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A Very Argy Christmas

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lemongrove Mon 06-Dec-21 14:46:55

Hello All,
Have been waiting for Doodle to open the old Argy up for the festive period, but she has gone to New York ( or possibly York) to do her Christmas shopping.She will be here anytime though, so until then, the doors are open, come in and ‘take the weight off’ and order one of our speciality cocktails or maybe a mulled poteen, and tell us what you’ve been up to.
Sitting on Santa’s knee? Ordering new killer heels?tchsmile

GrannyGravy13 Mon 06-Dec-21 15:47:18

Am I allowed to hide in here? Away from the extremely excited and noisy GC.

If you are making cocktails I’ll have whatever’s going please ?

brook2704 Mon 06-Dec-21 16:02:36

Brilliant Lemongrove I was just thinking it’s time we opened - don’t want to miss all that festive business
Ive. put up the Christmas decorations and the tree looks lovely on the roof terrace ,even the llamas are dressed as reindeer
A very good hiding place GG13 no one will ever know you’re here
Cranberrry Gin fizz for me please

Aveline Mon 06-Dec-21 17:04:20

Having received a postcard from Fabrice and Antoine now in a maximum security yoga and wellness retreat in Nevada, I find myself without personal assistants just now. Should I venture to your little establishment will I be looked after as I'm accustomed to being? F&B know my little ways and how my cocktails should be prepared. Do you have staff with appropriate skills?

AGAA4 Mon 06-Dec-21 17:10:31

I have been down in the cellar brewing for months now. There are gallons of poteen. Thor and I haven't stopped.
We have devised lots of cocktails too.

Nobody stays sober long at the Argy.

Aveline Mon 06-Dec-21 17:55:09

Oh shock

Bridie22 Mon 06-Dec-21 18:08:16

Do you mind if I join you ?and could I borrow Thor for awhile... just to test his powers???‍? please !

AGAA4 Mon 06-Dec-21 18:17:26


Oh shock

Don't worry you can drink as much as you like and it has no effect at all at the Argy.

AGAA4 Mon 06-Dec-21 18:19:38

Birdie Thor has finished brewing so he is all yours. Please have him back in good condition by tomorrow.

Aveline Mon 06-Dec-21 18:22:05

Oh. Thor is Scandinavian I expect. I'm looking forward to meeting him to discuss modern design trends with sustainable wood. ?

AGAA4 Mon 06-Dec-21 18:24:58

That will make a refreshing change for Thor.

Bridie22 Mon 06-Dec-21 18:26:10

After me Aveline ? Thank you I will return him in tiptop condition, ?‍??

AGAA4 Mon 06-Dec-21 18:28:05

As long as he's strong enough to peel the sprouts.

Aveline Mon 06-Dec-21 18:45:48

Beansprouts? How lovely. I do enjoy refreshing light cuisine. I assume there'll be lobster etc?

Grandmabatty Mon 06-Dec-21 18:46:38

My sprouts have been simmering since July. The 'liquor' makes a mighty fine cocktail, mixed with brandy, vodka and gin. I'll bring it with me, if I may?

AGAA4 Mon 06-Dec-21 18:56:48

I will have one of those cocktails grandmabatty. Sounds nice and strong.

lemongrove Mon 06-Dec-21 21:58:23

Not too sure about that GrandmaBatty .....and here is the reason.Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin....’twas a dark and stormy night when a certain Argy regular who told us that she was expecting octuplets ( courtesy of a Scottish Santa) realised that it was her ‘time’ and staggered down to the cellar where we had made her a very large nest in a king size duvet.We were all happily chatting and drinking up in the bar, when a terrible explosion occurred! When the dust cleared and we clawed our way out from under several wooden beams, our friend from the cellar appeared, now slim and in tattered clothes with a foul green miasma all around her.
She hadn’t been preggers at all, it was all the fault of several bad sprouts apparently.
This is a true tale, and many Argy regulars are still traumatised by it!

Doodle Mon 06-Dec-21 22:36:08

Help, help
?❄️❄️ it’s me Doodle . I’ve been to Lapland to find Santa and bring him back for our Christmas Grotty. Santa’s elves made me into a giant snowball. ?

lemongrove Mon 06-Dec-21 22:38:45

By ‘eck Doodle that expensive plastic surgery has done wonders for you!

muse Mon 06-Dec-21 22:49:57

Looks like you've and a few cocktails already Doodle.

Glad I'd not read that sprout tale earlier lemongrove. It was sprouts for dinner tonight at muse mansion. I always have a pan on the boil this time of year.

I'll definitely try a glass or two of that fine liquor Grandmabatty.

Doodle Mon 06-Dec-21 22:50:02

Thanks for opening up Lemon. I thought I’d never make it back.
Santa has agreed to come on the condition the llamas pretend to be the reindeer. Rudolf has called the others out on strike because they want the Christmas holidays off work.
Thank you for the kind offer Grandmabatty but I think I’ll give the sprout cocktail a miss. I remember only too well the phantom pregnancy and the resulting explosion. Poor Chewy had to put all her sewage worker skills to use in clearing up the mess.
Brook the decorations look lovely. Superb job. Lots of balloons. Why have they all got ‘ribbed’and ‘super strength’ written on them ?
AGA I can smell the poteen from here. Wonderful. Make mine a double please.
Nice to see you Aveline. Make sure you sit close to the spittoon until you get used to the poteen. It is very potent stuff. As for Thor, yes he is very much obsessed with sustainable wood. I believe he takes tablets for it.
Hello Bridie good idea to get Thor before Grannygravy gets him. He’s never much use after.

Doodle Mon 06-Dec-21 22:52:55

Ah there you are muse I was just wondering when you would be in. Are you up for a few karaoke hits later.
Ah yes the sprout saga was before your time. Those of us who witnessed it have never forgotten. ??

muse Mon 06-Dec-21 23:13:38

Count me in Doodle. Wake Me Up Before You Go go and I'll be there.

MayBeMaw Mon 06-Dec-21 23:27:08

I might have to ca’ canny at the Christmas Argy after my recent experience…….tchblush

Calistemon Mon 06-Dec-21 23:35:22


I brought my very dear friend, the Admiral. He's in high spirits!
Full of pink gin and a Yo ho ho (I hid the bottle of rum)

What shall I do with a drunken sailor? Anyone want him?