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The Corona virus visa vi my other half

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gagsville Fri 13-Mar-20 12:16:38

AIBU to expect my other half to have cancelled his trip to the rugby tomorrow because I have many health problems all of which make me vulnerable to this outbreak? He also has mild heart problems. We both have parents in their 90's. I have not really said much or asked him not to go, but have this underlying feeling of resentment towards him. HELP!

Namsnanny Fri 20-Mar-20 14:46:33

The hand washing thing, I found telling isn't enough too. I actually have to run the tap or pass a wet wipe to instigate the follow through!!

Bbarb Sun 22-Mar-20 12:16:42

I posted a similar thread elsewhere, sorry I didn't see this first. I honestly don't think I like my OH any more when he an be so insensitive.
There is no answer. I ask myself how could I ever have loved such an arrogant man?
But I,m resigned to him bringing it home and expecting me to look after him. Perhaps I should move into the caravan in the garden - surely someone would help me set up the elctricity ............