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I think Mr P may have lost the plot.

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phoenix Sun 16-Dec-18 18:23:43

Hello all,

I have just sat here in the kitchen dining room while Mr P has put up 30 metres (yes, THIRTY, that was not a typo, for once) of fairy lights around the top of the kitchen cupboards. tchshock

This is in addition to the triple wound round lights that adorn the mirror, the snowman on top of the freezer that lights up and plays songs (fortunately the song part is optional) his fibre optic tree just in front of the knife block, positioned for maximum inconvenience, and what he regards as a rather "tasteful" light up, glitter covered cottage. tchconfused

We are not having anyone round for Christmas, it will be just the 2 of us.

Give me strength!

phoenix Sun 16-Dec-18 18:26:04

PS, forgot to add, said lights have 8 different settings, which he is happily playing with.

I feel a headache coming on...........................

janeainsworth Sun 16-Dec-18 18:27:40

grin grin
Bless him!

Bridgeit Sun 16-Dec-18 18:31:24

This is brilliant,well as long as he takes it all down as wellπŸ˜„πŸŽ„β›„οΈπŸΉβ›ΈπŸΎMerry Christmas, have a great time

phoenix Sun 16-Dec-18 18:54:10

Oh Bridgeit in all fairness, he does do his bit!

I give him free rein in the kitchen dining room, the hall and the sitting room however remain (hopefully) rather more tastefully decorated!

Grannyben Sun 16-Dec-18 19:03:04

In my opinion, Christmas should never be tasteful. The more tat the better and you can't go wrong with a bit of fibre optic. Hang on to that man πŸŽ…

Doodle Sun 16-Dec-18 19:05:02

phoenix I wouldn't stand still too long if I were you. You will be encircled with flashing lights and tinsel with a light up angel πŸ˜‡ on your head singing Christmas carols tchgrin Ho, Ho, Ho πŸŽ…

phoenix Sun 16-Dec-18 19:26:06


NanKate Sun 16-Dec-18 19:27:17

Let him do it. Pour yourself a drink and watch the tv, IPad or read a book. Peace and quiet for you, Bliss.

phoenix Sun 16-Dec-18 19:40:41

I am now sitting here with a glass of Cava, just waiting for John Travolta to burst through the kitchen door in a white suit, accompanied by the Bee Gees singing "Staying Alive"

I have no dance moves ready, but could at a pinch do a nifty flick to the left with a J cloth, while twirling a rubber glove.

Marmight Sun 16-Dec-18 19:47:08

When he's finished, could you send him along to me please. He sounds like a useful chap! I'm having trouble with 20 metres of outside lights and I need someone to hold the other end - once they're untangled πŸ˜‰

NanKate Sun 16-Dec-18 20:28:31

Well done Phoenix a woman after my own heart. Cheers 🍾

NfkDumpling Sun 16-Dec-18 20:31:49

30 metres is an awful lot. Was there a special offer on?

SpringyChicken Sun 16-Dec-18 21:45:27

But will they make the Christmas dinner taste any better?

Iam64 Sun 16-Dec-18 21:54:29

What a smashing post Phoenix. I may be a little bit in love with your Mr P x

EllanVannin Sun 16-Dec-18 22:07:47

Superb, just sit back and drink it all in. He's happy smile

PageTurner Mon 17-Dec-18 02:38:46

Phoenix. You have such a great sense of humor! Just love it.
You should write a book about your beloved Mr. P's antics.
Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas.

Teetime Mon 17-Dec-18 08:54:28

No such thing as too many twinkly lights in Winter - enjoy !

BBbevan Mon 17-Dec-18 09:52:59

Keep him off the streets Phoenix 😁

BBbevan Mon 17-Dec-18 09:53:21

Keeps !!!

phoenix Mon 17-Dec-18 22:16:28

It's getting worse!

I came home from work to find a note saying that a parcel had been left in the shed.

It was addressed to Mr P, so thinking that it might be a Christmas present for me, I left well alone, putting it to one side for when he came home from work.

Rather than furtively putting it to one side, he pounced on it with great excitement, declaring, "Good oh, it's my meteor storm lights for outside!" tchconfused

I'm now waiting to see how exactly he is going put them up, as we have no guttering at a suitable height or angle to suspend them from....................

I despair, I really do!

annep Mon 17-Dec-18 23:53:52

He's having fun.
Phoenix you have such a good sense of humour.πŸ˜†

Day6 Tue 18-Dec-18 00:34:33

Phoenix, I like the sound of Mr P very much! tchsmile

As a Christmas enthusiast I feel you can never have too many lights, garlands, greenery, candles etc.

I am glad you let him get on with it. If only OH had half his Christmas spirit and energy. tchgrin

Day6 Tue 18-Dec-18 00:36:47

Ha ha ha..meteor storm lights! You go Mr P!

I want one of those snow projectors for the front of the house. OH rolled his eyes but I know a shop which sells them......

BBbevan Tue 18-Dec-18 03:40:52

What a lovely man you have Phoenix Can you see your house from space yet. ?