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Good Morning Wednesday 24th May 2023

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Michael12 Wed 24-May-23 05:50:57

Good Morning Everyone,
Its bright and sunny this morning in brackley already this morning.
Yesterday a slight miss apt on the bus going into Bicester yesterday on the bus, we was just turning down the main road into the town, on a roundabout and a car took us on the inside scrapping the bus , but he realised what he done ,because the driver pulled into the first stop to look asking if anyone had took the car number details , but the car driver turned up and himself and the bus driver exchanged details before we continued .
I also heard on the Monday just gone they had a fire at Bicester Village designer outlet , causing shops staff etc to come into the town centre and taking available space in cafes etc whilst there.
Today will do my usual routine of housework plus going on the bus to Bicester and hopefully relax after .
Take Care,

Ashcombe Wed 24-May-23 06:00:31

Good morning from a brightening Sarthe.

Stay safe, Mick, with things happening around you but not to you!

Yesterday became very warm so DH was inspired to mow whilst I gave my car interior an overdue clean. Earlier we’d shopped for wine boxes and tinned items for home.

Today will be taken up with packing and sorting out the house ready to travel to Ouistreham tomorrow for the 16.30 ferry to Portsmouth.

Thinking of those who are suffering, especially Gingster’s DD.

Happy hump day! 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

grandMattie Wed 24-May-23 06:05:05

Good morning from another bright day in Bristol.
Today, I shall have to water my pots. The runner beans are doing well, ditto the tomatoes. The annuals are starting to show colour. They will look nice for some time, I hope.
I had a very productive day yesterday. I popped into the surgery to ask for a repeat prescription and an appointment with the doctor. To my amazement, the receptionist apologised for all the slots being full that day, but the GP would call later or the next day. WHAT!!! In Sandwich, if anyone spoke to you, within a fortnight, it was a miracle!
True to the promise, a doctor called in the afternoon, repeated my prescription, talked about my worries regarding my hearing, referred me to ENT and suggested I had Meniere’s. Same symptoms for years and, finally, this lovely doctor seems to have diagnosed my problems. He is fantastic!
My beloved DS1 is arriving from India this evening. Bless her, DD is driving to the airport to pick him up. I’ll se him tomorrow. What a wonderful day!
I hope everyone else has something to cheer them up today. Bon voyage, Ash, make sure you don’t allow the wine bottles to clink too much! 😂.
Carpe diem 🦩🦩❤️🦩🦩

Greyduster Wed 24-May-23 06:21:09

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. The sun is up in South Yorkshire and it’s set to be a warm one. Yesterday’s fishing trip was very enjoyable but didn’t produce any fish. I was fishing a small bay at the reservoir which is a favourite spot and usually yields a few fish. There was another chap there and he hadn’t caught anything either! But it was more an exercise in “Can you remember how to tie a decent knot and will your legs stand up to it now?” I managed five hours, drove home and fell asleep in a chair! Everything aches this morning but I shall go again soon. I would like to live in the that house in the picture!
Writers group at the library this afternoon.
Have the best day you can, folks.

cornergran Wed 24-May-23 06:25:19

Morning Mick, morning All. Sky looks clear, a sunny day ahead for our corner of Somerset if the forecast is right.

As predicted yesterday descended into chaos, we got there though. A more gentle day ahead. A package to drop off, things for the tip then a drive along the coast as we fancy a change of sea front. This will take us past our flooring contractors office where we’ll pay their bill now the tweaks have happened.

That sounds a decent GP surgery grandmattie, pleased for you. Safe trip tomorrow ash, looks like you’ll be coming back to sunshine. Goodness mick, it’s all happening around you.

Thinking of all with health or other worries, hope Wednesday is kind to us all.

monk08 Wed 24-May-23 06:38:53

Good morning all from the Black country where it is a lovely sunny start to the day.
Nursery pick up today a trip to the bank beforehand, drop Dgs with his mum and then perhaps a trip to garden centre. We have a few garden centres by us each have their own charm but it will probably be the one with the pool it's a lovely to walk round feed the fish and then sit by the pool with cake and coffee.
Enjoy your day everyone whatever your plans and may you all find some ☀️.

BlueBalou Wed 24-May-23 06:44:48

Good morning from sunny Wiltshire, what a difference having sunshine makes!
I pootled in the garden yesterday, tidying and enjoying the peace and quiet. Walked DDog later, she was tired after her morning session with the wonderful dog walker.
All the washing dried beautifully while DH and I reassembled the swinging seat, put up the parasol etc.
Finished knitting pair of socks and started another, I thoroughly enjoy listening to a podcast or audiobook whilst knitting, so relaxing 😊
Today it’s getting sorted for the family coming at the weekend, it’s going to be bedlam I suspect! Can’t wait 😀

GrannyGravy13 Wed 24-May-23 06:55:40

Morning all

How excited you just be to see your DS tomorrow grandMattie along with an excellent GP all is good for you.

Safe journey Ashcombe

Our meeting was long and thorough yesterday. Unfortunately they came to the conclusion that we have more structural pro than first thought, so we are now yet again waiting for a decision on when the new excavations will begin.

Cleaning fairies here first thing then I am off to the gym.

(((Hugs))) to our absent and poorly friends
Have a good day folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 24-May-23 07:03:39

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. Our cleaner will be here this morning. While she is here I will pop round to my friends’ and feed their fish and water the garden. After lunch OH and I will drive to Oxford and move some money around! I recently paid for my flight to Australia in August and OH has been buying bee related things! Things seem to be going well GM. Onwards and upwards. Have a good day.

karmalady Wed 24-May-23 07:12:44

good morning, a beautiful sunny day again

Lovely upbeat tone on the the thread this morning, the sun helps very much

Yesterday I made yoghurt and an oven full of large fluffy fruit buns, frozen quickly to take temptation away. Then pottered outside mainly. I think we will have a few more days of this lush weather, no need to go anywhere and my body is having a thoroughly stressless time

I finished another part-made top and will do similar today, I like to change activities during the day. Might start piecing the summer bodywarmer that I have been avoiding as there are many parts to it. Just an hour a day will do it

Have a lovely day

Jaxjacky Wed 24-May-23 07:13:31

Morning from sunshine in S Hampshire. What a positive day gMattie, your move is proving very beneficial.
A beautiful place to spend a day Greyduster.
I played bowls yesterday, a bit rusty after the winter, today a small market to buy some plants. Then I’m collecting my friend after his cataract surgery.
Enjoy your day 🦩🦩

baubles Wed 24-May-23 07:22:00

Good morning all from South Lanarkshire where it’s cloudy and cool but I believe the sun may make an appearance.

Pleased to hear that you seem to be settling in Mattie.

Excavations sound very disruptive GG.

I worked yesterday in my local charity shop where I volunteered originally. I was covering the manager’s day off and it was good to see people I had worked with and also some of the regular customers. Back to my own shop today.

Thinking of those struggling with worries and wishing everyone the best day possible.

Pittcity Wed 24-May-23 07:22:46

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Another lovely day.
The washing machine is on so that I can hang out before the short walk to the weekly coffee meetup in the city centre.
This afternoon I must get the mower out. We have been attempting "no mow May" as DH has been away more than he's been home and I'm #lazygran. But, although the back lawn looks lovely with a covering of daisies, the front is a mess and I can feel the disapproval of the neighbours.
Love to all 🦩 x

Whitewavemark2 Wed 24-May-23 07:31:47

Morning all from glorious Cornwall.

We have been so blessed with the weather. Yesterday we walked along the camel estuary at Rock towards Daymer Bay, then pootled across the ferry to have lunch at Steins. What fantastic service you get! They were so welcoming and thoughtful. The dog had been “swimmming” (he only paddles on tip toe) but was still pretty damp and we had opted to sit in the courtyard as the weather is so lovely but the slate was cold and he lay shivering. So the staff got him a big folded blanket to lay on and then another to cover him with! He lay in blissful warmth snoozing. The food was good as well😄.

Today I think it is a walk on the camel trail from wadebridge towards Padstow, then lunch at Trevone Bay.

Hope everyone continues on their merry way today.

Gingster Wed 24-May-23 07:38:56

Good morning all and it’s another bright one. ☀️.
Thanks for all your good wishes for DD! ❤️
I will take DGD to school and get back in time for Dh to have the car to go fishing. It does take time to get used to only having one car, but it’s really not worth having two!

I’ll go to Mass and then wander up to town to have a look around the market and maybe have my rings cut off 😢. They are inbedded into my finger so I think it’s sensible .

GM things are certainly looking up for you.👍. How wonderful to have your son with you..

Greyduster that house looks idyllic.

GG I hope the work goes ahead soon and sorts out the problems 🤞.

Ash safe and trouble-free journey back to Blighty 🙏.

Hoping you all have a gentle day. 🌸

brook2704 Wed 24-May-23 07:46:48

Good morning everyone from Inverness where we’ve a bit of cloud just now but the sun is due out later.
So good that your DS will be with you soon gMattie enjoy spending time together and good news about the surgery too
Lovely pictures greyduster, so serene, hope you get some fish next time!
I’ve a busy day ahead, we’ll be dropping DGD off at school and then I’m off to the gym - I’m not looking forward to it but I’ll be fine when I’m there…. and then I’m going across the road with my pal to Starbucks for coffee and a long sit down on the sofas!
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Wyllow3 Wed 24-May-23 07:50:54

Morning from a sunny S Yorks where I've been up since 6.45 as the time slot for my new Fridge freezer started at 7 but hasn't arrived yet.
Alien lump now disappeared and no pain, super surgeon, then twigged my back getting the old fridge freezer ready!

But gardener here today to tackle "lawn" and weed and have a few bedding plants to put in.

Was that Ladybower, Greyduster? Beautiful spot.

Marydoll Wed 24-May-23 08:00:54

Good morning all from a breezy day here in Glasgow, where its 11°C.

You sound so much more upbeat, GM.

Yesterday's hospital visit was surprisingly hassle free, however, there were a few hiccups on the road. In the two years, since I was last there, the whole landscape had changed, it was covered with brand new university, student accommodation buildings. I advised DH to turn tight, ( I know this area like the back of my hand 😉), we ended up in a Lidl car park, which for some bizarre reason, was full of about a hundred queuing students! 😂.
Amazingly, at the hospital there were lots of empty, disabled parking bays, overlooking the whole of Glasgow. The views were stunning.

The scan was much more detailed than normal, it's usually my hip and lower back. This one was also to scan my whole spine, checking my unhealed spinal fractures, which are held together with bone cement. I was most impressed at the thoroughness of it all..

We had a good laugh, when the radiographer asked if I had on an underwired bra. Normally the scan wouldn't go that far up, but the bra had to come off. I have difficulty dressing at the best of times, but a stiff and painful shoulder has made it nigh on impossible. of the radiographers had her hand up my back, trying to unhook it, while the other was trying to manoeuvre my dress. They were so sympathetic at my plight, but I couldn't stop laughing. I was more embarrassed by the sight of the tatty bra!
Sadly it reminded me of my mum, when trying to change her after an accident, she said tearfully, Have I come to this?.😪

I asked what had happened to the radiographer, who has been doing my scans for over thirty years. It was upsetting to hear that she retired, but had died soon after. I was quite tearful, because she had done my last one two years ago and was much younger than me.

I am going to try and get to Mass today, so lots of candles and prayers for those in need. I need some social interaction. 😉
That is if I can drive, my shoulder is giving me gip, after yesterday's manipulation and DH thumping it during the night! )

Wishing you all a pleasant day, whatever your plans and safe journey, Ash.

ginny Wed 24-May-23 08:01:05

Blue sky over N. Bucks and a Good Morning to you all.
A few jobs to do first this morning and then I am meeting my eldest DGS for lunch. It’s lovely that at 30 years old he is happy to spend time with me. I suspect a free lunch helpssmile.
Later I must think at packing for holiday next week.
Hope fully fit in some sketching for a challenge this evening..
Wishing you all a pleasant day .

ginny Wed 24-May-23 08:01:41

DGS is 20 not 30 !

Grandmabatty Wed 24-May-23 08:06:37

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 10° and gloriously sunny. It makes everything feel better when the sun shines. Grandmattie it'll be lovely for you to see your son. Ash safe journey back. Grey duster lovely photos. Grannygravy that doesn't sound good. I hope it's not too expensive.
Yesterday started early as both boys were awake when I arrived at dd's house. Dgs1 was sitting at the side of his bed waiting for Grandma to get him. Wee sweetheart. Dgs2 was awake as he has a bad cold and is teething so he wasn't a happy boy but valiantly tried to play. His wee heart wasn't in it though. After I dropped them off, I went to M and S to pick up undies I had ordered. To my horror, when I read the text message, it said to bring a bag as they're cutting down their use of plastic. I had visions of my not inconsiderable sized undies appearing in full view. I was frantically wondering how to manage the embarrassment, particularly as a former pupil was next in the queue, when out pops the assistant with them in a nice green marks bag. Phew.
Today I have a chiropodist appointment then I'm visiting my friend's partner with a gift. It's his birthday on Friday and, although I don't suppose he'll feel like celebrating, it's a big birthday so a gift is required. He likes jigsaws so I bought a couple of them for him.
Later I will potter in the garden and then a quick visit to mum. Have a good day all

Taichinan Wed 24-May-23 08:08:41

Good morning all from the Angus coast where cloud and sunshine compete. It's lovely to see the sun though!
Cornwall sounds idyllic, Whitewave - isn't it wonderful when you get perfect weather on holiday.
Mick that must have been quite scary, that contretemp between your bus and the car! But no real harm done thank goodness.
Enjoy your trip home Ash with all your home comforts safely packed 😉
And I agree with you greyduster, that house is in a glorious position.
We had a particularly good tai chi class yesterday - lots of discussion and laughs which I love. Afterwards I did lots of walking between shops and the bank in the high street, and then down to Tesco for more basic shopping - I was absolutely shattered when I got home! It was nearly bedtime before I got my mojo back.
The thing I really love about this time of year - and thing I've really been missing with all the rain, fog and cloud we've had - is the glorious nights when it doesn't get dark. It was one such last night and there was no need for lights on as I went up to bed about 11pm. I have panoramic views from the bedroom, and the sky and hills were beautiful. Needless to say, I don't close the curtains!
DD called yesterday to ask if I wanted a ticket for the show Dancing GD is in in Glasgow in the summer. Daft question! So that's something good to look forward to.
Have a great day everyone and enjoy the sunshine x

NannyJan53 Wed 24-May-23 08:13:17

Good morning from a bright and sunny Black Country.

Took Mum for a short Walking for Health walk at the park near where she lives yesterday morning. Didn't find people particularly friendly though, so I doubt she will go again.

We then went to a local hotel for information regarding menu's for a meal for about 18 of us for my 70th in September. The menu's were good but they charge £425 for using the room!! So it looks like a local gastro pub, where they don't charge. A shame really.

No real plans today. Gas Engineer coming to service boiler, then gym.

I think I am moving to Bristol gM with a medical practice service like that smile How lucky you are WWM to live in such a lovely area, with so many scenic walks.

Wishing you all the best day possible.

Gwenisgreat1 Wed 24-May-23 08:13:30

Good morning all from sunny Harrogate
We got home safely on Monday, with my sister who leaves today. In fact we will probably go to the station at the same time, she will be leaving for Sutton and we will be going to York - I have an appointment at York District Hospital this afternoon.
You seem to have landed on your feet since your move GrandMattie. Glad it’s all going well for you.
Packing for tomorrow must be quite wearisome for you Ashcombe at least you will be leaving your coughs behind!
The photos are of the river rushing past our cottage. Flamingos at Birdland and the miniature village.
Have the best day possible folks

kittylester Wed 24-May-23 08:15:53

Good morning all from a sunny North Leicestershire.

DH is off to the gym first thing then we are going to the garden centre and the papershop/post office in another village.

Tea and cake with a friend at a new coffee shop where we had to make an appointment!

Have a good day all.