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Good Morning Wednesday 13th September 2023

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Michael12 Wed 13-Sep-23 05:52:16

Good Morning Everyone,
Dark here but dry in brackley .
Plans for the day , is laundry day for me plus other chores .
Health wise , I think the heatwave played its part as to the continued diarrhea,as it would like to get my system back to normal although have been told it could go on for months .
Take Care,

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 13-Sep-23 09:21:30

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. I overslept and didn’t wake until 8 am! So a quick visit. Hopefully my cleaner will come this morning. I will spend most of the day baking. Local History Society this evening. Have a good day.

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 13-Sep-23 09:23:21

For MaryD’s friends 💐

Gingster Wed 13-Sep-23 09:24:42

A surprise for Jessie

Gingster Wed 13-Sep-23 09:28:28

Happy anniversary GG . 🍹🍹

Scapa1 Wed 13-Sep-23 09:56:56

Susan we are also near the Falkirk Wheel and the Kelpies quite amazing feats of engineering. The experience of going up in the wheel is very interesting but quite a short trip in the canal. If you can go inside the Kelpies the structure is amazing. Trip into Stirling yesterday all of 10 minutes away, it was very quiet and like a lot of places has gone downhill recently. Did what we needed quickly had a coffee in M&S and home again.
Duller here today so going to have a do nothing much day. Marydoll what awful news so sorry for all concerned.

Blossoming Wed 13-Sep-23 10:11:02

Good morning Mick and all from sunny Lancashire where it is currently 12°C. Glad you got out yesterday Mick, hope today goes as well

The plumber will be calling in today with the samples. No real plans otherwise, it’s quite cool under a clear blue sky so a walk will be nice.

Such sad news Marydoll flowers

Happy 1st birthday to your nephew’s wee grandson Greyduster.

Have a good day all whatever you’re doing 🌹

hollysteers Wed 13-Sep-23 10:36:05

Good morning Mick and all from a warm Salzburg. Arrived yesterday but our luggage hasn’t 😨Thankfully I had an extra blister pack of my meds in my hand luggage but my friends is in his suitcase…
So we are going out in the same clothes and hope they turn up today. Lufthansa, delays and connecting flight to blame. Good job we are here for a week, if it was a two or three nighter it would be a different story
Will read through later and thoughts to all with troubles 🌺

Taichinan Wed 13-Sep-23 10:44:41

Happy anniversary GrannyGravy - hope MeG's improves as the day goes on.
And Happy Birthday to Greyduster's nephew's grandson - a very special one x

Taichinan Wed 13-Sep-23 10:45:35

MrG's back that is!

Auntieflo Wed 13-Sep-23 11:22:25

Good morning Mick, Annie and all.
Marydoll, such tragic news. I am getting in a muddle with what I want to say, but your first post, shock to you as it was, is sometimes best just written down straight away. Apologies for the rambling, but I hope you know what I mean. {{{hugs}}} to you and love to the family.
I have an unexpected day to myself, as my friend cannot make it. So, all dressed up and nowhere to go. 🤗
Our car that went in for a service and MOT on Monday, is back to the garage this morning. They evidently did the wrong service, so we are without a car for the second day!
Today is our DD and SIL's wedding anniversary, 27 years.
So they are 25 years behind us. It poured with rain then, but sunshine today.
As I have an 'empty', I may just go upstairs and shorten a pair of linen trousers that I had forgotten about. A quick job, but necessary now, as I am shrinking.
Hollysteers, what a nightmare about tour missing meds and luggage. Hope they soon turn up.
Susan56, the Kelpies are something I would love to see, even on TV they are magnificent.
I waited over 25 minutes on the phone this morning, just checking that an upcoming blood test was actually booked in. Last month there was quite the fiasco, and I didn't want it to happen again.
I like the sound of your traybake WhitewaveM2, tonight we are having roast chicken.
Same here Foxygloves, humdrum, but I can't do too exciting these days.
Thinking of those with problems and sending healing vibes.
Have a good day one and all.

Grandmachrisy47 Wed 13-Sep-23 11:54:56

Marydoll, there are no words.
Happy Anniversary to the gg’s.
I too echo foxy’s post.

Litterpicker Wed 13-Sep-23 12:07:43

Good morning from East Lothian where it is cloudy but bright with patches of blue sky. We went to an interesting local history talk and walk yesterday morning. I then slept most of the afternoon and this morning I slept late. DH is also tired so it’s probably the after effects of the Covid. I hope it goes soon!

Such sad news from your friends, Marydoll 💐🕯

I am planning to do some gardening at DD’s, if the rain stays away. They have a lovely garden with much work done when they moved here ?7 years ago, but DD’s health problems and the general busyness of family life mean that keeping on top of the ‘weeds’ is a challenge.

Love Jessie’s duvet set Gingster 🙂

Happy Anniversary GrannyGravy.

It has turned into pm so I will stop.

Jamie Wed 13-Sep-23 12:53:11

Happy Anniversary to Granny and Mr Gravy. flowers

monk08 Wed 13-Sep-23 14:01:27

Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs GrannyGravy 🥂🍾.

Beechnut Wed 13-Sep-23 14:44:27

Wishing you both a Happy Anniversary Mr&MrsGravy 🥂

Nicksmrs46 Wed 13-Sep-23 15:02:37

Morning to you all .Very cloudy here in East Herts ,hardly a breeze to blow the laundry dry !
Have to get photo done for blue badge renewal and MrNick needs to renew his passport so another new photo ... doesn't come cheap !!
Do hope your problem sorts itself out soon Mick it`s so debilitating , enjoy your shopping trip , Bicester is somewhere I`d love to visit.
hope you all have a good day and to those under the weather I hope you feel better soon .

brook2704 Wed 13-Sep-23 16:39:53

Just checked back here and saw the upsetting news from Marydoll, my heart goes out to the family, so sad x

mrshat Wed 13-Sep-23 16:49:25

Condolences to Marydoll and her friend's family. Such very sad news flowers