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Win a Ted Baker handbag and a copy of Bad Nana!

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LauraGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 31-May-18 09:30:59

We've teamed up with HarperCollins Children's Books to give you the chance to win a Ted Baker handbag worth £109, plus a copy of Sophy Henn's latest book, Bad Nana. 15 runners-up will also receive a hardback copy of the book.

Jeanie’s grandma is BAD. Not bad like a vampire or a gangster, but definitely up to no good…

In Sophy Henn’s wickedly funny new illustrated series for readers aged 6+, Bad Nana takes Jeanie along on her hilarious adventures, and together they cause all sorts of trouble – and have fun doing it!

From rebelling against the strict park keeper to spicing up a boring school trip, you never know what’s next with Bad Nana.

Bad Nana would never leave the house without her favourite black handbag, stuffed to the brim with lemon sherbets, pink lippy and whoopee cushions for extra mischief! So, tell us your funniest memory with your grandchildren for your chance to win a gorgeous Ted Baker tote bag for yourself and a copy of the book for the little ones.

Bad Nana: Older Not Wiser is published by HarperCollins Children's Books and is available online and from all good booksellers.

Please post your entries by 11am 29 June.

Usual T&Cs apply.

annemac101 Thu 31-May-18 10:17:35

It happened just on Sunday. We went to North Berwick thinking a day on the beach with a picnic would be fun. When we got there it was freezing,everyone passing by had hats and coats on. Hubby,myself and two granddaughters were in shorts. When we parked we had to change into trousers in the car...much hilarity. We walked on the beach and the two of them stood at the water's edge. I had just said,"If a wave comes you will get soaked" And that's what happened, both of them and me were soaked. I don't think we have ever laughed so much,they had such a fright but in a funny way. So now we were freezing and soaked,back to the car to get changed again. But it turned what could have been a dissapointing day into a fun one. We then went for hot chocolate.

jeapurs54 Thu 31-May-18 11:00:33

The Grandchildren were on a holiday and spending time with us for the day, we decided to take them to the park for something to do. This started of a good idea until youngest one insisted that Nanny could get on the bouncy animals ( only suitable for children of very young age) Nanny got on to keep Grandaughter happy but looked somewhat awkward as my bottom was not quite the right size for the little seat. They all found it very funny when I screamed stop bouncing me so high, my bottom was getting bounced so hard out of the seat it was a bit painful.

mbody Thu 31-May-18 11:01:30

Playing with toy instruments in an “orchestra” with grandson stopping and demanding “man talking” for the conductor (grandpa) to make announcements - he was two!

nanaK54 Thu 31-May-18 11:10:04

My middle granddaughter when she was three, playing hide and seek with my cat
E: I will count and you can hide (this to the cat who was laying under a sun lounger) she duly counted and called 'ready or not here I come', on finding the cat still in the same position she said "ok what other games do you know"?

gillyknits Thu 31-May-18 11:11:08

We had prebooked tickets to a local Theme Park . On the day of the trip the forecast changed from cloudy to torrential rain,all day. We couldn’t cancel,so off we went. I’ve never been so wet in all my life. We laughed our way round the park with Grand Daughter leading the way with her little pink umbrella. (It didn’t keep her dry). When we got back to the car ,we steamed up the windows and Grandpa made us all sit on plastic bags so that his upholstery didn’t get wet.

tiggers Thu 31-May-18 11:14:02

Our little granddaughter asking for her new baby brother to go back inside her Mummy's tummy when he wouldn't stop crying!!

glammanana Thu 31-May-18 11:45:10

Just a couple of weeks ago my DGS brought home his wife and new baby son,waiting at home was my DGGD aged 2.5yrs waiting for the arrival of her new baby brother.
Daddy asks GGD 2 shall we bring him in for you to see?"
Response from GGD was "no daddy leave him under the bush outside and mummy will water him later".
She had been told a story by her other DGPs about finding a baby under a mulberry bush and let her daddy know where to leave him.
The family laughed for hours after.

Maggiemaybe Thu 31-May-18 11:52:53

When my DGS2 was around 18 months old and I was looking after him at his house, he flatly refused to get dressed to go to our usual toddler group. Nothing would persuade him, so we stayed in. Two hours later, still in his pyjamas, he announced he wanted to go to "toddlers'". Of course the tears started when I told him it was too late, it was finished. This escalated to a mini tantrum and it all being my fault and "you go home, you go home now", little feet stamping and little finger pointing firmly to the door. I walked into the kitchen to give him a bit of space (and because I was trying not to laugh) and in he marched. Hands on hips and legs apart he glared up at me. "You not gone yet?" he demanded. For months afterwards he was known in our family as the tiny tyrant.

milli Thu 31-May-18 12:24:47

My son brought me an empty yoghurt pot. He said that he had first given some to the cat, the dog then had a taste and he had finally given it to grandma to finish off!

blubber Thu 31-May-18 12:37:42

A small granddaughter, very clothes conscious, eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new brother or sister asked "what will it have on?"

Grannyknot Thu 31-May-18 12:44:53

My grandson (age 3 and a half) and me (68 and a half) found ourselves side by side on a very high tandem slide at a soft play centre where adults and children all have access to the activities. We looked at each other and promptly took off on the twisty, turn-y slide that was also very fast (apparently he was bouncing all over the place, his dad said after).

When we reached the bottom, he turned to me and solemnly said "That was too fast for us, gran."

He was right! #neveragain

Carolelouise Thu 31-May-18 14:56:07

My 2 year old granddaughter is staying with us with both of her parents; I had bought some marshmallows for cake making, there were a few left and she'd asked for one, her Daddy had said she could just have one, which left four. Fancying something sweet myself and my husband ate the remaining four.
The following day whilst I was sat at the kitchen table, this little voice said "marshmallows please nana". Feeling a little guilty I said "Theres none left Ellie". The little voice responded "No nana's eaten them all, naughty nana". Ooops!

Bev1409 Thu 31-May-18 17:26:49

We were playing a game of find the animal and asked our granddaughter to find a cheetah rather indignantly she replied I am not a cheater and sulked for the next half hour :0)

juliedee Thu 31-May-18 17:37:24

mine was not me but my Grannie! she was a little hard of hearing, comes to us all!!! my brother shouted out to her, "Nan,could you get me my coat!", but Nan bless her misheard and 10 minutes later, came out with a plate of Toast!!!!! we still chuckle about that now

Bobbysgirl19 Thu 31-May-18 18:26:51

My little granddaughter aged 5 on seeing her Granddad return from the chemist and unpack a big paper bag full of boxes of tablets uttered " good gracious Granddad! Whatever is wrong with you? " we are still giggling!

MillieBear Thu 31-May-18 18:41:26

My granddaughter (then aged 5) asked everyone around the dinner table how many wobblers they had. My OH's son couldn't breathe for laughing, It took us some time to realise she was asking how many loose teeth we all had.

NonnaW Thu 31-May-18 18:43:34

Looking after DGS (aged 2), dogs barred from living room by safety gate (in case they chew his toys, no other reason), on e of them started whining. I went and sat on the floor next to the gate and stoked him through it. DGS came and sat next to him and stroked his nose, then in a very long-suffering voice said “I can’t sit here all day doing this”. DH and I just cracked up.

Nanna58 Thu 31-May-18 18:51:40

I am usually a much softer touch for my 2 1/2yr old DGS, but when trying to get him to go to sleep the other evening I said that I would go downstairs if he didn’t try to sleep. He looked horrified and said “ oh, you turning into Mummy! “

Cherrytree59 Thu 31-May-18 21:19:08

My little 3 year old grandson is desperate to go to big school and have a school uniform like his brother who is reception class.
Luckily the school nursery offered my grandson a place.
On the final day at his lovely private nursery my daughter explained to DGS that it was his last day before starting Big school nursery.
My DGS replied 'That's good mummy as Baby nursery is doing my head in!'

Elrel Fri 01-Jun-18 00:22:51

My lovely granddaughter used to wake me early when she slept over. Looking very serious she'd suddenly be at my bedside instructing me to 'Play!' almost before my eyes were open. Now she's at college and I'd love to have the chance to 'Play!' again!

Gerispringer Fri 01-Jun-18 05:13:12

Taking my GDs ( 7 and 9) to a restaurant my DD said “ We are in a grown up restaurant now so let’s have a grown up conversation. What shall we talk about?”. The 7 year old piped up “ I know, Car Insurance!”.

mo3733 Fri 01-Jun-18 08:27:13

my grand daughter asked when she could have a tattoo and I said when you are 18 and she said, "but you will be dead by then" lol

Angelwings Fri 01-Jun-18 09:26:42

It had been raining heavily and wellies were the order of the day. We decided to venture out for a walk with my famous last words ‘don’t run or you will slip over in the mud and have to go home in your pants ! ‘.
So what happened ? The boys all thought it was brilliant fun to chase each other around until one fell over and got completely covered in mud.
Blanket out of the boot of the car, clothes off and home in pants !

maryandbuzz1 Fri 01-Jun-18 09:27:54

When my grandson was staying with us I had a phone call from my son to say my daughter in law had had my baby granddaughter. My little grandson rushed down the garden to tell my husband that his mummy’s baby had hatched!