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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 31-Mar-20 06:15:11

Good Morning Everyone,
Its twilight here in Brackley looks like its been wet at some point.
Yet another day of self isolate , this morning looking at essentials I need to get to last me in the toiletries area.
I like using Brut as anti persistent , but i am using some other stuff I have as I am not going off on buses .
maybe play CD`s watch TV , cycling sport wise check to see what repeat is being shown.

Maybelater2020 Tue 31-Mar-20 06:40:10

Morning Nick and all to come. Just been out in the garden, it is not yet light and feels mild but cloudy here in Chester. I feel like a long walk but I am still in isolation, I will have to be satisfied with a few miles on my exercise bike and some Pilates at home. Then some hand quilting while listening to the radio. I will make a few phone calls to friends and family but that is pretty much what the day holds for me. Hope everyone has the best day they can and are keeping safe and well.

BlueSapphire Tue 31-Mar-20 06:46:26

Good morning Mick and all to come. Looks as though it might be a nice day in Northampton. Perhaps I shall get the grass done today; been saying that for 4 days! Yesterday I was all set after lunch and then it rained.

Still, I fancied some baking, so made a tealoaf, which, I have to say, wasn't bad. It's such an easy recipe, just soak the fruit and sugar overnight, the next day stir in flour and an egg, then bake.

Sainsbury's emailed to say the booking slots for priority deliveries were open, so I logged on and did my order; will be here this morning. They leave it bagged up outside the back door.. And also two of my neighbours texted to ask if I needed anything, as they are going to the supermarket today.

Hoping that all are well and have a good day.

Beechnut Tue 31-Mar-20 06:50:20

Good Morning everyone from a cloudy but swiftly moving Severnside where it has also been raining.

I walked to the mail box yesterday and then went on up the street to see what it was like at the store. The queue wasn’t that long. I came on home.

Today I will do what I was going to do yesterday as apart from my walk and get meals I did absolutely nothing.

Let’s all have the best day we can 🌸

Scentia Tue 31-Mar-20 06:53:30

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Cold and grey out there today.
Need to go into work for a few hours to finish a job and deliver it, also need to do the month and year end figures, I will do those from home though. We have a customer at work that, as a vegan, I feel quite compromised about (but needs must) however, if it wasn’t for them this last few weeks, we would have NO work at all☹️🤔
So thank you meat eaters!!!!

Last night I had a video call to my DD and DGS and his smiling, laughing self was such a lifter, it made me cry when I said goodnight (but in a good way😍)

I will attach the pooch to my bike later today and take her for a bit of exercise.
Take care everyone and stay safe. Here is one of my big smiles to see you through the day.😁

Liljan Tue 31-Mar-20 07:03:14

We had our first “volunteer shop” yesterday as husband is in the shielded good to see the cupboards replenished a little and the volunteer was brilliant, got pretty much everything on the list, our local bakery also delivered, the only minor gripe is that it’s a pretty expensive way to shop, as some of what the volunteer couldn’t get in Tesco was bought in M&S...But still so grateful to get what we got...he queued for an hour before getting in to Tesco then did a detour to M&S and that was his 2nd run of the day. DH has CT scan at hospital today, it’s the first time he’s been out in 3 weeks, we’ve been so careful, he just wants to get in and out as quickly as possible without being in contact with too many people, bit of a thought.

NfkDumpling Tue 31-Mar-20 07:04:25

Morning All

Looks like a sunshine and showers sort of day in prospect in Norfolk.

Task for today is breadmaking.

Rosalyn69 Tue 31-Mar-20 07:07:57

Groundhog Day in cold but bright Gower.

QuaintIrene Tue 31-Mar-20 07:13:41

Good morning everyone from a cloudy, rainy West Yorkshire.
I don’t know what to do today. More reading, listening and watching I suppose. Feeling a bit low.
Big cat is having to have her treats rationed. Sulky cat 🙄
Breaking into a new bag of lentils so it’s Daal for tea and a portion extra to freeze.
A bunch of daffodils would cheer me up like they always do, but a trip to germy cough central is out. It’s bad enough in the corner shop with snotty children pawing the sweets. They will always have done that, but now I notice.
Thank you Scentia 😁 to you too !
Keep on going everybody and do take care 💐

GrannyGravy13 Tue 31-Mar-20 07:14:58

Goodmorning Mick and all x

It is brightening up here in S E Essex, seagulls are on the field so sea must be a bit rough ?

Bed changing today, and then I will sit down with my book avoiding news and social media.

I shall make a lasagne for dinner, I have a small bag of salad to accompany it (do not usually buy prepared salad but these are strange times).

Thinking of all Goodmorningers with troubles or who are having a wobble

Take care, keep safe we can do this folks 🙋

Mythbirtthedragon Tue 31-Mar-20 07:15:42

Good morning from east London, blue sky and cool. Just wondering where all this bread flour is coming from; haven’t seen any in the shops for a couple of weeks now. I’ve baked my own bread for years (via a bread maker) but we’re onto the bought stuff now. As DP has now finished his cherry Madeira cake and half the biscuits I made a week ago, I’m making some date flapjacks today. I’ve been getting a bit grumpy with my WhatsApp groups as people keep reposting things others have already put up; easy answer, put the phone away for a bit. Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it here but recommend ‘Victoria Woods step aerobics’ on YouTube for amusement. Have a good day.

brook2704 Tue 31-Mar-20 07:17:26

Good morning everyone from a bright but dry Inverness. Can just see the sun peeping through - hope it’ll stay dry today !
I’ve been enjoying my local walks and online exercise classes - more of that today and tomorrow and the day after ..... 😂
Liljan thinking of you and your DH today
Hope everyone is finding things to do at home that they can enjoy
Stay safe 💐💐

Nannytopsy Tue 31-Mar-20 07:27:58

Morning Mick and all his followers.
A sunny, frosty morning in Suffolk and there is still plenty to do in the garden. As soon as we stop, the robin, dunnock and blackbirds jump in to see what has been unearthed. I think Mrs Robin must be sitting on a nest as she has disappeared.
Hope today is kind to everyone.

Nortsat Tue 31-Mar-20 07:34:49

Good morning Mick and the GM team. It’s bright here in east London.
My pain management seems to be working a bit more effectively now. I had a rough couple of days.

My local Council have advised me that as I am on the NHS High Risk group list, they are sending me a food parcel. I tried to say that we’re ok, my partner can go out for top up shops but they are still sending it. We will accept it and then try again to cancel. We will donate it to our local food bank ...

On our grocery delivery yesterday, the rice I ordered was replaced with three tins of winter vegetable and turmeric soup! We accepted them ...

Stay safe and strong all. Good thoughts to those in Sick Bay and those facing challenges. Have the best day you can, all. 💐💐 (another double flowers day).

kittylester Tue 31-Mar-20 07:51:23

Morning all from a chilly North Leicestershire.

Up early so DH can go to our local small Waitrose for oldies hour. He goes because 'he knows about cross infection control'!! Fine by me - the outside world is a scary place!! grin

Have the best day possible.

ninathenana Tue 31-Mar-20 07:56:46

Good morning from damp Kent. We have had over night rain but there are now patches of blue sky.
My phone went off whilst it was still dark so I ignored it. I've just checked to find my bank sent a text at 5.05am saying they are doing all they can in the current situation bla bla. I don't want to know at that time thanks.
I have admin I could do today but I can't get motivated to much at present.
Take care everyone

NannyJan53 Tue 31-Mar-20 07:58:49

Good Morning from a brighter Black Country.

Yesterday I felt rather lethargic and tired! I did the Joe Wicks exercise yesterday, made me realise how unfit I am.

Will make Delia's Breakfast Baps today, and perhaps make a start on tidying the garage. No excuse smile

Partner working from home, they have cut all their wages by 20%. He says he is glad now he didn't retire, as he may as well stay at home and earn money, seeing as we are not going anywhere for the foreseeable.

He goes out once a week for food, as I have Asthma and I dare not risk going out!

Best wishes to you all...and a huge hug to anyone feeling wobbly and down

harrigran Tue 31-Mar-20 08:03:30

Good morning from a grey NE where we had overnight rain.
DH went to the supermarket last night and came back with a cross section of everything. He went at the same time, same day last week and there were no queues, doorman let him straight in.
We sanitised all outer wrappings and DH put all his clothes in the wash and had a shower. Don't know whether it will make a difference but at least he knows what he touched, a supermarket picker would possibly have handled more goods.
DS asked if we were managing for shopping because they had an internet shop last night plus they had face masks. Now he asks after having to risk life and limb.
Washing day and then perhaps some iplayer, started watching Spooks, never saw it first time round. Should keep me going as there are 86 episodes.
Have the best day you can.

Curlywhirly Tue 31-Mar-20 08:04:33

Good morning, it is a dry dull day here in Cheshire, but looks like it rained in the night. Spent 2 hours yesterday scrubbing, with a toothbrush and some Cif, the grouting on our kitchen floor! The floor looks lovely now, but not for long, our dog will see to that! Good job I love her, the housework she creates with her dog hairs and muddy paws could make a grown woman cry🤤 Hope it stays dry for our lunchtime walk, it hasn't rained here now for about 3/4 weeks, which has been a blessing.

Hope everyone is coping with the isolation, especially those living alone. Take care.

SusieB50 Tue 31-Mar-20 08:07:45

Good morning everyone from East London . First post on here , although I often read the lovely messages . My DH died 3 months ago and this isolation is tough . I’m so fortunate in having family who keep in contact but miss all the hugs and cuddles . I live in a wonderful street with a good mix of young and old all checking up on each other too , so so much more fortunate than many . Sainsbury’s due today really excited !

grannysyb Tue 31-Mar-20 08:08:31

Bright and sunny here, need to drive to allotment to water the carrots and parsnips I sowed last week, the wind will be drying out our very light soil. I will also pull some rhubarb. DH not feeling too good, we think it's just a cold as he doesn't have a temperature. However I am sleeping in the spare room. Must tidy ado abit of cleaning later, (sigh). Have a good day everyone.

cornergran Tue 31-Mar-20 08:10:44

Morning Mick, morning All from a bright, chilly corner of Somerset. Patio is damp, maybe rain or perhaps earlier frost. Bed changing, laundry and cleaning ahead for us today before our walk. Only a little painting apparently, thankful for small mercies. Interrupted sleep so achey, tired and trying not to be grumpy. Safe trip today for your husband liljan, hope it goes well. Hope the day brightens for you quaintirene and anyone else feeling the strain of these strange times. Stay safe everyone.

Grannmarie Tue 31-Mar-20 08:12:51

Good morning Mick and all GM posters old and new.

Cool and cloudy in Lanarkshire, glad I got all the washing dried outdoors yesterday, so today I will iron it whilst watching A Place in the Sun from my planner.

Liljan, hope all goes well at the hospital for your DH.
DS1, high risk, had hospital appointment last week, he had a phone call to advise him to call the staff when he arrived in the car park and they sent one of the team out to escort him directly to the treatment rooms to avoid any unnecessary contact in waiting areas. Maybe you could ring ahead and enquire about this?

Mythbirtthedragon, I am a recent convert to Joe Wicks, but I like the sound of Victoria Woods, I'll have a look at that later, it's good to laugh.

One day at a time.

Love and prayersflowers

BladeAnnie Tue 31-Mar-20 08:14:25

Good morning all from a dry mid-Notts. I had a strange fuzzy headed sort of day yesterday. I get this from time to time since I had sepsis a couple of years ago and it just makes me not be able to concentrate on anything. I had a VERY early night and I'm hoping today will be a bit better. Sausage casserole in the slow cooker for tea- one of my favourites smile. Stay safe everyone and may Tuesday be kind to us all x

Lins1066 Tue 31-Mar-20 08:15:28

Good Morning Mick and all, dry here on the S Welsh coast and the sun is out. Will do some more laundry today and clean the fridge.
Will phone greengrocer this morning and hope they will still deliver.
The road to our beach has been closed with access strictly for residents to access their homes. Although the car park is closed, people have been parking on the verges. Coastguard helicopter is flying over each day, you must see it in Gower too Rosalyn69. On the media some are saying such measures are draconian, but I think that the authorities have to do whatever it takes to make people obey they rules.

DH spent yesterday putting a new chrome handle on the shower room door, two more doors left to do. He replaced most of them when we renovated four years ago, but somehow these were left.
Hope we all have a reasonable day.