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Celebrity self isolators

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Chestnut Sun 15-Mar-20 10:46:50

So if the over 70s are going into self isolation who will be joining us?

At the top we have the Queen, Charles, Camilla and Anne.
Andrew will still be able to go out and about.

Then we have celebrity royalty, Dames Maggie Smith and Judi Dench.

Who else will be locked up with us?

Elegran Sun 15-Mar-20 10:56:03

I hope we can choose our co-isolators, or I'd end up with Katie Hopkins and BJ.

Callistemon Sun 15-Mar-20 11:05:15

I think you're safe Elegran, Katie Hopkins isn't 70 yet!

I think I'll join Tom Hanks and his wife on the Gold Coast.
The problem is, how to get there.

Callistemon Sun 15-Mar-20 11:05:46

Oh, forget it, they already have the virus.

Chestnut Sun 15-Mar-20 11:05:49

Katie Hopkins isn't over 70, nor is Boris. I was thinking more along the lines of Joanna Lumley, Helen Mirren etc. So many famous celebrities are over 70.

Elegran Sun 15-Mar-20 11:06:05

Given a choice, I'd have Michel Roux to cook, Sandi Toksvig for conversation, and George Clooney for the rest.

Callistemon Sun 15-Mar-20 11:06:46

Elegran shock blush

Elegran Sun 15-Mar-20 11:07:30

Ok, Michel Roux senior died recently, but he was over 70, so is George Clooney. How old is Sandi?

Elegran Sun 15-Mar-20 11:09:22

She is 61, so fairly "vulnerable"

Callistemon Sun 15-Mar-20 11:10:43

Yes, Michel Roux Jnr (easy on the eye too so you can keep George Clooney)
One of those cleaning women, is it Aggie or Kim?
Someone who can sing/keep us entertained but is not too demanding

Chestnut Sun 15-Mar-20 11:11:53

Sorry, George and Sandi don't qualify as they are way too young. We need older people for the lock up.

Callistemon Sun 15-Mar-20 11:12:00

Oh, they are all under 70!

Callistemon Sun 15-Mar-20 11:12:35

I don't want to be locked up with a load of old people

Chestnut Sun 15-Mar-20 11:13:38

Kim Woodburn is 77 so will be locked up.

Marmight Sun 15-Mar-20 11:13:47

Mmm. I’d quite like to be locked up with Martin Shaw or Bill Nighy ?
(Btw Princess Anne is not quite 70!)

Chestnut Sun 15-Mar-20 11:15:07

Actually, I didn't really mean we would be locked up together. I meant who else will be self isolating who are over 70. But you can lock us all up with some interesting people if you like.

Chestnut Sun 15-Mar-20 11:19:05

Andrew Neil is 70. He won't like self isolating as he can't do his TV programme unless he does it by Skype.

Juliet27 Sun 15-Mar-20 11:20:42

Cliff, Jagger, Paul McCartney, Ringo, Roger Daltrey, Rod Stewart. Could be noisy!! but I’m feeling younger already.

Framilode Sun 15-Mar-20 11:24:08

Don't forget Corbyn!

Chestnut Sun 15-Mar-20 11:28:39

Some good music then Juliet! I think Ringo is in the USA so he won't be there. And Cliff will go to his island. I'm just wondering how many others might leave the country. ?
? ? ? ?

Jane10 Sun 15-Mar-20 11:45:30

How though? Can't seem to fly anywhere!

Chestnut Sun 15-Mar-20 11:46:43

Private jets.

Chestnut Sun 15-Mar-20 11:53:14

Peter Gabriel will be there, but not Phil Collins. On the downside Jonathan King and Gary Glitter might knock at the door but we won't open it (or are they still in jail?) ?

Calendargirl Sun 15-Mar-20 12:39:08

Joan Collins, Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood, Tom Jones, Priscilla Presley, Bobby and Jack Charlton, Eve Pollard, David Attenborough, Mary Berry, Pru Leith, Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford......oh I must stop!

Daisymae Sun 15-Mar-20 13:11:50

Joan Bakewell said that she is self isolating on a radio interview