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Why oh why......

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kittylester Sun 31-Mar-24 16:28:38

does the dishwasher break when you have a houseful of people to whom you have just served a large lunch involving lots of pans and dishes.

Grandmabatty Sun 31-Mar-24 16:29:03

Oh no! Sympathy.

Jaxjacky Sun 31-Mar-24 16:39:12

More hands to muck in and clear up, but it’s damned annoying.

vampirequeen Sun 31-Mar-24 16:41:45

I'm the dishwasher. If I break down then DH is the dishwater. If both of us bread down then the dishes pile up in the sink.

Judy54 Sun 31-Mar-24 16:46:56

Get the guests to help as a thank you for a wonderful lunch.

flappergirl Sun 31-Mar-24 23:10:06

Same reason as the photocopier always used to break down at 5pm on a Friday night when you had 50 pages of an urgent report to copy and all your colleagues were off to the pub.

nanna8 Sun 31-Mar-24 23:21:16

My automatic pasta maker broke down Easter Sat when we had guests. I was doing a lovely tomato flavoured one. Perfect until then. Sod’s Law. Of course I hadn’t got any shop bought stuff in.

kittylester Mon 01-Apr-24 07:35:26

DD2 and co, our visitors, are here until Wednesday so lots of washing up will need doing. Obviously, they will muck in but it is very discombobulating nevertheless.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 01-Apr-24 07:38:26

Just as bad as your full washing machine stopping in the middle of a wash cycle and refusing to restart.
What a mess that was.

fancythat Mon 01-Apr-24 07:51:33

It used to regularly break on say the thurs before a holiday weekend.
I am hesitating to write, that it doesnt do that any more!

GrannyIvy Mon 01-Apr-24 07:56:56

My fridge stopped working just before Easter these things always have a habit of non functioning at awkward times don’t they🤷‍♀️ new one arriving later this week. Don’t you find when one thing goes two or three other things stop working too… what will be next😂 I’m expecting the dishwasher as pretty old …..

GrannySomerset Mon 01-Apr-24 08:36:36

Boiler died on Good Friday but at least there is an immersion heater so we have hot water. Just hope this isn’t the first expensive disaster of three.

kittylester Mon 01-Apr-24 08:37:10

Cheerful thought, GrannyIvy! Our fridge is 18 years old!!shock

Esmay Tue 02-Apr-24 14:14:36

In the middle of cooking a turkey or Christmas the oven stopped working .
I had to ask my neighbours to cook it only understandably, they had their own turkey to cook !
So I cut it up and cooked it in sections in their smaller oven .
It came out well .

NannaFirework Wed 03-Apr-24 11:56:17

I feel your pain -
It’s called ‘Sod’s Law’ ☹️

Pittcity Wed 03-Apr-24 12:06:43

Same reason why you always get sick when the surgery/pharmacy is closed.

mabon1 Wed 03-Apr-24 12:17:03

First world problem

Ziplok Wed 03-Apr-24 12:23:58

Oh, you do make me laugh mabon1 😂😂😂😂

Ziplok Wed 03-Apr-24 12:28:18

In answer to the OP, yes, these things always happen at the most inconvenient times, don’t they? One year, my oven died Christmas Eve. Managed to get a new one and bring it home ourselves and my electrician brother guided us through setting it up safely.
These things are sent to try us, aren’t they?

Buttonjugs Wed 03-Apr-24 12:55:05


Same reason why you always get sick when the surgery/pharmacy is closed.

Yes! I had a viral chest infection and on the Friday I was convinced I felt worse but put off trying to see a doctor until Monday. By which time I was incredibly ill and couldn’t even get to the surgery so had a home visit. Turned into pneumonia!

Marg75 Wed 03-Apr-24 12:58:12

Our oven refused to cook the Christmas turkey one year! Luckily our neighbours had to work and were cooking in the evening so we used their kitchen. By the time we'd walked between houses to cook it, most of our guests had all had rather a lot to drink to pass the time. It ended up as a very pleasant day!

AreWeThereYet Wed 03-Apr-24 13:53:01

I know the feeling - the door fell off our (4 year old) dish washer on Christmas Eve and we couldn't get it fixed until after New Year sad

Aldom Wed 03-Apr-24 13:58:02

The oven broke down two days before the new owners were due to move into our house. It cost us £250 to get it fixed. shock

LovesBach Wed 03-Apr-24 14:11:56

GrannyIvy when newly married and hard up, we had the joy of the washing machine, oven and vacuum cleaner all dying in the week before Christmas. None of these were economical to repair, so a great deal of money was spent just to 'get back to where we were'. My parents kindly bought the turkey.

DrWatson Wed 03-Apr-24 15:45:15

Why? It's the same law (SOD) that says a car will mostly break down when it's cold, dark, and wet, and very likely you're some way from home too!