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Christmas jumpers - nice or naff?

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petitpois Fri 23-Nov-18 15:22:24

Personally, I love mine. BUT I do try and buy second-hand where possible so I'm not creating extra waste. People tend to only wear them a few times so they're usually in excellent condition. Glitzier, sillier and more embarrassing the better - in my opinion. tchgrin

sodapop Fri 23-Nov-18 15:43:58

Sorry its a naff from me. Bah, humbug.

PECS Fri 23-Nov-18 15:47:54

I have a couple of cheap jumpers with a bit of sparkle that come out for the festive season. This will be the 4 or 5th year for this batch! Might get a new one next year!

KatyK Fri 23-Nov-18 15:49:01

I personally don't like them but if I was still working I would probably join in the Save the Children Christmas jumper day on 14th December.

Oakleaf Fri 23-Nov-18 16:01:44

The irony is that the Christmas jumpers in the shops have probably come from sweatshops using cheap and possibly child labour so something very wrong about Save the Children's involvement in it. This link is five years old but the concerns remain.

Jalima1108 Fri 23-Nov-18 16:03:46

I have a rather glitzy jumper which I bought in C&A about 25 years ago! However, it's so warm that, unless we have 'deep and crisp and even' snow and ice I rarely wear it, so yes, it's in excellent condition.

Greenfinch Fri 23-Nov-18 16:03:53

Good to see children in them .Not sure about adults.I would never wear one.

Jalima1108 Fri 23-Nov-18 16:22:39

My jumper is not really Christmassy and it is very very tasteful.

EllanVannin Fri 23-Nov-18 16:26:59

I've spent a week trying to get a jumper for each of my GGC for their school day next month. These are second-hand jumpers as they'll be no good next year and the amounts that people are bidding is ridiculous. I thought I was safe with a bid of £7.50 a minute before the bidding ended but----------out of nowhere came £ 9.50 and with postage of £3.45 where's the sense ? New ones cost less. I've given up !
I'm afraid I'm not a very savvy bidder and not a patient one either.

kittylester Fri 23-Nov-18 16:27:58

I think there is a time and place. I have a grey jumper with a few discreet diamante stars which I wear when I'm being sophisticated gringrin and one with a reindeer on for Alzheimers Christmas parties - I wouldn't wear that any other time. blush

Izabella Fri 23-Nov-18 16:50:50

Mine has an Elf on. Comes out every year. One of my jumble sale specials.

annodomini Fri 23-Nov-18 16:52:46

I found a bright red long sleeved Christmas t-shirt which is much easier to wear than a thick jumper in the warm atmosphere in most houses nowadays.

PECS Fri 23-Nov-18 16:52:54

Quite like this little shop in town which has some discreet sparkle for the festive season!

FlexibleFriend Fri 23-Nov-18 17:05:39

I think they're naff but my son and all his mates wear xmas jumpers they think it's a laugh.

M0nica Fri 23-Nov-18 17:17:40

It all depends on what they are like. Some are dreadful, some elegant and discrete

Teetime Fri 23-Nov-18 17:39:44

I think they are naff but having said that i bought one last year to wear for a girly lunch. Its black with a sparkly xmas tree on the front onky bearing the legend All the Jingle Ladies.

notanan2 Fri 23-Nov-18 17:44:05

Nice so long as they are packed away and reused year after year.

Naff if treated as disposable items to be replaced each year.

Anniebach Fri 23-Nov-18 17:46:03

It it makes the wearer happy this is all that matters

notanan2 Fri 23-Nov-18 17:48:18

Agree with Anniebatch.

Winter drags on, frivolities that brighten it up for people are good.

Christmas clothing is no more ethical or unethical than other clothing: there are good and bad/ sustainable and unsustainable choices just like any other kinds of jumpers.

Melanieeastanglia Fri 23-Nov-18 20:17:23

I love them. I have three and wear them for various occasions over the Christmas period. It's just a bit of fun.

Lazigirl Fri 23-Nov-18 20:48:39

Naff and I agree with Oakleaf.

DanniRae Fri 23-Nov-18 20:53:15

I have one in a soft, grey wool with a Christmassy dog on the front. I only wore it for about 30 mins last year because I got too hot tchsmile

Cherrytree59 Fri 23-Nov-18 20:58:43

Naff but please my little grandchildren on one day a year.🎅
I would walk a million miles for a
smile/chuckles from my grandchildren

paperbackbutterfly Sat 24-Nov-18 09:10:06

Definitely naff but I love my very over the top sparkly cardie that I've bought to wear at work this year ( a fiver second hand)

labazs1964 Sat 24-Nov-18 09:12:54

i run a charity shop and adult and childrens jumpers are snapped up straight away. i put a lot of more discreet sparkly jumpers out and a mix of in your face jumpers. i may think about wearing one i have with a penguin on with a santa hat nearer christmas to cheer the shoppers up a bit