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What are the chances?

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Aveline Tue 14-Nov-23 16:07:09

My poor DS arrived for lunch distraught. He'd left my birthday present on the bus. It's very wet here and he was juggling parcels and his umbrella. It was a named carrier bag containing a very expensive perfume that he'd been saving for specially.
Obviously, he's now contacted lost property but, realistically, what are the chances of a decent person finding it and handing it in?
I'm not so much bothered about missing out on the present as it was the thought that counted for me. However, he's very upset. Cross with himself. It was a big thing for him. Oh dear.
Fingers firmly crossed that someone does the decent thing. Secretly - not optimistic. sad

Maggiemaybe Tue 14-Nov-23 16:20:00

Aveline, I always like to think that there are many more honest people around than dishonest ones - I hope one of the good guys finds the bag and hands it in.

Though, are you signed up to your local Facebook group? Ours has posts daily from people who’ve found bank cards, jackets, bags of shopping etc. The modern thing seems to be to take them home rather than handing them in, which puzzles me a bit (perhaps they just don’t trust other people). They seem to assume that everyone’s on social media as well.

Good luck, and happy birthday! thanks

BlueBelle Tue 14-Nov-23 16:24:56

My adult grandson left a very expensive coat on the bus earlier this year We thought that was definitely a goner but it was handed in and he got it back, both he and his sister have lost a phone each at different times An Uber driver delivered my grandaughters back to her and a gentleman from overseas had found my grandsons phone and rang his sisters number to say he’d got it and was waiting in a certain place in the city and he went straight to collect it
There are a lot of very honest people around and I hope you are as lucky as my grandkids have been
Fingers crossed 🤞🏼

Callistemon21 Tue 14-Nov-23 16:26:30

I hope someone hands it in or as Maggiemaybe says, posts something on a local FB page.

Happy birthday 💐 🎂

BlueBelle Tue 14-Nov-23 16:30:46

Where would they hand them in though Maggiemaybe We have no police station in our town the banks if there are any often close early or open late I would nt hand it in to a shop definitely take it home with me in the first instance and try social media
It never ceases to amaze me how many bank cards and sets of keys are advertised every day on FB

Callistemon21 Tue 14-Nov-23 16:35:05

The bus station? Surely they have a lost property office?

Aveline Tue 14-Nov-23 16:37:22

The bus company have a lost property office. He's just been there. They'll contact him if it turns up or he can phone them in three days.
I'll maybe put it on Facebook

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 14-Nov-23 16:43:12

I will keep everything crossed for you. I can imagine your poor son’s anguish. It’s so easily done. Poor lad.

Granniesunite Tue 14-Nov-23 16:55:15

I hope someone hands it in Aveline I don’t do Facebook but that’s a good idea. Fingers crossed it turns up.

Feel for your son he’ll be so upset.

25Avalon Tue 14-Nov-23 16:59:27

I do hope you are pleasantly surprised and it’s handed in. 🤞

crazyH Tue 14-Nov-23 17:08:00

I feel for your dear son. Poor lad - he must be so distraught. Yes, put a message on your local FB. Good luck !

Bella23 Tue 14-Nov-23 17:17:06

You never know someone might hand it in at the bus depot. In the village where we lived someone found DD's school bus pass with only her photo they waited and saw her passing in the morning and gave her it. We took something around as a thank-you.

Theexwife Tue 14-Nov-23 17:29:47

Go on your local facebook page, people often post things that have been found. Or put your own post about the loss.

Oldbat1 Tue 14-Nov-23 17:40:01

As some else said local facebook groups often have found things phones bank cards teddies seem to be regular. Hope you are lucky.

Aveline Tue 14-Nov-23 17:41:43

I don't have a local Facebook page it would seem. I've searched and searched but no luck.
I have tweeted the bus company and they've replied but just with the same message re calling in three days. Oh well.

LauraNorderr Tue 14-Nov-23 17:50:59

Aw, your poor son, such a lovely thought for his mum.
I’m sure you’ve given him a big hug anyway. Very happy birthday Aveline.

Lucyd Tue 14-Nov-23 17:59:38

What a shame. Your poor son must be gutted. Fingers crossed you get it back. There are some good honest folk out there so hopefully it will be returned. I once left a handbag with a couple of hundred pounds on a tour boat in it while on holiday in the Lake District and it was handed in. Also laid my purse down in a supermarket when bagging up veg and it was also handed in to customer services. Yes, I am a bit scatty!

crazyH Tue 14-Nov-23 18:05:41

I have a feeling the local FB Pages are called ‘Hubs’

Aveline Tue 14-Nov-23 18:50:56

Will check crazyH

BlueBelle Tue 14-Nov-23 23:42:55

Just look through the various groups on fb
Put in the name of your town in the search bar and loads will come up
I ve never heard of hubs CrazyH

Aveline Wed 15-Nov-23 06:41:43

A friend invited me to join a local lost and found page on Facebook and I have done that. No luck though.

BlueBelle Wed 15-Nov-23 07:11:43

Put your own request on that’s the best way
Did anyone find a small package on bus ??? on Saturday

coco12 Wed 15-Nov-23 07:12:18

Aveline do you have the next door app? People often post in ours for those sort of things, must say most are helpful to others when they this kind of situation.

Aveline Wed 15-Nov-23 08:00:26

coco12 thanks. Will check.

Doodledog Wed 15-Nov-23 08:04:47

I left a cashmere scarf on a bus a couple of Christmases ago. I had been shopping and had parcels etc. It was hot on the bus and I was wrapped up against the weather, so took off my coat, gloves and scarf, and must have dropped it as I gathered up my parcels to get off. I realised a very short while later but the bus had pulled away. I rang the company immediately, and was told that they would contact the driver as soon as he reached the terminus, but someone had clearly stolen the scarf. I was so upset, as it was a real extravagance bought with birthday money, and was relatively new.

I hope your son has better luck, Aveline.