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"Our song"

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eddiecat78 Wed 27-Sep-23 16:57:38

Have you got one?
I regard "Follow you, follow me" by Genesis as ours but OH keeps forgetting!

LauraNorderr Wed 27-Sep-23 17:27:26

Our song is 🎶Blueberry Hill🎶
Orlin proposed on Parbold Hill on the eve of Christmas Eve by asking me if I’d like to go ring shopping the next day. Blueberry Hill was playing on the car radio.
Every now and again he’ll sing to me 🎶 you were my thrill on Parbold Hill 🎶

BigBertha1 Wed 27-Sep-23 17:38:16

Baker Street

Oldnproud Wed 27-Sep-23 17:55:31

Never Let Her Slip Away, by Andrew Gold.

A bit like your OH, eddiecat, I'm not sure if mine would remember straight away or not.

Thorntrees Wed 27-Sep-23 18:02:14

Ours is ‘Leaving on a jet plane’.
DH was in the RAF when we met flying fast jets so it seemed appropriate as he was away so often.

BlueSapphire Wed 27-Sep-23 18:06:25

Ours was 'Something Stupid' by Nancy and Frank Sinatra - played it at DH's funeral.

Scribbles Wed 27-Sep-23 19:50:43

Ours was Harry Nilsson's Without You. Hearing it brings back so many warm and happy memories of our early days together. It was played at his funeral and, to my own surprise, I didn't cry and I've never cried over it since.

karmalady Wed 27-Sep-23 20:01:48

The lady in red

1summer Wed 27-Sep-23 20:07:38

Forever Young - Bob Dylan

Or our first dance at our wedding (not like they do today)

Avalon - Roxy Music

Dee1012 Wed 27-Sep-23 20:10:44

Can't get by without you...The Real Thing.
Although the relationship ended, the song brings back lovely memories.

Anniebach Wed 27-Sep-23 20:13:35

My husband died young, the last record he bought me was
Charles Aznavour singing’She’, wonder why.
She may turn each day into a heaven or hell !

kittylester Wed 27-Sep-23 20:51:27

Our song is Your Song by Elton John

Attlee Wed 27-Sep-23 21:01:46

It's 'Beyond the Sea'
We can still do a pretty neat foxtrot 😌

Urmstongran Wed 27-Sep-23 21:02:09

Ours is ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon. It was released in 1971, the year we met. We both loved it instantly and it just became ‘ours’.

It’s apparently played at funerals a lot nowadays. Kind of makes me go off it.

Oreo Wed 27-Sep-23 21:18:04

We don’t have a song that we regard as ‘ours’ tbh I thought this was just a thing in rom coms or drama on tv😄
We have songs in common that we both like but mostly have different musical tastes as DP likes jazz.

nexus63 Wed 27-Sep-23 21:31:44

ours was young girl by gary puckett, my late husband was 18 years older than me.

Harris27 Wed 27-Sep-23 21:34:38

Still the one Orleans. When I got my new number plate he had this written underneath my reg very nice.

MerylStreep Wed 27-Sep-23 21:38:45

What I’ve got in Mind, Billy Jo Spears. No explanation needed 😍

Visgir1 Wed 27-Sep-23 22:03:45

"I just called to say I love you"
Stevie Wonder... DH was on the Navy, it also was No 1 when we got married.

Grannybags Wed 27-Sep-23 22:36:30

Baker Street. It’s where we met

Aldom Thu 28-Sep-23 06:09:34

Annie's Song sung by John Denver.

'You fill up my senses, like a night in the forest
Like the mountains in spring time
Like a walk in the rain'.......

harrigran Thu 28-Sep-23 08:42:51

Autumn leaves sung by Nat King Cole.
We married in the autumn and DH died six days after our 54th wedding anniversary so we played it at his funeral.

Beckett Thu 28-Sep-23 08:49:35

Dedicated to the one I love - the Mamas and the Papas. After he had proposed we walked into our favourite pub and it was playing on the juke box (remember those!)

Joseann Thu 28-Sep-23 08:59:45

One of our favourites, in the car, is Take That
"The greatest day of our lives." I think it transports us forward, not back.

Cabowich Thu 28-Sep-23 09:02:29

The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood (I don't even like it!)