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I've done it again....

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Witzend Tue 17-Dec-19 09:00:39

Hidden all the bits for dh's stocking and can't for the life of me remember where I put them.

Ditto the Father Christmas duvet set I bought for little Gdcs last year, for the double sofa bed they share here. They're staying on Thursday night so I was pleased to be able to use it again - if I can find it! Why on earth I didn't just shove it in the airing cupboard....

Bathsheba Tue 17-Dec-19 09:35:04

Oh I've done that Witzend. This year I got ahead of the game - I started a new 'note' on my phone, and every time I buy something, or get a delivery, I add it to the list with a clear description of where I have hidden it.

Of course, I do have to actually remember to add it hmm

GrannyGravy13 Tue 17-Dec-19 09:39:27

Ha Ha!!! Whilst wrapping gifts the other day I found to dressing gowns I had bought for my D, one pale blue M & S, the other pale grey from White on earth did that happen????tchconfused

GrannyGravy13 Tue 17-Dec-19 09:40:03

Not to but two tchangry

Sara65 Tue 17-Dec-19 09:44:37

Last Christmas I bought one of my daughters a Clinique gift set, when I went to wrap it , I couldn’t find it, and I still haven’t found it!

inkcog Tue 17-Dec-19 09:47:41

What a jolly jape.....lots of stuff you can't remember buying scattered all over your houses.

I'm pretty sure I know where mine is.

Grannycool52 Tue 17-Dec-19 09:53:56

Time for a treasure hunt, methinks 😊

MiniMoon Tue 17-Dec-19 09:56:15

We hide things from ourselves here too!
Two years ago I bought a hanging star light (Christmas decoration) for the hall. After the first Christmas, I put it in the box and put it away.
Last year I couldn't find it. Looked everywhere I could think I might have put it, but no joy.
This year I opened the drawer and to get out my Christmas cards, and there was the star light in its box. hmm

Coconut Tue 17-Dec-19 10:01:20

I’ve got a large wicker hamper on wheels where I hide all the gifts that I buy all year round. I also list it all down in my diary or I’d forget what I’ve already bought ! My daughter is half my age and she always loses bits she hides, so usually gives it all to me now !

4allweknow Tue 17-Dec-19 10:05:10

I did that one year and discovered gifts I had hidden in the next July. Of course having forgotten I'd bought them I went out shopping for more gifts. Expensive Christmas that year!

Happygirl79 Tue 17-Dec-19 10:07:28

When my daughter was about 9 years old I had hidden some rabbit fluffy slippers for her before Christmas and couldn't find them. Never did. We moved house two years later

seadragon Tue 17-Dec-19 10:10:55

I was organised this year and have several clearly identifiable bags in the attic with presents for all the family awaiting wrapping...that is until October when a family member became ill. Now I am at one end of the UK and the presents are at the other end - on my island home - and I won't get near them till some time next year. Interestingly, I did think to take the Christmas cards with me so at least that is something I can send...most have gone already!

jaylucy Tue 17-Dec-19 10:12:15

I was looking for tree decorations and found a carrier bag full of gift sets that I must have bought from the Boots sale one New Year. If only I had found them before I had done my shopping for this year!!!
My excuse is that we had to have our upstairs rewired urgently a month ago, so everything had to be moved in a hurry and due to the fact that now some of the carpets and flooring need replacing (electricians were a bit too handy with a Stanley knife) a lot hadn't been put back in the original place!

Nannan2 Tue 17-Dec-19 10:14:10

Haha i do that only occasionally though,its cause im buying for so many& i have to start early in year,! Then i forget what ive got & buy again.its ridiculous! I will have enough gifts till nxt year at this rate!tchgrin

polnan Tue 17-Dec-19 10:15:44

oh dear! thanks for this,, I thought it was just me!

Nannan2 Tue 17-Dec-19 10:16:42

Are you sure about that Inkcog?tchgrin

Nannan2 Tue 17-Dec-19 10:18:07

It looks like santas grotto in my bedroom every yr from october and i still manage to lose 'em. tchgrin

chattykathy Tue 17-Dec-19 10:22:56

I've just found the 2019 Private Eye annual I bought for my brother last year!

Rosina Tue 17-Dec-19 10:24:38

I lose the advent calenders every year - GC don't get them till about the 5th, and my worst problem is buying just the right card for someone and then mislaying it. I bought a perfect birthday card for my dear old aunt, tucked it away and never have found it. She died five years ago, and we have moved house. It's here somewhere...

Nanny27 Tue 17-Dec-19 10:26:42

Anyone else find the packs of Christmas cards they bought early, around about March?

phoenix Tue 17-Dec-19 10:28:09

At least you've never managed to lose a whole tray of cooked stuffing!

A few years ago I did one lot of chestnut, and one pork sage and onion. Both lots went into the oven, but when I came to serve, could only find one! Checked the bin, in case it had been accidentally thrown away, but no.

Checked everywhere as there was a fair bit of juggling dishes around, but we never did find it confusedblush

clareken Tue 17-Dec-19 10:28:11

This is the first year that DH, who does most of the buying for the DGs, has made a list of what has been bought, along with the batteries it needs, and then cross checked against the Christmas lists. (My idea) This year there should be no duplicates!!

Florida12 Tue 17-Dec-19 10:33:03

It’s Christmas lights with me, indoor and outdoor.

sunseeker Tue 17-Dec-19 10:35:24

I have been having a sort out ready to sell up in the New Year - and somehow managed to lose the Christmas cards I bought last year. I am sure I must have put them somewhere safe - but where!

Willow500 Tue 17-Dec-19 10:39:53

I haven't had that many to wrap this year as I'm giving all the adults money but I did forget I'd already bought my little grandsons pjs so bought some more then found them on Sunday.

Years ago when we used to have a houseful on Christmas morning I nearly always forgot one or two of my husband's presents then would find them under the bed a few days later! That's in addition to one or two dishes of veg or potatoes I'd forget to put out for dinner! grin