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Slightly sad taking decorations down

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grandtanteJE65 Fri 05-Jan-18 12:55:43

Do you feel slightly sad, wistful is perhaps a better word, when you take your Christmas decorations down? I do.

Tree now stripped, decorations packed carefully away, floor swept, chairs back in usual positions in sitting room, and the tree itself taken out of its adjustable star-shaped stand and put outside the garden gate to await collection by boy scouts tomorrow morning.

January seems so dark and cold now - always has, as long as I can remember. I know the days are getting longer, but that does not really help. I also know we wouldn't love Christmas so much if it came twice a year!

Anyone out there who really loves January, except all you who have a birthday in it?

midgey Fri 05-Jan-18 12:57:11

January is a rubbish month to have a birthday in!

Teetime Fri 05-Jan-18 13:07:02

Terrible month - its our wedding anniversary on 20th so we have booked a Sunday lunch out as I cant think of going out in the evening until March.

BlueBelle Fri 05-Jan-18 13:33:12

No I don’t like January much but don’t feel sad about decs, they were down Jan 2nd and put away with pleasure 😂

NanaandGrampy Fri 05-Jan-18 13:59:15

I agree .January always seems such a grey month ! Grampy has a January birthday , only ray of sunshine xxx

Jalima1108 Fri 05-Jan-18 14:55:52

January should be designated as a hibernation month.

paddyann Fri 05-Jan-18 15:48:35

I might keep my outdoor lights up ,the white ones .Twinkly lights aren't just for Christmas and it really brightens the garden and the street when they're lit.

Bathsheba Fri 05-Jan-18 15:54:35

January always seems to be grey and dreary, but nevertheless I wasn't sorry to get the decs down. In my book Christmas is well and truly over by about 28th December, haha, and once New Year is done and dusted, then Christmas feels like light years ago! Glad to get everything down and packed away and back to normal smile

Bathsheba Fri 05-Jan-18 15:55:32

I was late this year due to illness - they didn't come down until the 30th grin

Jalima1108 Fri 05-Jan-18 15:56:13

Well, the decorations are down but not all packed away and certainly nothing dusted!

pollyperkins Fri 05-Jan-18 16:26:20

I feel sad but DH couldn't wait to take decs down.

glammanana Fri 05-Jan-18 16:31:06

My all living Christmas Tree has been removed from the front garden into the rear garden stripped of its lovely lights and the frontage of the house looks so bare now,but hey-ho not long for replacement hanging baskets to brighten up the kerb appeal.
Everything indoors packed away in the loft until next year all dusting done and back to normal.

NannyTee Fri 05-Jan-18 17:03:30

I'm spending tomorrow sorting mine sad

rockgran Fri 05-Jan-18 18:52:07

Once the decorations are down I'm always keen to make a start on the New Year. I quite like January - long evenings to try a new hobby.

thecatgrandma Sat 06-Jan-18 11:19:51

Love putting them up, love taking them down on January 1st.

Scribbles Sat 06-Jan-18 11:49:40

I can't say I really love January but I do quite like it. There are often some lovely, bright and crisp days - albeit short ones! But it is getting lighter and you can see a marked lengthening of the days by the end of the month. After the gloom of December, there's a whole new year beckoning and, whatever it brings, there will be something positive.

suelowe Sat 06-Jan-18 15:42:21

I’m really confused ! We’re all ( ? ) grans , so surely we know Advent is most of December , up to Christmas Eve , then the 12 Days of Christmas start , till Twelfth Night , 5/6 th January . If everyone stuck to this instead of falling for Commerce ,which “ starts “ Christmas at the end of October, and is now pushing Easter eggs on us .....I’m sure we’d all be more content . I put my cards , tree , etc , up on Christmas Eve , and took them down this morning ...a bit sad , but that’s better than being sick of the sight of them by Boxing Day . Will I get shot down in flames for this , I wonder .....

NannyTee Sat 06-Jan-18 15:44:36

I've just finished putting my house back to normal. I was a bit sad.

Barmeyoldbat Sat 06-Jan-18 15:45:23

Mine were down the day after Boxing Day and it’s lovely to get the house back to normal and get on with life instead of Christmas. Don’t mind January, the evenings are starting to open just a bit and we do get some lovely clear crisp days. As long as it does t rain all day I don’t mind. Also a time to pick up hobbies and start new projects. And we always book a few days away somewhere in this country just to break up the month.

cavewoman Sat 06-Jan-18 15:52:31

Each to their own
I prefer the anticipation to the event and enjoy my decorations through December.All packed away for the New Year.
January is for starting anew.

Wheniwasyourage Sat 06-Jan-18 16:02:46

We're more like you, suelowe. We usually put the tree and decorations up the weekend before Christmas, which means that this year it was a whole week before Christmas Eve, if that makes sense. It all came down today - although there is always one decoration which manages to escape and has to be rounded up later and put into the box in the garage!

Cubagran Sat 06-Jan-18 16:59:15

I am always a bit sad too, I like them up for as long as possible, and usually leave them up till the 6th. This year though, they came down 3 days ago as we knew we were in for a few busy days and wouldn't have the time. The house looks so bare!

Daisymay1 Sat 06-Jan-18 19:31:45

I always replace my Christmas tree with a few daffodils 🌼 always makes me think spring is around the corner

Jalima1108 Sat 06-Jan-18 19:53:12

I should have planted some bulbs in pots for indoors!

nettyandmasey Sat 06-Jan-18 20:00:44

I always feel sad, I think it stems from my childhood as it was when my nanny went home too. I used to sit in bed and cry when she went. My birthday January too. Nobody seems to have much enthusiasm or interest in it.