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The Gransnet Virtual Christmas party 2020 with Ensure NutriVigor

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NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 14-Dec-20 10:25:42

A festive hello to all gransnetters! tchsmile

As everyone else seems to already have their fairy lights twinkling and baubles out, we thought it’s time for us to do the same. So welcome everyone to our annual Gransnet Christmas Party. As health has been top of most of our agendas this year, we’re thrilled that Ensure NutriVigor is sponsoring this year’s festivities.

Not only that but they are giving one lucky gransnetter on this thread a £100 voucher to spend at a shop of their choice to start the new year in style (usual competition T&Cs apply). The winner will be picked at random from all who comment on this thread by 11am on 1st January 2021, so don’t forget to pop on and wish your fellow GNers a merry Christmas! flowers

It’s fair to say 2020 has been a bit of a shocker, and we know that because of health concerns, long distances, or many other reasons, plenty of you will be spending Christmas on your own. Which is where the Gransnet Virtual Christmas Party comes in. No need to battle the ghastly traffic, icy weather or smile through the sprouts. Simply don your sparkliest finery, pour a glass of your favourite tipple and come join us for some good company, virtual mince pies and questionable taste in Christmas decor - we do gaudy very well here at HQ. tchgrin

Everyone is welcome (as long as you bring something tasty to add to our virtual buffet) and even if you’ve got a busy day planned do pop in and wish your fellow gransnetters a Merry Christmas.

In the meantime shall we get into the spirit with some really cheesy Christmas jokes? Who’s first?

fevertree Mon 14-Dec-20 13:47:31

I'll go first.

Who is Santa's favourite music artist?

Elf-is Presley.

Off now to post on the Christmas playlist thread ... tchsmile

Situpstraight2 Mon 14-Dec-20 15:04:19

I’ve just heard that sadly, Chris Reas car has failed it’s MOT......

lemongrove Mon 14-Dec-20 16:51:06

Did you hear about the dyslexic person who sent a Christmas letter to Satan?

Jules48 Mon 14-Dec-20 17:13:11

What happens if you eat Christmas decorations? You get tinsel-itis

Pittcity Mon 14-Dec-20 18:32:16

Here's my favourite this year.

barcardi Mon 14-Dec-20 18:49:57


I'll go first.

Who is Santa's favourite music artist?

Elf-is Presley.

Off now to post on the Christmas playlist thread ... tchsmile

What do you get when you mix a Christmas tree and an iPad.
A pineapple

MawBe Mon 14-Dec-20 20:09:03


Aldom Mon 14-Dec-20 22:10:32

Why wasn't Rudolph allowed to take part in the vaccine trials?
Because they only wanted Guinea Pigs!!!
Happy Christmas everyone.

Callistemon Mon 14-Dec-20 22:34:05

One from DGS:

Why was the snowman rummaging in the bag of carrots?
He was picking his nose!

Aldom Tue 15-Dec-20 05:59:43

Calistemon tchsmile

Situpstraight2 Tue 15-Dec-20 09:31:56

A rude one, so don’t read if easily offended and it’s only vaguely Christmassy.

Guy walks into a bar on Christmas Eve, with 2 gifts, gets talking to the barman and tells him that he’s dating a twin and there is a gift for each of them.

Wow, says the barman how do you tell them apart.

Well, says the guy, Lucy wears blue nail varnish.

And Bob has a D**k.

Kate1949 Tue 15-Dec-20 09:34:35

What do you call a group of chess fanatics in a hotel lobby discussing the amount of games they've won?
Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer.

Nortsat Tue 15-Dec-20 09:40:05

For the non Tories on GN ...

Nortsat Tue 15-Dec-20 09:40:53

Very good Kate1949

Kate1949 Tue 15-Dec-20 09:46:10


curlytops Tue 15-Dec-20 10:01:10

For this year how about Blue Christmas by Elvis!
Also Thank God its Christmas by Queen.

joannapiano Tue 15-Dec-20 10:03:41

A man went into an optician’s and said, “When I look at shops they all seem in darkness. “ And the optician said, “You must have 2020 vision.”

gillyknits Tue 15-Dec-20 10:04:41

I liked this one!

Vintager Tue 15-Dec-20 10:32:36

What’s the difference between St George and Santa? One slays a dragon and the other drags a sleigh.
Ta boom!

Daddima Tue 15-Dec-20 11:15:45


Here's my favourite this year.

We have a winner!

MadfromWales Tue 15-Dec-20 11:23:24

Hi there I'm new and I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas, despite the awfulness of 2020. There is always hope of better days ahead shamrock

MadfromWales Tue 15-Dec-20 11:23:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MadfromWales Tue 15-Dec-20 11:24:25

Haha ? the joke is that my zip wire santa gif isn't working grin

MadfromWales Tue 15-Dec-20 11:26:18

There - greetings from Wales. Suisei is getting into the festive spirit tchgrin