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Christmas Decs up and taking down

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TrendyNannie6 Thu 05-Dec-19 16:02:33

I don’t tend to have a certain date when Putting decs up like most people seem to do. We are quite relaxed in our household and always put up around ten days before Xmas sometimes later, but always take down shock horror before New Year’s Day,

MamaCaz Thu 05-Dec-19 16:15:00

We're a bit like that here too, TrendyNannie6.

Ten days before is the very earliest ours go up, because someone here doesn't think they should go up until after his birthday. To be honest, he'd rather I didn't put up any at all!
They are almost down again before the New Year, but I am as impatient to do that as he is to do that.

GrannyLaine Thu 05-Dec-19 16:18:06

I've evolved a system over the years that works for me, based on my belief that Christmas begins in the last hour of Christmas Eve. At the beginning of December we put the twinkling windowsill garlands and lit twig trees up to combat the short daylight hours. We buy our (real) Christmas tree round about now but it will be put in a large bucket of water outside. Fresh flowers for the house will be done the last weekend of Advent and then finally the tree will be brought in and decorated around the 21st so that it looks at its best for Christmas and beyond. It usually stays beyond 12th night as I can't quite bear to part with it!

Septimia Thu 05-Dec-19 16:21:14

No perticular date in our house either for putting up the tree etc, although it's not before the start of December.

Always try to take them down by 12th Night, though.

Septimia Thu 05-Dec-19 16:21:32

Whoops! Particular !!

TrendyNannie6 Thu 05-Dec-19 16:26:44

Yes I agree Mamacaz once Xmas is over and that means close to Boxing Day I want them down ready for the start of the new year, I’m not a misery guts honest lol

Sara65 Thu 05-Dec-19 16:39:50

I love putting the trees up, and since we’ve (sadly) moved to artificial, they usually go up the first weekend in December.

Another reason for that is, that I see the days left to Christmas disappearing very quickly, and it’s something crossed off the list.

Gonegirl Thu 05-Dec-19 16:48:20

Suppose I'd better get my advent calendars out.

Disneyfan Thu 05-Dec-19 16:51:13

Usually up the 1st weekend of December. Actually went up yesterday. Always down by 12th night. Then OH panics as I always think it looks bare and maybe we should decorate. smile

GrandmaMoira Thu 05-Dec-19 16:52:42

Mine always go up at a weekend during December though the dates vary depending on various issues. Nowadays my DGC are my helpers, so I offered them this coming weekend or the following one and they voted for this weekend. Today I am tidying up in preparation.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 05-Dec-19 16:56:13

Tree being delivered on the 12th, decks up on 14th as out with daughter for our Christmas beano- just us two. We were going to London but have decided to have an easier more relaxed day with visiting the Pavilion and the Christmas decorations then lunch all afternoon😄.

Decs come down in the 12th day. We sometimes have a 12 th night do but nothing planned so far this year.

yggdrasil Thu 05-Dec-19 16:58:46

WW are you going to the Burning of the Clocks?

Whitewavemark2 Thu 05-Dec-19 17:02:21

Might do - depends on the weather. We have been and really enjoy it. Some of the lanterns are beautiful and so clever.

I love the elemental feel of it all. The drums and fire.

cornergran Thu 05-Dec-19 17:06:11

Conservatory tree installed today to cheer up poorly granddaughter. I’ll rearrange the baubles tomorrow grin. White lights already outside as they are winter lights to cheer dark nights, they come down in Spring. Rest of the inside decorations probably around 14th. Trees and decorations are banished before New Year. Once Boxing Day is over I really want it gone and have a good tidy up.

NanaandGrampy Thu 05-Dec-19 17:23:40

Ours go up on the nearest weekend to the 5th which is one of our little grandsons birthday and we always celebrate his birthday first and they stay up until about 10th night when I complain endlessly about taking them down.

I love putting them up but the first person to offer a service taking them down will get my business.

Canalboatgranma Thu 05-Dec-19 17:27:15

I am currently putting up the decorations including the tree (not real). I am going away on Sunday and not returning until 13th. My family are coming on the 14th for the weekend to celebrate Christmas early. So if I don't do it now I won't have time later. My flat looks like Christmas has thrown up ; I didn't know I had so many decorations!

NannyJan53 Thu 05-Dec-19 17:27:15

We put ours up the weekend closest to 18th December (DD's birthday), although she is married now and has children of her own.

We take them down New Years Day.

Canalboatgranma Thu 05-Dec-19 17:30:13

Meant to add that the decs come down on 12th night, which is my birthday. So as a child I always had Christmas decorations up for my birthday party.

SueDonim Thu 05-Dec-19 17:37:02

Usually I do the tree on the weekend before Xmas and it’s taken down prior to Twelfth Night. However, due to so many people no longer observing the Twelve Days of Christmas I now feel obliged to put them up and take then down earlier.

I’m quite sad that the 12 days of Christmas aren’t really a thing anymore. It used to be when we did a lot of our socialising but that’s now mostly changed to before Christmas, as well.

I’ll possibly put the tree up next weekend, as dd2 is coming home then and will complain if we’re still bare. grin

Cabbie21 Thu 05-Dec-19 17:40:26

We have to wait till after a birthday, then it depends when I can find time, usually around 15th, as I have so many singing dates in December. If DH had his way they would go up on Christmas Eve. As we are late getting them up, they stay as long as possible, at least till 2 Jan or later if I have got time, again depending on commitments.
I hate the dark, miserable days of January without seeing all the decorations in the streets and outside houses. I wish people would keep the lights on ( but not the reindeer and Santa).

Whitewavemark2 Thu 05-Dec-19 17:44:04

My daughter is in a choir cabbie Arundel on Saturday, it their Christmas festival. Nice day out.

Hetty58 Thu 05-Dec-19 17:46:06

Tree goes up a week before, along with the door wreath. MamaCaz, I'm another one with a birthday in the meantime.

I still have a deep-seated resentment of Christmas - caused by all the 'double presents' in childhood (to me, it was a case of getting only one present, instead of two, as kids don't understand about cost) along with my cards being sidelined to the kitchen windowsill, oh, and my party being an inconvenient interruption of the Christmas preparations!

I was jealous of my sister, who had a (far superior) birthday in July!

Smileless2012 Thu 05-Dec-19 17:51:45

We're putting up ours on Saturday and always take them down New Year's day.

yggdrasil Thu 05-Dec-19 17:52:04

WW2 It's too far for me, but my daughter & family are much involved. I will see the pictures

Whitewavemark2 Thu 05-Dec-19 17:58:51

Oh yes ygg I think it must be magical with the castle and medieval and Georgian buildings and Christmas tree etc. We might go but parking will be a nightmare even all along the road to the Black Rabbit past the bird sanctuary and lake...