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Win a fabulous family-friendly farm holiday in Cornwall **NOW CLOSED**

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MetteGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 29-Mar-17 14:56:13

The perfect escape for little ones and grown-ups to relax and recharge

Gransnet has joined forces with Tredethick Farm Cottages in Lostwithiel, Cornwall, to offer one lucky gransnetter (and up to 5 family members) a winter farm break for up to four nights in one of their luxury cottages.

Feed the animals every morning with Farmer Jenny; ride on the gentle ponies; splash around in the warm indoor pool; relax with the papers and fresh coffee in the indoor play barn; and enjoy the beautiful, secluded Cornish countryside.

The luxury cottages are a home from home with everything you need to make your stay fun and pleasurable, with little extras provided including black-out blinds, bed guards and cots. And, don’t forget the stunning hot tub and futuristic glass pod overlooking the stunning Fowey Valley.

To enter, tell us your funniest holiday story - good or bad!

Competition closes Wednesday 26 April.

Please see full T&Cs here

sassielassie Sun 23-Apr-17 22:19:11

We went to Blackpool and I told the kids that Valhalla was a short ride then a walk in caves... put it this way I was in their bad books for the rest of the day!

dahlia08 Mon 24-Apr-17 10:49:29

Long time ago had some broccoli which I just notice have turn out a bit yellowish. Last minute to cook, no time to get fresh one. So decided to snip the top of the broccoli (flower) and while cooking it, put some green cake colouring to disguise the colour. Got away with it but I will never do that again. X

sylwright Mon 24-Apr-17 11:03:16

When my children were small we went to Portugal on a last minute holiday. We stayed in an apartment so on our first day went to the local supermarket to buy some basic groceries. Of course everything was in Portuguese so we figured we could easily guess what the products were. Two of the items we bought were a big bottle of milk and a bottle of washing up liquid. Got home and decided to make a drink and when we opened the milk discovered it was actually double cream which probably explained why it was so expensive. We then started to wash up the dishes only to find that what we thought was washing up liquid was actually disinfectant. We had to laugh and made sure we didn't make the same mistake again.

DotMH1901 Mon 24-Apr-17 11:39:52

My Mum wanted to go on a camping holiday in Scotland and bought all the equipment - two tents plus an annexe thingy that went between them, a new primus stove, groundsheets etc. Dad decided it would be best to have a trial run so he spoke to a friend who owned a farm and off we went for the weekend. When we got there we were shown into a field full of cow pats. There was no toilet/shower block, just an outside loo at the side of the farmhouse and a cold water tap on the wall. We were kept busy fetching water and taking our baby brother to the toilet whilst Mum and Dad put the tents up. My sister and I were in one tent with the food supplies and Mum, Dad and our baby brother were in the other one. We got peckish after being packed off to bed and were delighted to find a bottle of salad cream and a fresh loaf in the groceries, we made salad cream butties for supper!

jessfisher Mon 24-Apr-17 12:21:28

I went away with my parents and dog, on the beach one day we saw a very large kite being flown and as my dog had never seen one before, he went mad. He was jumping up, barking to try and get to it with no avail. In the end he just walked over to their equipment and cocked he leg, he won in the end. We quickly made off before the couple noticed.

paulinecnd Mon 24-Apr-17 14:53:56

We were on the south coast of Cornwall and were going to drive to the North coast for the day. We loaded the car up, which was parked on the quay, and set off. When we arrived we went for a walk on the beach. It was very hot so we became very thirsty. Husband was sent back to the car to fetch the cool bag with the water and lunch in. He came back, looking sheepish. He had left the lunch on the quay on the south coast. When we drove back that night, it was still there, where we had left it. A family could have had a free lunch! It's a memory we always laugh about , even now, many years later.

Poly580 Mon 24-Apr-17 14:56:10

When I was younger my older brother came home from Canada and decided we should all visit Scotland. I had never been and had always wanted to go so we jumped at the chance. He then told us we were all camping. We thought he knew what he was doing g but it became obvious he didn't when I woke up the first morning to a gurgling sound. It was his youngest, my nephew drowning. He had set the tent up at the bottom of the hill, pegged the bottom of the tent inwards, it had raised so heavy that the water had come down the hill into the tent. Because the tent was lagged wrong all that water came in instead of going outside. My nephew 1 year old had rolled off the air bed into a puddle. We spent the rest of that day in the launderette trying to dry the bedding and clothes and drive to our next site with the air beds on the roof to dry them. When he first suggested s holiday I thought of a lovely hotel, not soaking wet and driving around looking like the hillbillies smile

lollipop123 Mon 24-Apr-17 15:00:32

Tried jet skiing on a particularly dingy lake once on holiday and hubby accidentally knocked me off. Was in my shorts and tee so had to spend the rest of the day dripping wet! never done jet skiing since that.

granfromafar Mon 24-Apr-17 15:43:15

The last time we visited Cornwall was about 35 years ago - before children. We went with another couple and were pleased to see a swimming pool at the complex of chalets we had booked. After a hot drive, we changed into swimming things to go and have a nice cool dip, to be greeted with the sight of a rather large, shaggy dog doing doggy -paddle across the pool. Somehow it didn't seem so tempting after that!

Georgia491 Mon 24-Apr-17 18:01:37

We were having a day out at Wookey Hole when my children were young. Ben, aged 4, and not yet a swimmer, without warning jumped fully clothed into the deep end, he always was somewhat fearless. Unfortunately his father couldn't swim at that time either so it was left to me to jump in after him and get him safely out. We were both soaked and with no spare clothes, had to return home. I still don't know why Ben jumped in as we had gone to see the caves and didn't even know there was a pool.

Lind08 Mon 24-Apr-17 20:00:35

A memory of my dear friend no longer here she had been suffering with depression so we decided to get away from everything and booked a short break in a caravan but nothing was as described the caravan was dirty the shops were miles away and there were no working cooking facilities after spending ages cleaning up we went to the local club and it was a bit unfriendly so we got some chips and headed back to the caravan only to find it had been broken into and everything even toilet rolls had been stolen we were both upset but especially friend with her depression so we decided to go home the next day I got off to sleep but she stayed up reading the next thing I knew it was 5am and there was an awful noise the caravan was Jolting and I couldn't make it out so went to investigate only to find my friend had been up all night and there was no point going to sleep because she gets up at 5am when she's at her home but she had made sandwiches for breakfast and had chucked the crusts outside the wind catching them and sent them on the roof so we got literally dive bombed with seagulls it was like a scene from Hitchcock's the Birds and it was this and my shocked face that made her laugh and she laughed until she cried which she needed to do and to see her laugh after all she had been through will stay with me forever it was the best thing ever.

grannybiker Mon 24-Apr-17 20:35:25

The first time we ever took our children camping we were lying inside our old ridge tent ready to sleep when a broad West Country voice from outside told us not to worry "Moi Luvlies!" about the ferret that had just run under our flysheet.
We stayed where we were! LOL!
Never put them off and we enjoyed many more camping trips over the years.

veroinuk Mon 24-Apr-17 20:44:50

We went on holiday to Brittany a few years ago. It had been raining all week so we decided to go to a local swimming pool. We all had our swimsuits on when a lifeguard approaches my husband and explained that he could not go into the swimming pool with his long baggy swimming shorts, that he needed the tight ones. My husband does not speak French so he very badly tried to explain that 'in England we wear these!'. The young lifeguard let him in anyway on the condition that next time he would wear the tighties. Needless to say that there was no next time.

pixelwife Tue 25-Apr-17 09:38:57

Last year, we had our first family holiday abroad to Greece. It didn't start well! Firstly our flight was to Athens and our accommodation was 4 hours away at the south of the country and with two children who suffer travel sickness, plus toll stops every 10 minutes, that was a painful 7 hour experience!

We then get to the place I had booked online for the first few days of the holiday before moving onto a resort. I kid you not, it was like the Bates Motel. Rusted sign, in the middle of nowhere. Sinister to say the least. We went to dinner on the first night to find there was nothing for me to eat (I'm a vegetarian) and to add insult to injury, whilst I was sat there sulking, a praying mantis dropped on my head prompting me to dance round screaming for a good few minutes.

We almost booked flights home the next day, it was so bad. However we stuck it out and when we moved to the resort for the remainder of our holiday it was the most wonderful time of our lives, which we felt was quite deserved after all we'd been through!

manfalou Tue 25-Apr-17 10:08:31

I remember when I was a young 'un ... my mum was pregnant with my brother but no body knew. We went away with friends. Back then, i loved getting up on stage and having the attention on me (not so much these days!)

i announced to whole holiday park that my mum had a baby in her tummy and she was going to poo it out at christmas haha

Nice child I was!

wef1984 Tue 25-Apr-17 10:56:36

When my daughter was only 10 months old we took her to Cornwall on her first camping holiday, we didn't have much room in the car so couldn't fit a travel cot in, instead we improvised with a rubber dingy. One evening while talking with some friends we had made, we saw a little head appear from under the canvas door, she had escaped the dingy and was crawling across the campsite!!

Bernie1964 Tue 25-Apr-17 12:55:20

My friend and I were relaxing after a long day sightseeing in Kefalonia. We were back outside our villa eating olives, gherkins and other nibbles and drinking ice cold wine. Enjoying the cooler evening air. We decided to tidy up, she went to get a bin bag and without a second thought I poured the jar of gherkin vinegar into my friends empty wine glass because I thought it might spill in the bin. She came back and as I carried on tidying I heard an enormous screech the wines turned, its gone off. Her head was over the sink and she was very close to throwing up all the nibbles. When I realised what had happened and that she'd gulped nearly the whole glass of gherkin vinegar down her throat I couldn't speak and nearly died laughing.

olivia280177 Tue 25-Apr-17 13:31:29

We have had some funny times on holiday! One year we went to Wales with our parents and grandparents and we'd made friends with another family. They invited us to their caravan and we watched Shine on Harvey Moon whilst listening to the man's really unfunny stories. My Grandad would be standing behind him and was putting matchsticks in his eyes to stop him falling to sleep, trying to make me and my sister laugh!
Another time we were on the beach in France and my mum, dad and my godparents were playing frisbee, the wind took one of my Mum's throws and it sliced into this elderly French lady, my Dad got a right mouthful and everyone else ran off into the sea!

grannytotwins Tue 25-Apr-17 14:18:50

As my grandmother was French, we went every year to Wimereaux, so she could speak French, eat her favourite food, and to install a love of France in me and my parents. We used to go across the Channel in, what would now be, tiny ferries. I loved to see the one car it could take being craned into the boat. We would hire a tent on the beach every day and sit on the sand eating pain au chocolat which was unobtainable in England in those days, back in the fifties.
One day I wanted to go to the loo. My mother pointed in the direction of the WCs and gave me a coin to give to the ladies on the door. I handed over the money and went into the booth. There was no toilet! Now I know that they had ones that you squat over, but as a five year old I had never seen this before. I had total hysterics, the poor French ladies had no idea why I was screaming and didn't understand what I was saying. One of them took me back onto the sand to find my family. Cue, lots of laughter from them, but total embarrassment for me.

TheGlovers1 Tue 25-Apr-17 14:50:58

I was just eighteen and so looking forward to my first ever holiday abroad with a friend . We had saved so hard and booked two weeks in Spain .I was nervous about flying and had not eaten before the flight .At the airport we met some rather good looking lads who were on the same flight ,so a little bit of flirting took place.As soon as the plane took off I felt sick and shortly my ears started to hurt badly.I gradually lost my hearing completely. My friend continued to flirt with the lads ignoring my groans and my puce face.By the time we had landed I felt so ill and kept trying to tell my friend who continued to ignore me.The heat in Spain was unbelievable. I felt worse and worse.As I stood by the luggage carousel I fainted and fell face down with the luggage which continued to revolve .My friend still chatting to the boys did not even notice!.I was rescued by some airport staff who called an ambulance .I had split my head open and my face was black and blue .All my friend could say to me was "you were so embarrassing your knickers were showing when you were on that carousel "!

niruhack Tue 25-Apr-17 14:53:36

we had our first family holiday in sri lanka, where we went on a Safari trip, we waited so long to get to see a Leopard, whilst that hubby needed a wee break, he went to the forest and came running because there was a Leopard on the tree where he was about to wee on lol

embach Tue 25-Apr-17 15:52:15

My most memorable holiday was when my auntie decided to take us on the beach from our holiday home to have a breakfast bbq. Just as we were getting ready to serve the food she realised that she had forgotten all the plates and cutlery.. so we resorted to eating BBQ bacon straight off the grill.. I have to admit it was the best bacon I ever had even if I had to eat it with my hands

ajanela Tue 25-Apr-17 15:57:52

At 50 I decided to take my first skiing holiday in Italy with my daughter who could ski. First day's lessons on a gentle slop near the hotel. I wasn't very good but coped. 2 nd day up the lift to the mountain. We were then expected to ski down. Started and then all I could see was the horizon in front of me and could not remember how to turn right. Only solution, fell into a bush. Made my way back to the ski lift, this was too dangerous for me but spent the rest of the week enjoying the beautiful scenery and cups of hot chocolate. Glad I tried.

cjh123 Tue 25-Apr-17 17:35:55

Funniest holiday story was when we went camping and took loads of food that was fresh like a fruitcake, biscuits and bread. As novice campers we didnt know canvas will not out animals so after being out all day we came home to a pile of crumbs, a ripped tent and open zip. Apparently according to the neighbours we had a badger a fox and a cat all come that day. We now know to leave the goodies home or store them in a solid tin.

toptecus3 Tue 25-Apr-17 18:10:04

on holiday in greece, my eldest was 2 at the time. but who is 20 now decided to have a very large number 2 right next 20 the pool and then shouted very loudly "mum i had a sh!t". she has never lived it down and we tell everyone about it . we was potty training her , obviousley not very well hahahah