh, and as for cystitis, join the club!)

Ziplok Sun 19-Mar-23 13:25:25

Well, I think it’s the thought that counts, whether it’s a card through the post or an electronic one. Seems rather mean spirited to me not to open one that has been sent to you - a bit like a slap in the face to the sender, really.
I find them quite amusing, but understand they won’t appeal to everyone.

Ziplok Sun 19-Mar-23 13:27:10

Sorry, Farzanah, I think I was equally guilty of being harsh there. Hope your cystitis clears soon - it’s horrible 💐.

IrishDancing Sun 19-Mar-23 13:33:23

I used to subscribe but there always seemed to be this problem and that problem so ended my subscription. Also it was getting more and more difficult to find “acceptable” cards. But I’m happy to receive them and any other communication that anybody wished to send.

gangy5 Sun 19-Mar-23 14:35:31

I have sent JL cards for a few years but now am rather tired of them. They seem rather dated and I'm not keen on most of the music which accompanies them. Can anyone recommend another ecard provider which is more original?. My yearly subscriotin is coming up and I would like to make the change.