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Lyndiloo Mon 17-Dec-18 02:57:01

I bought a packet of M & S Christmas cards last week. I was in a bit of a rush, and they were pretty, so I put them in my basket. It wasn't until I began writing in them that I suddenly noticed that nowhere on the card was the word 'Christmas'!

On the front of the card it says, 'Winter wishes', and on the inside, 'Enjoy the festive season'.

What's going on???

Okay, if you're not a Christian, these cards may be right up your street. But if you're not a Christian, why send a card at all?

I'm furious! (Not least because I'm now having to write inside every card, 'Happy Christmas!')

And, while I'm ranting, please, please everybody - stop putting an 'X' where 'Christ' should be! If you really do have to shorten 'Christmas' (lack of time? can't be bothered? disrespect?) how about 'C'mas'? But definitely NOT X!

MawBroon Mon 17-Dec-18 06:22:09

X has stood for Christ for a lot longer than modern day card manufacturers! So while you may not like it, you are onto a loser there!
My mistake was to by 3for 2 at Waitrose and then find two of the boxes’ of cards said “Have a fun filled Christmas” inside so I passed them onto DD for the children to use if they wanted or indeed for her. While I do hope my friends and family have a joyous Christmas “fun -filled” didn’t seem entirely appropriate tchhmm
My M &S cards were mostly blank, but writing a short greeting was no hardship.

Dontaskme Mon 17-Dec-18 06:36:16

Lyndiloo here's an explanation from google!....The "X" comes from the Greek letter Chi, which is the first letter of the Greek word Χριστός, which in English is "Christ". The "-mas" part is from the Latin-derived Old English word for Mass.

craftergran Mon 17-Dec-18 06:44:28

You can always return them and write to M&S that you returned them because they had taken Christmas out, they won't know people object unless people put it in writing.

Anja Mon 17-Dec-18 06:54:33

I don’t see your problem, just write your own Happy Christmas.

Jane10 Mon 17-Dec-18 07:54:16

We bought lovely boxes of cards last year but they had 'Happy Holidays' inside! Americanised I assume.
For us 'holidays' are summer things. We send Christmas cards because its Christmas!

TerriBull Mon 17-Dec-18 08:33:39

We buy ours from a church in our local town, the money goes direct to the respective charities, without retailers taking their cut. We always try and get ones that say "Happy Christmas" I've never looked inside a card for other religions, but can't help feeling that a "Yom Kippur" card if there is such a thing, wouldn't say "enjoy the Autumn" or similarly an Eid card "enjoy the rest of the summer" Religious festivals are specific to an event, even though many people today would describe themselves as secular or are indeed of another religious persuasion, I've never heard anyone ever complain about getting a Christmas card instead of say a "Winterval" one complete with a mealy mouthed platitude. It's a strange perception really, some Canadian relatives send us cards with that sort of claptrap in it sad

Pittcity Mon 17-Dec-18 08:38:08

I've received one of those "Winter Wishes" cards and was probably hypnotised by the glittery cover as I didn't notice the lack of the mention of Christmas. I've also got a couple of "Season's Greetings" which is probably the same message in a more traditional phrase.

Pittcity Mon 17-Dec-18 08:42:01

Glittery cards could soon be a thing of the past as they can't be recycled. sad

Teetime Mon 17-Dec-18 08:49:32

I bought my cards and wrapping from Pancreatic Cancer UK this year (and will every year in remembrance of my son in law) the messages were traditional and lovely.

oldbatty Mon 17-Dec-18 08:57:20

Don't think I have the energy to be upset about cards.Where is mabon when we need her

Luckygirl Mon 17-Dec-18 08:57:59

But if you're not a Christian, why send a card at all?

- because it is a midwinter festival before it was taken over by Christianity.
- because we want to spread a bit of joy in the midwinter gloom and welcome and opportunity to send a happy message to our loved ones.
- because the Christmas myth resonates with atheists and agnostics too with its message of peace and emphasis on the power of the weak.
- because it is a free country.

Anja Mon 17-Dec-18 09:28:14

I’m not a Christian but I send cards for all the reasons luckygirl has mentioned. My friends from other religions send me Christmas cards too. With Christmas on them often. I love a good carol concert too.

mcem Mon 17-Dec-18 09:56:51

Lots of non-Christians send cards and why shouldn't they? Luckygirl has it exactly right.
As a teacher, I exchanged cards with Sikh and Muslim kids in my classes.
We read so much in certain sections of MSM about immigrants not integrating that we should welcome the fact that Christmas has become an inclusive and welcoming festival whether it's the religious factor or the winter celebration that brings folk together.

Missfoodlove Mon 17-Dec-18 10:09:15

Let’s just face it everything is being dumbed down, my granddaughters school is not doing a nativity, the shops barely close and people will be queuing for the sales before the sprouts have been digested.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 17-Dec-18 10:12:24

I agree it's daft not to mention Christmas but surely those who find it offensive won't be bothering with cards anyway? The main message is 'A Merry Christmas to one and all' whatever your beliefs.

aggie Mon 17-Dec-18 10:21:15

I hate Merry on a Christmas card , I put Happy , I do make my own cards , it is my hobby , and love personalising my cards ......... no I don't expect anyone to do their own card , before I get shot down ,

sarahellenwhitney Mon 17-Dec-18 10:32:08

Call me scrooge but I'm done with cards. Where do they eventually end up.? In my case for recycling .I donate to four charities on a regular basis not just at this time of year. I would rather my money go to those in need than in the pockets of card manufacturers and our postal system .I am aware there are cards that display the names of charities the manufacturers support. As to how much ?then your guess is as good as mine.

Stella14 Mon 17-Dec-18 10:33:38

Lyndiloo - you ask “if you’re not a Christian, why send cards at all”? December 25th was originally a Pagan festival and for those who believe in Jesus Christ, according to the bible, he wasn’t born in December confused Essentially for mos5 people, it’s simply a mid-winter festival!

Toto309 Mon 17-Dec-18 10:53:20

I always look for cards that mention Christmas but it is difficult. I also buy cards with no glitter because you can't recycle them. If i receive one i can only put the back in the recycling.

sluttygran Mon 17-Dec-18 11:13:49

I love Christmas, but being rather more Pagan than Christian, I have taken to using the term ‘Yuletide’
I am still looking for cards which say ‘Have a Cool Yule’, but I think I shall have to design my own! 😎

Theoddbird Mon 17-Dec-18 11:22:15

I have bought Christmas cards with a dove on for probably 40 years. I send peace to people at Christmas....suitable for every one. Ok I am an ancient hippy smile

ReadyMeals Mon 17-Dec-18 11:24:16

Lyndiloo usually on the pack it tells you what the words are, too late for you, I know. You ask why send cards at all if you're not Christian? The answer is that it is still a recognised international festival that is traditionally marked by the sending of gifts to those close, and cards to everyone else. These traditions have little to do with Christian theology, no matter what words are used. The Christian part of it is where believers think about the gift God gave us by sending his son, which doesn't really require a card or even a turkey or goose!

Summerstorm Mon 17-Dec-18 11:24:26

Have to agree with the op I really don’t like the seasons greetings, happy holidays, etc I’m not particularly religious but Christmas is Christmas. All this other rubbish is political correctness going to far

ReadyMeals Mon 17-Dec-18 11:25:48

Missfoodlove, you speak for yourself. In my case spouts go right through me long before Boxing Day dawns!