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Bloody Evri!

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Witzend Wed 20-Mar-24 20:21:20

I’m staying with SiL and Gdcs at the mo and since they seem to be very short of socks for school, I ordered them a 7 pack each from M&S, and paid extra for a named delivery day of today.,

According to tracking, which I didn’t check until gone 6, the parcel was scheduled for delivery between 7 and 8.
It’s now well past 8 and it’s still not here.

Why on earth M&S use Evri I don’t know - there are so many complaints about them. Including now, from me! 🤬

BlueBelle Wed 20-Mar-24 20:30:56

They re often half an hour over as are some of the other deliverers They can’t always account for traffic etc

LOUISA1523 Wed 20-Mar-24 21:01:31

My evri parcels always arrive the day after the email tells me they will ....I just accept it now

Marydoll Wed 20-Mar-24 21:09:59

My parcels are delivered and about an hour later, I get the email telling me it will be delivered that day! 🤣

Maggiemaybe Wed 20-Mar-24 21:22:47

When I think of the hundreds of deliveries I’ve had over the years, perhaps I’ve just been fortunate that I’ve only ever had a handful of issues, and none of them with Evri, who’ve brought most of them. I must say our local delivery people do a great job.

BlueBelle Wed 20-Mar-24 21:31:05

It really is down to the individual driver most seem very good and we ve never had any great problems with Evri apart from often running a bit late (but that’s the same for most of them but they do usually give you updates

biglouis Wed 20-Mar-24 21:36:00

I used Evri for international delivery when Royal Mail was hacked and I cant really complain about the service. Most customers got their parcels within the normal time frame. I have never used them in this country so cannot comment.

Doodle Wed 20-Mar-24 21:45:02

We also have problems with Evri. So many times they say we tried to deliver but you weren’t in. We know this is a lie as they have to use the gate phone for entry. No phone call means no one tried. I think a lot depends on your local driver.
We have problems with everyone here. UPS, Amazon, Evri . It’s because we live in a flat and they don’t want to take the time to deliver to our door.

BlueBelle Wed 20-Mar-24 23:30:56

A lot if them now deliver to various shops where you can pick them up from I also find them very accommodating if I leave a note on my door with an alternative they take it there ( I have a close by shop that will take in for me)

cornergran Thu 21-Mar-24 00:44:58

It’s luck of the draw, or rather driver I think. Ours is polite, cheerful and above all sensible. We notice a difference if we have a delivery when the usual driver is away.

JamesandJon33 Thu 21-Mar-24 05:10:42

Exactly cornergran. We have a lovely, polite , punctual chap. My daughter has the opposite. Won’ t deliver to the house,which has a long drive. So has several times left the parcel at the roadside, in the rain, texted her, and she has had to walk down to retrieve it. All her parcels come to us now and then she collects them. At least they are dry now.

karmalady Thu 21-Mar-24 06:18:35

my evri delivery people are lovely and have never missed a delivery. Yes, sometimes later than first stated but they are run off their feet.

Nothing has ever been damaged. They don`t need to wait for me to answer the door, I have a dry safe easy place and no-one randomly comes past my house. It is not a job I would like to do

fiorentina51 Thu 21-Mar-24 06:45:29

I had an awful lot of trouble with M&S parcel deliveries via Evri in the past.
I got the usual, "Sorry you were out" messages, even though I'd stayed in especially. Items, when they were delivered, were often left by my drive gate rather than on my doorstep.
Emails to Evri and M&S and phone calls to customer services proved useless.

I finally lost it one day and looked up the CEO and head of logistics at M&S and Sent them both a detailed list of my grievances, photos of my bedraggled parcels, screenshots of the comments on various social media pages regarding Evri and their poor customer service record. I ended my rant by telling them that I would never purchase anything online from them again.
I did not expect anything to improve nor did I expect an answer but it made me feel better.

I did get a reply from an underling telling me that they were sorry for my poor experiences and as a sign of good will they sent me a £20 gift voucher.

I also attempted to contact Evri. I sent them CCTV screenshots of their drivers leaving parcels in strange places and images taken off footage which show that no attempts were made to deliver the parcels at the time they said they had.
I never got an acknowledgement.

Last week my heart sank when I discovered that a delivery I was due from Cotton Traders was with Evri. It arrived at the correct time and was delivered to my door. I'm expecting another Evri delivery this week so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

JollyJilly Thu 21-Mar-24 06:50:59

I have never, ever had a problem with Evri. They sent me a text message when they are coming and I always receive my parcel. Perhaps I am lucky, I have the same gentleman on my round all the time, we have a chat and I always thank him and he knows, if I am out, where to leave my parcel.

Astitchintime Thu 21-Mar-24 07:02:32

Our 'new' delivery driver is very good, delivers well within the notified time-frame and is always cheery and polite.

However, a few years ago, we had a package delivered - it was actually a tee shirt for my OH so you can imagine the size. At the time we were having some construction work done indoors so I had migrated to an upstairs room. I had been tracking the delivery and noticed that it had already been 'dropped'.

After going back downstairs I asked the joiner if he had taken a parcel in for me, which he hadn't, nor had he heard anyone knock on the door.

On closer investigation, we found the parcel dumped in the bag of rubbish that the joiner had left in the porch to take away when he had finished for the day.

nadateturbe Thu 21-Mar-24 07:26:56

Ours has improved There must have been complaints. It used to be very unreliable.

MissAdventure Thu 21-Mar-24 07:43:57

I spend my life taking in parcels, opening the communal door for drivers who buzz the entry, then hammer my front door down, or shout through my windows to let them in.

Then when I have something to be delivered...... silence!

lemsip Thu 21-Mar-24 07:54:29

same here. evri left a parcel outside security doors of my flats which I found on return home.. no text saying it was coming or I would have been in.

NotSpaghetti Thu 21-Mar-24 07:59:41

I like Evri. It works for me.
Must be a bit like our NHS "postcode lottery"

MissAdventure Thu 21-Mar-24 08:02:38

Why are they in such a rush?
I know they work under pressure, but they are like maniacs!!

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 21-Mar-24 08:03:43

Our Evri delivery guy is a delight. I was expecting a parcel yesterday when we were out - he rang me on my mobile to check where I wanted the parcel left!

Marydoll Thu 21-Mar-24 08:37:26


Our Evri delivery guy is a delight. I was expecting a parcel yesterday when we were out - he rang me on my mobile to check where I wanted the parcel left!

Ours is so reliable, knows exactly where to hide things if we are out, as is our wonderful postman. He has been known to wave us down, if has a parcel for us and we are driving past!

flappergirl Thu 21-Mar-24 08:40:26

Evri is the new name for Hermes which had an awful reputation and always ranked as the least reliable delivery company. I believe Royal Mail has now been awarded that particular accolade.

Perhaps it depends where you live as in Bristol Evri does not have a good reputation. However, my heart sinks even further if I'm expecting a package through Royal Mail.

Esmay Thu 21-Mar-24 09:48:51

I hesitate ordering anything from M and S , because every Evri delivery seems to go wrong .
Parcels aren't delivered at the specified time and when they are they are just dumped on the doorstep .
The delivery guy doesn't ring the bell .

As my neighbour has an unlocked porch for frequent deliveries I've changed my delivery address to porch at their house - with her permission .

Our area used to be virtually crime free , now it certainly isn't .
Now parcels left outside are at risk .

Gwyllt Thu 21-Mar-24 10:44:11

I had a parcel from M&S Can’t remember the courier Got Email and went on the hunt
I had been chucked over fence at side of top gate