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Walking the dog if following advice to "stay at home"

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157bob Sun 15-Mar-20 20:20:47

We have a chocolate Labrador that needs daily walks.

If we follow government advice to "stay at home", does this also mean we shouldn't walk the dog - even if we ensure that we don't interact with anyone and we are currently symptomless?

What are other over 70 year olds planning to do? We feel that dog walking on your own should be OK.

Look forward to other members' comments

EllanVannin Sun 15-Mar-20 20:26:25

Yes it's okay to go dog walking or any kind of walking. You can only catch the virus via human to human ( transport ) and not from the air.

Hetty58 Sun 15-Mar-20 20:30:33

Just make sure that you remain two metres away from other people and don't touch any surfaces!

Hetty58 Sun 15-Mar-20 20:36:20

And maybe keep your dog away too?

Nannylovesshopping Sun 15-Mar-20 22:52:13

I shall be walking the spaniel as usual, I walk in remote ancient woodland, very rarely see anyone, it’s very beautiful with a calming and peaceful atmosphere, just what I need in these worrying times.

Iam64 Sun 15-Mar-20 23:00:01

I will be walking my dogs as usual. I’m not sure which of us would be most stir crazy if confined to barracks for more than a day ?

Nandalot Sun 15-Mar-20 23:15:50

Our DS’s sister in law who lives in Spain where the police are patrolling the streets to keep everyone indoors is walking the dog more than she ever did as that is allowed!

Eloethan Mon 16-Mar-20 01:00:14

In the I the other day, in answer to a question re self-isolation, it was stated that "going for a walk" was not allowed. If I were to be stuck in the house, I would most certainly take my dog for a walk - he's used to two walks a day. It is quite ridiculous to suggest that someone walking in the open air, keeping their distance from anyone else, can be a threat.

Labaik Mon 16-Mar-20 01:05:47

I think that's only if you show any symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who has the virus. In which case you have to stay in one room.

sodapop Mon 16-Mar-20 08:35:53

There is another thread about this. Walking your dog in an area away from other people can only be beneficial for both of you 157bob. Fresh air and exercise will help you physically and mentally. Enjoy your walks.

GracesGranMK3 Mon 16-Mar-20 08:44:49

Matt Hancock was saying that this would be okay. He seemed to infer it was more a case of keeping away from crowds. It may become clearer as the day goes on.

Witzend Mon 16-Mar-20 08:53:05

Where we live (SW London) it’s perfectly possible to walk a dog in our local park without having anything like close contact with anyone else at all. You would have to touch the gate to open it, so hand-washing needed once home, but that would be it.

Alas we have no dog any more but will still be walking in the park - only thing is, we’ll have to stop our frequent chats with dog owners (and their lovely dogs!)

shysal Mon 16-Mar-20 10:26:28

I am more or less self isolating due to being immuno-suppressed, but intend to continue my daily morning walk, keeping well away from other people. If I need a change, I might even take the car and a packed lunch to a secluded beauty spot. I am the only person who uses my car.

Guineagirl Mon 16-Mar-20 10:34:12

Yes it is ok my friend is a GP and so have asked about this today. If someone comes near merely cross the road keep away from them, he said we can’t give it or get it in fresh air away from anyone, your body is used to exercise and it needs to keep this function.

Calendargirl Mon 16-Mar-20 10:35:20

This query was posted on our local Community Facebook page. Someone asked about dog walking, they were 70+, and received some sarcastic replies -“ The clue is in the phrase, self isolating, that means staying in your home, not walking the dog” type of answer.
Uncalled for, I felt. We are not in a built up area, dog walkers could quite easily keep well away from others.
As usual, not much common sense being used,

Cunco Mon 16-Mar-20 10:38:29

As I posted on another thread, the BBC website quoted the Transport Secretary:

'Mr Shapps told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that those asked to stay home would still be able to go for a walk outside. "It's about being sensible but not mixing in crowds," he said.'

merlotgran Mon 16-Mar-20 10:40:31

Some dogs might prefer to work from home. grin

polnan Mon 16-Mar-20 11:59:53

I no longer have a dog sadly
I shall walk myself
I do not understand this threat to isolate the over 70’s

nipsmum Mon 16-Mar-20 12:01:10

My 2 west highland terriers get walked 3 times a day. I'm 79 but have no intention of not walking them as usual. As for self isolating, who made up that phrase?, I will take normal precautions and not be stupid but I'd go mad and my mental and physical health would suffer if I didn't get out and about as usual. I can have shopping delivered if necessary but I'm not saying I will not go to the supermarket. Surely 4 months is a ridiculous amount of time to expect someone who lives alone to be isolated.

nipsmum Mon 16-Mar-20 12:04:43

I'm off to see my 2 granddaughters who are not allowed to go to school today. They are at home as mum and dad are at work and the school is closed. ????

undecided Mon 16-Mar-20 12:04:57

So glad I read this, I too was confused about whether to walk the dog or not but was planning on continuing anyway until someone specefically told me not to. So, for as long as I feel well and fit I shall walk - and get my take away coffee on the way back.

4allweknow Mon 16-Mar-20 12:07:15

No issue about dog walking as long as you stay 2 mtrs from anyone you may encounter. Getting with the dog will be a great relief from being indoors I would imagine.

RosesAreRed21 Mon 16-Mar-20 12:13:16

I have been speaking to dog walkers in Spain and Italy where they are on lockdown. They are allowed to walk their dogs but only one person can walk the dog, they have to keep away for up to 5ft from anyone else - but the good news is they are allowed to do it. We have a very energetic red setter who will lose the plot if he doesnt get out - we are lucky that we live near a big heath and can walk him there - might see the occasional other dog walker but can easily keep an distance.

Jishere Mon 16-Mar-20 12:19:39

I saw a lot of people at 11am walking their dogs which is unusual at that time of day.
But if it's you and your dog out in the fresh air why not?
The main thing is to avoid crowds.

Witchypoo Mon 16-Mar-20 12:28:12

I shall carry on walking the dog. Unfortunately i cannot get a delivery till end of month. Being on limited income cannot always afford a delivery. So will have to venture to supermarket for at least two weeks. Hey ho thst is life at the mo.