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Win a Swan toaster and kettle set *NOW CLOSED*

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NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 11-Sep-19 15:06:57

To celebrate the paperback publication of Joanna Nell’s novel, The Single Ladies of Jacaranda Retirement Village, we're giving one lucky gransnetter the chance to win a toaster and kettle set from Swan and a copy of the book, together worth over £100.

More details on the prize can be found HERE and T&Cs HERE. We will pick a winner after 11am on 11th October.

To enter simply tell us... what makes you feel young again?

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Juneann63 Tue 01-Oct-19 19:01:09

Being with my 2 year old granddaughter

gremlin69 Tue 01-Oct-19 19:02:50

Dancing round the living room to one of my fave tunes from when I was a young and 'cool'! Now I'm just old - but still one cool & hip Nan!

rforthebear Tue 01-Oct-19 19:11:33

Going to play with the little ones. You soon forget your age when crawling around on the floor!

silmarilion Tue 01-Oct-19 19:23:54

Just being with my teenage children

suzybin Tue 01-Oct-19 19:31:52


Meeman Tue 01-Oct-19 20:13:26

Getting out and about on my bike in the countryside with fellow cyclists of all ages

babyroo Tue 01-Oct-19 20:25:57

Having fun with my children and going to the seaside

Bluebear50 Tue 01-Oct-19 20:47:28

I feel young every time I go to the happiest place on earth, I don't know how he did it but Walt Disney was a magician, and I'm now waiting for grandchildren from my newly married daughter to start with the next generation!!

bikerbill Tue 01-Oct-19 21:02:33

Whenever I get the chance to dance I feel young again, especially if the music is of the 60's era.

Nanalou Tue 01-Oct-19 22:41:24

Sitting on the sea wall eating fish and chips.

sodapop125 Wed 02-Oct-19 01:20:38

My 5 year old grand daughter doing things with her like what I use to do as child always makes me feel as young as a child again

Karenj63 Wed 02-Oct-19 03:37:11

When my hair looks good,,and skin has a glow and my arthritis is not as bad,,and my knees are soft and not locking up,,

vickimac Wed 02-Oct-19 05:30:47

I love going to the 70's weekends at Butlins- i feel like i'm a 16 year old again!

Lesevans6 Wed 02-Oct-19 07:09:13

A Dram of Good Malt Whisky

elainesab Wed 02-Oct-19 07:19:34

Spending time with my two granddaughters really helps to keep me young.

Kazzy Wed 02-Oct-19 07:36:41

Being outside in the fresh air and sunshine on a brisk walk with hubby and friends makes me feel alive

Alto Wed 02-Oct-19 07:37:25

Dancing with my grown up children and knowing all the songs smile

tanith Wed 02-Oct-19 08:22:35

Paddling in the sea digging sandcastles and eating ice creams on the beach with my grandchildren took me right back to my childhood.

MumOfTwo90 Wed 02-Oct-19 08:23:30

Spending time with the babies of the family

jadestar1958 Wed 02-Oct-19 09:56:27

laughter - being with friends, having fun age never matters

camellia Wed 02-Oct-19 09:59:47

making traffic jams with my 3 year old grandson and his 100,s of cars!

alikay Wed 02-Oct-19 10:02:33

A night with my friends spent dancing round our handbags.

barboofa Wed 02-Oct-19 10:03:24

Escaping into a good book. Age becomes insignificant I feel as young as I ever was.

hilary600 Wed 02-Oct-19 10:50:30

Listening to music

bikerclaire Wed 02-Oct-19 11:11:54

a night out with friends and a good old natter

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