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Win a Swan toaster and kettle set *NOW CLOSED*

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NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 11-Sep-19 15:06:57

To celebrate the paperback publication of Joanna Nell’s novel, The Single Ladies of Jacaranda Retirement Village, we're giving one lucky gransnetter the chance to win a toaster and kettle set from Swan and a copy of the book, together worth over £100.

More details on the prize can be found HERE and T&Cs HERE. We will pick a winner after 11am on 11th October.

To enter simply tell us... what makes you feel young again?

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HCCCCC Mon 30-Sep-19 22:28:59

SNOW make me feel like a six year old (although I now have spikes on my walking shoes so I don't slip over)

Sid98 Tue 01-Oct-19 02:26:36

Going to the fairground and going on the rides

glitterpops Tue 01-Oct-19 07:48:13

Choosing retro sweets from jars, and the smell of new erasers takes me right back to my childhood.

Sunflower122 Tue 01-Oct-19 08:04:17

Spending time with my grandchildren

soniabernadette60 Tue 01-Oct-19 11:10:55

My daughters and grandsons.They keep me up to date with all the latest music and sayings. Calm.

Deecee Tue 01-Oct-19 11:25:48

Meeting up with my dear friend Kath that I grew up with, we have known each other since we were toddlers. We meet up as middle aged women and within minutes we are giddy schoolgirls again, it's better than therapy!

Nongranny Tue 01-Oct-19 12:12:05

Riding and not falling off!

Yvo12 Tue 01-Oct-19 13:32:03

A good session at the gym (it's 'good' when nothing hurts too much afterwards!)

Alahna05 Tue 01-Oct-19 13:55:38

By thinking and acting...Living young

Flowerpot123 Tue 01-Oct-19 14:12:05

Dancing makes me feel young,

nicolajones63 Tue 01-Oct-19 14:17:56

Eating candyfloss

denisesinclair Tue 01-Oct-19 14:19:26

looking after my 16th month old granddaughter keeps be young,along with a trip to the gym on a Sunday morning with my bestie.

Dawnbee Tue 01-Oct-19 14:23:47

Spending time with all my old school mates, we all revert to how we were as teenagers.

margaretl Tue 01-Oct-19 14:29:15

Just seen a double rainbow. That was fantastic and reminded me of my childhood.

anoushka16 Tue 01-Oct-19 14:44:54

Playing hide and seek with my granddaughters and laughing so much I cry!

rags Tue 01-Oct-19 14:48:46

Camping out in the back garden!

deltaroger Tue 01-Oct-19 15:08:02

going into Leeds and having a few drinks with my mates

bookmark58 Tue 01-Oct-19 15:10:01

Waking up to big blue skies at the crack of dawn.

midi1975 Tue 01-Oct-19 15:26:10

Walking with my walking group where all members are younger than me and we have great conversations.

Being with the grandchildren, of course.

Vivian123 Tue 01-Oct-19 16:04:53

Being silly and doing silly things.

lynne2496 Tue 01-Oct-19 16:14:20

Watching a baby laugh at the simplest of things

gerryfiltness Tue 01-Oct-19 16:16:25

Having a meal with the kids.

janhyde Tue 01-Oct-19 16:47:37

singing and dancing - in my head im still a teenager but my body is not having it

devonnanny Tue 01-Oct-19 16:53:15

meeting up with cousins at various family events - we were young together, share the same memories and none of us feel any older!

nomorechocolate Tue 01-Oct-19 18:15:49

My darling dog, who goes with me everywhere smile

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