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Anyone finished their Christmas shopping?

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Blue45Sapphire Fri 23-Nov-18 08:39:02

Only posting because I am feeling a bit smug! Have ordered or already bought all but four presents, all the Christmas cards and wrapping paper. Just need to get book tokens for DGDs, a book for DD and something for a close friend.
Whoops, I haven't got the Christmas stamps yet, but I think that's it.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 23-Nov-18 08:42:20

Ditto Blue, I am off to pickup some "click and collect" orders on Monday and a couple of vouchers then it's just wrapping gifts and writing cards - yippee!!!!

Blinko Fri 23-Nov-18 08:43:03

Me too. I've been collecting presents through the year and now have just a couple to get. Cards written too. Now there's the dreaded wrapping... I hate it. Hey ho.

OurKid1 Fri 23-Nov-18 08:44:25

Yep, me too Blue. I've also been sorting and using up the freezer contents, ready to start baking. Slight problem is that MrKid is being a pain in the a**e has kindly decided that he will decorate the kitchen (paint, paper etc, not festive stuff) next week!!!

MawBroon Fri 23-Nov-18 08:47:23

So what are you all going to do in December?

OurKid1 Fri 23-Nov-18 08:55:58

Mawbroon I'll be sitting knitting - I'm making an enormous, very complicated throw and have set myself the target of getting it finished by Christmas, so visitors can step back in amazement and say "Wow, did you make that yourself? You are very clever!" Or not. smile wink

Teetime Fri 23-Nov-18 09:00:31

Half way - the difficult bit is DH as usual.

Izabella Fri 23-Nov-18 09:10:09

Absolutely. Donation to Guide Dogs - and all done.

M0nica Fri 23-Nov-18 09:14:46

Normally I am among the smug, but this year a respiratory infection followed by post viral syndrome has put my whole life in a muddle. However this week I have snapped out of it and I am catching up.

I have been slowly ploughing through the Christmas cooking because that is mindless and I will probably order the Christmas cards today, but I refuse to do any present shopping until Monday because I want to avoid doing anything to encourage Black Friday. There is nothing on the present lists I have, that would benefit from these sales anyway.

lemongrove Fri 23-Nov-18 09:17:21

I went out with a friend on Monday who said she had done all her Christmas shopping ( I hadn’t even started)!
The next day I did it all in an hour through Amazon, they all have wish lists, just the wrapping to do now.😁

gillybob Fri 23-Nov-18 09:18:43

I haven’t started . Oh dear. Trying to persuade my sister that we shouldn’t buy each other or partners this year . She has no family and a rich boyfriend so it’s fine for her but I would rather spend the little I have on MY grandchildren not her and her bloomin’ boyfriend. She’s not having it though . In fact she went in a huff when I mentioned it .

lemongrove Fri 23-Nov-18 09:19:27

I did benefit from the Black Friday week deals, but to me that’s a good thing.tchsmile

tanith Fri 23-Nov-18 09:20:51

I have a Secret Santa gift to get and something chocolatey for a small GS and I think I’m done but I don’t have much to buy as we adults do the Secret Santa.

Like Maw I’m knitting a lot as I’m making the same hat and jacket for a GD and a GrtGD who are both just 1yr old, a pity I can’t take a picture of them together but they live in different countries sadly.

lemongrove Fri 23-Nov-18 09:22:14

gilly we agreed with family and friends a few years ago, that we would just send cards, and only presents for our own
DC and DGC, much better all round.

tanith Fri 23-Nov-18 09:22:48

Sorry it wasn’t Maw who is knitting it’s OurKid1😂

gillybob Fri 23-Nov-18 09:25:15

I tried that yesterday lemon but she threw a wobbly . She doesn’t see that I have children and grandchildren I want to buy for . Why would I want to spend money I don’t have on her and her boyfriend ? She just can’t see my point .

MawBroon Fri 23-Nov-18 09:47:05

Goodness you had me worried tanith! (Knitting)
Although I suppose I should start as youngest DD is expecting their first baby in March -after a 6 year wait. I haven’t wanted to tempt fate by starting too early. With my speed of knitting maybe an age 5 unisex cricket sweater?

EllanVannin Fri 23-Nov-18 10:20:44

>>>>>>>>>haven't even started it properly yet. Each year I'm going to " break eggs with a big stick " and each year I'm lagging further behind. In the end it costs me double to what it would have originally cost.

BBbevan Fri 23-Nov-18 10:23:47

Very nearly. Bit more difficult this year as we have agreed to limit spend to £20 for each adult. Not the DGDs though.

Brunette10 Fri 23-Nov-18 10:25:12

Just have DH to get, unfortunately he is always last on my list but he has hinted a new laptop may come in handy. All done then.

Framilode Fri 23-Nov-18 11:15:04

Haven't started yet.

ninathenana Fri 23-Nov-18 12:43:53

I'm just waiting for a book that was out of stock and need to buy some vouchers and I'm done.
Cards and paper are always bought in the January sales.

harrigran Fri 23-Nov-18 12:56:45

We don't buy for adults in our family, only the children get gifts. This year it looks like more plastic tat that looks cheap but is far from cheap.
I buy luxury items for my friend and we exchange gifts over a nice lunch.
I have three family birthdays in the seven days before Christmas and that is enough of a headache for me.

Sar53 Fri 23-Nov-18 13:03:33

Nearly done. Just waiting for a delivery today and a couple of gifts plus cards to buy at Bluewater on Monday when I meet DD2 and DGD5.

Witzend Fri 23-Nov-18 14:13:07

About half done. Nothing wrapped yet. Have to get quite a lot finished by 7th Dec, since we have the usual meet-up of far-flung family for a present swap. I have 12 of those! But we do relatively little things only and I v often stick to e.g. nice bamboo socks/edibles/candles. Cash and something little to open for the kids.
Dh already sorted with nice new slippers from Celtic Sheepskin. He's usually my biggest headache, so v happy that his old slippers are 'going home', as my mother used to say!