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Win a fabulous family-friendly farm holiday in Cornwall **NOW CLOSED**

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MetteGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 29-Mar-17 14:56:13

The perfect escape for little ones and grown-ups to relax and recharge

Gransnet has joined forces with Tredethick Farm Cottages in Lostwithiel, Cornwall, to offer one lucky gransnetter (and up to 5 family members) a winter farm break for up to four nights in one of their luxury cottages.

Feed the animals every morning with Farmer Jenny; ride on the gentle ponies; splash around in the warm indoor pool; relax with the papers and fresh coffee in the indoor play barn; and enjoy the beautiful, secluded Cornish countryside.

The luxury cottages are a home from home with everything you need to make your stay fun and pleasurable, with little extras provided including black-out blinds, bed guards and cots. And, don’t forget the stunning hot tub and futuristic glass pod overlooking the stunning Fowey Valley.

To enter, tell us your funniest holiday story - good or bad!

Competition closes Wednesday 26 April.

Please see full T&Cs here

pepicola Tue 25-Apr-17 20:14:28

When my daughter was about 8 and we were on a family holiday in Newquay, we spent the day at one of those farm parks. There was a boating lake with wooden row boats which you could take a ride in. As we approached the boats, she wasn't looking where she was going and stepped right off the side of the jetty and ended up waist deep in the lake. She wasn't impressed but the rest of us thought it was hilarious. Luckily we were staying nearby so she could go and get changed.

forestheather Tue 25-Apr-17 21:20:03

Camping beside Loch Lomond when my sister and I were children, the nearby river burst its banks and flooded our tent. We rapped on our parents camper van door and told them what had happened. 'Don't be so silly' came the reply and they wouldn't let us in!

bossybc Tue 25-Apr-17 22:14:34

I packed all the caravan, the kids clothes, mine and my partners. got all the way down to cornwall. Once we got there found out we had remembered everything except my partners underwear. He swore blind I did it on purpose

stampinSTAN1968 Tue 25-Apr-17 22:31:58

whilst on holiday wth my parents and my husband a few years ago in turkey we were heading back to our appartments the one evening and i decided to play a joke on my parents. They were quite far behind us heading back to the room so i deccided to hide in the doorway and jump out on them when they got there. I did just that but when i jumped out it was a different couple i jumped out on. I really made the man jump but i was laughing that much i couldnt speak. My husband appologised and took me back to our room where i just couldnt stop laughing at the guys face when i made him jump. A few days later we were wtching a show and i got up in the break to go to the toilet, i turned the corner and a guy jumped out on me, i screamed and very slightly wet myself!! Yes he got me back, we both saw the funny side and called it quits.

babyroo Tue 25-Apr-17 23:34:20

I went on a camping holiday in America when I was younger. We all pitched our tent near to this glorious tree with Ivy surrounding it. We awoke during the night itching and in severe pain. We went to the nearest hospital and was told we had been stung by poison ivy, when we returned to the camp site we noticed a warning sign by the tree, that we hadn't seen in the light the night before.

Bruciebaby Wed 26-Apr-17 00:08:13

Returning from A Safari in North Thailand and Burma I was arrested in Bangkok Airport for Drug smuggling. They had dogs that sniffed drugs in my luggage, as the officers wheat through all my stuff they pulled out a cross bow I acquired from the Meo Indians. They began to laugh and then showed me that the twine for the bow was made from the hemp of marijuana plant and it was this that set the alarm bells off, so they let me go but kept the twine , wow I was to say the least very relieved.

Bruciebaby Wed 26-Apr-17 01:09:00

Returning from our holiday in Tenerife whilst passing through customs with our luggage which was placed on the table my girlfriends small case started to move on it's own accord, I looked at Sheila and she lowered her head , I said to her what's the matter. By which time the customs officer opened the case, and started to search whereupon he pulled out two heavily Vibrating Vibrateors which to our great embarrassment was laughed off with a smile and a wink by the customs officer, we left.

Emmamaryd Wed 26-Apr-17 07:46:13

Our holidays have been pretty uneventful. I do remember one occasion when we were at the airport getting ready to fly home. Almost to the departure desk when my brother realised he had lost his passport. Cue him emptying his bags in front of everyone. Major panic. Then he checks his trouser pockets and finds it!

swifty999 Wed 26-Apr-17 11:44:24

We took my Dad (Grand dad John!) on holiday to Spain a few years back and one day did the usual thing and popped into a restaurant for lunch.
Now Dad although about 80 at the time, still likes to think he has a flair for the Spanish language even after all these years so after we sat down at a table he decided to put this to good use!
It was certainly a bit warm in this hotel and Dad decided to call the waitress over and ask her to open the window since he was very warm, which he attempted in his usual confident style although leaving the waitress somewhat startled and bemused. She spoke to another waiter who came across and asked Dad to repeat what he said, which Dad again confidently did at which point the male waiter then broke into a laugh and pointed out to Dad that whilst the Spanish word 'caliente' did indeed mean hot, when used in the way he had, what he had actually done was call the girl waitress over and proceed to inform her that 'he was feeling very randy and could she open the window'!!

MetteGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 26-Apr-17 13:29:00

Thank you all for your wonderful stories!

Congrats to callgirl1 who has won our family-friendly farm competition.

callgirl1 Wed 26-Apr-17 16:08:17

I don`t believe I`ve won this! I don`t win things like holidays! I`ve the problem now of deciding who to ask out of all my tribe without upsetting anyone. Thank you so much Gransnet!

NanaandGrampy Wed 26-Apr-17 17:07:59

You deserve it Callgirl !! Enjoy the break x

MawBroon Wed 26-Apr-17 17:50:24

I am thrilled for you. Callgirl It couldn't go to a nicer person!! ????

TONKATOL Wed 26-Apr-17 23:43:47

When I was a teenager my parents owned a caravan. We usually only went away for a few days at a time and used the public toilets where possible, so the cassette toilet in the caravan didn't need emptying until we got back. One year we were away a bit longer and the toilet needed emptying. My dad used to get really embarrassed about these things and so I volunteered to do it for him. I took the cassette over to the waste water closet and started emptying the cassette - but it didn't seem to disappear. I went back and told my parents but they told me to continue, explaining it would take a little while. Job done and everyone happy...... or so I thought. The next morning I was woken up at about 5am by my dad coming into the caravan. Where had he been? He had spent the night worrying about the non-disappearing contents and so had got up early to check - I had used the waste water closet - not the Chemical Closet - so my poor dad had been scooping up the muck by hand and emptying it into the correct disposal point and then flushing the water closet with plenty of water. Funnily enough, nobody ever asked me to do that job again! We still had a great holiday, although were a bit tired for a day or two.

Maggiemaybe Thu 27-Apr-17 06:41:59

Many congratulations, callgirl1. Your Florida holiday woes made me smile and what a lovely prize! smile wine

shysal Thu 27-Apr-17 11:34:17

Lovely to see a familiar name as the winner! enjoy your prize. flowers

Charleygirl Thu 27-Apr-17 12:17:34

I agree with shysal so nice to see a familiar name rather than these folk who only enter competitions and we never hear from them otherwise.

callgirl1 Tue 13-Jun-17 16:53:00

Who eventually received this holiday prize after I handed it back? I haven`t seen any notification.