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Minor kitchen disasters yesterday, anyone?

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Witzend Wed 26-Dec-18 13:45:58

While taking them out of the oven, I managed to drop a whole, sizzling hot tray of pigs in blankets all over the floor. I hadn't even had much Buck's Fizz, either.
Luckily the kitchen floor was (reasonably) clean, so a dd and I just retrieved them. It was no use pretending it hadn't happened, since my very loud expletive echoed all round the next door dining room, but luckily I have a very non-fussy family.
Anyone else?

EllanVannin Wed 26-Dec-18 13:51:25

Hahahaha waste not want not.

Only the mushy peas boiling all over the top of the cooker. You have to virtually stand over them sometimes.
No real incidents to report.

mumofmadboys Wed 26-Dec-18 14:26:44

Found packet of stuffing this morning! We are in a holiday house and Christmas dinner was veggie so veggie stuffing. Also yesterday found fresh rosemary which I forgot to put with the roasties!

phoenix Wed 26-Dec-18 14:34:01

None! Which is an improvement on last year, when a tray of one of the two varieties of stuffing went missing, we never did find it,...................tchconfused

Marydoll Wed 26-Dec-18 14:38:27

I made a vegetarian pie for DD's fiance, complete with a home made mushroom sauce. I was chuffed to bits with my fancy effort, until I noticed when he was eating it, it looked a little dry. I had forgotten to put the feta cheese in it.

This morning I found the pigs in blankets at the back of the fridge. The upside is, DH can have them for dinner tomorrow. grin

cornergran Wed 26-Dec-18 14:39:25

None - doubtlessly because I didn’t cook it. tchgrin.

Marydoll Wed 26-Dec-18 15:18:06

Oh Corner, how I long for that day after cooking Christmas dinner for the last forty years!!

janeainsworth Wed 26-Dec-18 15:21:40

It wasn't until MrA had carved half the turkey and all the side dishes were ready that I realised I’d forgotten to make the gravy blush
Fortunately I had done the giblets the night before so it didn’t take too long to rectify the situation.

Menopaws Wed 26-Dec-18 16:11:45

First time we accepted an invitation to, relatively new, friends. After many offers to help and being told all under control, we were providing puds and cheeses. Arrived as agreed to find cooked lamb but sod all else, all veg in fridge and yet they still didn't want help, just told to,sit in lounge with beer, bloody starving. Felt awkward trying to help but laid table quietly as that not done either. Lots of drink and have to say good fun overall but who invites people round with nothing done and they have no children so no distractions really. It worked out ok and obviously we are all different but that was a new one on me!

Grammaretto Wed 26-Dec-18 16:54:58

Pretty good this year. The roasties were cooked rather than half raw which is always a good thing.
DIL said she was bringing a chocolate cake for those who don't like pudding. I envisaged a luscious homemade Nigella style cake. But it turned out to be a chocolate roll out of Tesco. (Meow!)

MiniMoon Wed 26-Dec-18 18:10:33

Completely forgot to roast the parsnips! They are still in the salad drawer.
Quite frankly, no-one missed them.

ginny Wed 26-Dec-18 18:20:29

Put the double cream in a fridge that we don’t normally use. Didn’t know the thermostat wasn’t working properly. Anyone for frozen, rock hard cream with their Christmas pud? Thank goodness for a good strong homemade brandy butter. After that nobody cared about the cream.😄

oldgimmer1 Wed 26-Dec-18 18:46:45

I used a shallower than normal cooking dish for the turkey crown.

Not realising the juices had gathered therein, I took it out to check it and covered my legs in boiling hot fat. Thankfully wearing trousers but left with two matching red burn marks across the top of my legs.

allsortsofbags Wed 26-Dec-18 19:00:47

I hope you are OK oldgimmerl Ouch

No problems yesterday but we had our family Christmas on the 16th and DD1 and I picked half the roasties off the floor.

We put them in a separate dish but they got eaten, floor had been washed that morning lol

Today we had friends round and I under cooked the baked spuds. Not too badly but the centres weren't edible. Ho Hum.

It wasn't a problem as we have all been well fed over the last several days we didn't miss out on a bit of potato.

I'll count that as a win, I am know for dropping food when I'm cooking and often with a worse outcome.

M0nica Wed 26-Dec-18 20:39:19

As reported on another thread. I overcooked the turkey and the legs fell off as I transferred it from roasting tray to carving dish. Tasted fine and was deliciously moist.

H1954 Wed 26-Dec-18 23:15:29

Yes, had my own mishaps, even today I overlooked the roast parsnips! How is that possible???!!!!! But I'm sure GN members will agree that the best Christmas dinner was cooked by the late Caroline Aherne in the Christmas episode of The Royle Family! A frozen turkey that they were defrosting with a hair dryer on Christmas morning and cup-a-soup with a twist; served in a bowl! Epic!

grannyactivist Thu 27-Dec-18 02:13:21

My son and his wife had breakfast at my house then went off to son's mother in law for Christmas day lunch (literally around the corner from my house). When they returned rather later than expected they explained it was because the 'fresh' turkey had gone 'off' so they had sandwiches for lunch while a piece of lamb from the freezer was being defrosted - they didn't eat the meal until dinner time. There was room and food enough for them all to have come here, but everything else for the meal had already been prepped and no doubt it will become a 'Christmas Tale' to re-tell in years to come. tchsmile

craftergran Thu 27-Dec-18 07:25:22

My Yorkshire pudds disgraced me- I make these all through the year to no problems. Thought the batter was not thick enough but carried on, when I should have started over. They stayed in the oven in their disgrace.


bikergran Thu 27-Dec-18 08:25:18

Yorkshire pudds for me also! (aunt bessies frozen ones in little tins) they rose high up almost 3 inch....then!! came to get them out and were like little flat biscuits shock

lemongrove Thu 27-Dec-18 10:27:44

Left the broccoli in the microwave!
DH did lots of veg for Christmas lunch and we didn’t even notice until afterwards.A minor mishap though.

JackyB Thu 27-Dec-18 10:52:59

I did venison which has to be timed exactly. My sister-in-law rang the doorbell just as the kitchen timer went off to take it out of the oven so it got left in for a few minutes longer. It was still moist and succulent but no longer pink inside.

And yesterday I did a trifle - put the blancmange and fruit base on the window sill outside to cool down in the near freezing temperatures out there. I used a jar of cherries for the base, and as there seemed to be a lot of liquid, I added some gelatine so that the base would solidify and not mix with the blancmange to make an unsightly join.

It wasn't till the gelatine had set hard that I realised I hadn't put any sponges in! So I served them separately. There were only 3 of us so no one minded.

And I forgot the crackers. I do this every year. And they're so difficult to get hold of, you can't bring them over from the UK, neither in hand luggage nor hold luggage. I bought some when we visited DS2 in Bonn at the English shop there, and promptly left them at his. So I ordered some more from the English Shop in Cologne and then forgot them!

However, I got a lovely e-mail from DS2's mother in law saying how they enjoyed the new "English custom" that they had been introduced to (I told DSD2 to use the crackers himself) and the second lot which I had mail-ordered, will be going with us tonight to a family gathering as my sister-in-law's boyfriend has invited us out for a Chinese meal for his birthday.

These little problems only bother us women - as someone said: No one noticed the parsnips weren't there! Mind you, as half the family is German, they don't know what to expect anyway.

Oh- just thought of another one. Just as I was serving up the roast chicken for Boxing day, I realised I'd forgotten the chestnuts. DS3 jumped up and said he really would like the chestnuts, he'd see to them, where were they? So we got our chestnuts after all; I had ready-cooked ones, so they just needed warming up in a little butter, which was quickly done whilst I was carving the chicken.

Framilode Thu 27-Dec-18 11:37:09

Cooking at my daughters and whilst the bird was resting put the plates and veg in the aga slow oven to keep warm. Twenty minutes later took everything out to find she had turned the wrong oven on and everything either cold or lukewarm.

grandtanteJE65 Thu 27-Dec-18 14:33:48

My pork crackling didn't, if you get what I mean. Frantic attempts to get it to do so under the grill to no avail.

Oldgimmer1 I do hope your legs are better. What a horrible accident!

Dolallynannie Thu 27-Dec-18 14:40:28

Everything was going very smoothly this year until I managed to clip a glass (not a delicate glass either) and it shattered all over the table where everyone was enjoying their Christmas Lunch! A piece of glass hit my husband in the face and so we felt his lunch was probably contaminated so that went in the bin. Fortunately we had leftovers so I plated up another meal and we all carried on eating - plenty of shards of glass on the table cloth though!!

lemongrove Thu 27-Dec-18 15:54:53

Dolally 😱That could have been a ‘disaster, darling’ if glass had sprayed onto all the dinners!