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What title would your novel have?

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LRavenscroft Wed 17-May-23 17:29:21

Recently I thought of the phrase 'Sometimes you have to say goodbye before you say Hello' and one Gransnetter thought it was a good title for a novel. What would the title of your novel be if you wrote one?

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 17-May-23 18:19:09

‘Well That didn’t Work did it’

MissChateline Wed 17-May-23 18:36:31

My biography would be called Waiting for Whales. Mainly because when I lived in the outer Hebrides whales regularly were spotted. But inevitably by the time I got there they had gone. This sort of sums up aspects of my life really. So maybe one day it will get written.

Smileless2012 Wed 17-May-23 18:38:56

'I don't believe it' would be rather appropriate for mine.

FannyCornforth Wed 17-May-23 18:45:06

Mine:Kidnapped by a Rasta in Dudley

My best mate: Tazerred in Bulgaria

M0nica Wed 17-May-23 18:47:32

I think I am the only person I know who has never nursed a secret desire to write a novel. Not even a really dreadful one. I couldn't and I know it. So it is no novel with no name.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 17-May-23 18:58:37

What if?

Bridie22 Wed 17-May-23 19:28:02

" If Only"

Bodach Wed 17-May-23 19:31:43

"Nothing on the Clock but the Maker's Name".

MrsKen33 Wed 17-May-23 20:07:29

I’m on my third and I’m not telling.

foxie48 Wed 17-May-23 21:00:23

The Procrastinator, I'm going to start writing it tomorrow.

Casdon Wed 17-May-23 21:18:39

The Dog Ate My Caramac.

Ali23 Wed 17-May-23 21:30:27

Live and Learn

Clawdy Thu 18-May-23 07:56:36


Lexisgranny Thu 18-May-23 07:59:57

Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Marmin Thu 18-May-23 08:06:10

The aardvark that bought our house.

Aveline Thu 18-May-23 08:13:13

Just get on and write it. Think about potential readership. Autobiographies are probably not of any interest to people outside your family so write a novel. Stop prevaricating and do it!

Greyduster Thu 18-May-23 08:17:44

Grand Designs - Lessons in Failure.

foxie48 Thu 18-May-23 08:47:39

I do wish we had a like button as some of these have made me smile.

Not the title of an autobiography or novel, Aveline
Actually my latest way of getting off to sleep is writing a story in my head, I never get past the first page!

Aveline Thu 18-May-23 09:00:39

A storyline coming to me as I'm trying to sleep keeps me awake foxie48 it's annoying but also interesting! Can't win.

Grantanow Sun 21-May-23 08:32:22

'Down the pan' - a fast-moving novel set in the fluid world of water companies.

absent Sun 21-May-23 08:57:34

I did write a fairly awful novel in my late teens, typing it on an old upright Remington. I called it "Jesus had Hay Fever", which seemed appropriate and meaningful at the time, but I cannot now remember why.

aonk Sun 21-May-23 09:18:21

The Quiet House.
About a lonely person.

inishowen Wed 24-May-23 11:26:04

I also wrote a novel when I left school. It was about being a teenager. Sadly I threw it away. I'd love to read it now.

Chicklette Wed 24-May-23 11:37:30

I wrote a novel once, title Shouting in a Vacuum. I was quite proud of title as I felt it expressed the protagonist’s despair. If I wrote my autobiography (which I’d never do) I’d call it Flippin’ Heck, Not Again!