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Walking the dog if following advice to "stay at home"

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157bob Sun 15-Mar-20 20:20:47

We have a chocolate Labrador that needs daily walks.

If we follow government advice to "stay at home", does this also mean we shouldn't walk the dog - even if we ensure that we don't interact with anyone and we are currently symptomless?

What are other over 70 year olds planning to do? We feel that dog walking on your own should be OK.

Look forward to other members' comments

sodapop Mon 16-Mar-20 12:47:09

?? love it Merlot

Madmaggie Mon 16-Mar-20 12:57:46

Common sense would dictate that responsible dog owners need to walk their dogs twice per day. People who wish to be nasty to the over 70s need to take a very long walk in the other direction! I think dog owners need to adjust their walkies to avoid groups etc., but basically it's just employing common sense. I've already experienced blatant ageist hostility during the pre Brexit era when I was called an "oxygen thief" by a 19 year old known to me! I hope resentment toward the elderly doesn't raise its ugly head again. On the positive side though, today I saw a local man offer his time online on our local town forum to collect/deliver meds or groceries to any elderly at risk.

Madmaggie Mon 16-Mar-20 13:04:56

It's proposed to fine or imprison any over 70s who break isolation (once it's in place) - will we be required to carry proof of age one wonders!!! Can I argue that although I've had my 70th birthday I have not reached 71!!!! confused sorry folks just had the urge to run round shouting "wibble". Am wondering if the young couple next door will let me walk their dog for them??? hmm

Jomarie Mon 16-Mar-20 13:10:58

We will continue to walk our dog twice a day out in the open air and instead of getting up close and personal with other dog walkers (which we don't anyway - ha ha) the walks will be as normal - a wave and good morning/afternoon will have to do for a while instead of a chat in close proximity while the dogs root around together socialising. It will be ok and better than not going out at all - that would be so depressing.

Patticake123 Mon 16-Mar-20 13:19:59

I have an allotment and intend to look after it as long as I am fit to do so. I’ll be in the open air and whilst I may see other people there will be no need for close contact.

Calendargirl Mon 16-Mar-20 13:22:33


Just who has said that over 70’s will be fined or imprisoned if they break isolation? That is blatantly unenforceable I would imagine. Plus our prisons are bulging already!

trisher Mon 16-Mar-20 13:23:34

There is now a third term being used- Social Distancing! I think it's more accurate than self isolation or self quarantine. Anyway here's the meaning

Taichinan Mon 16-Mar-20 13:24:10

I don't have a dog, but I will take myself for a walk to the beach, possibly early morning in the better weather. I can't see what problem that would cause, but if we're told not to I suppose I will comply. We've got to beat this thing!!

Abuelana Mon 16-Mar-20 13:24:57

We are in lockdown in Spain and we can still walk our dog.

Jengra Mon 16-Mar-20 13:46:53

I walk my dog along the river bank a couple of minutes from where I live. I will keep on doing this as I rarely meet anyone, and if I do I shall keep my distance and just wave.

Almaz65 Mon 16-Mar-20 14:16:05

I'm going to carry on dog walking. I think I'd go bonkers otherwise? but it's definitely going to be an interesting couple of months. I think they might have trouble implementing this one.

undecided Mon 16-Mar-20 14:19:56

Just got an email from my local U3A that they are closing till further notice - all good news from here. grin

fluttERBY123 Mon 16-Mar-20 14:43:56

I have put message on local forum asking joggers to either wear a mask or give walkers a wide berth.
They come up behind you puffing and blowing and blow in your ear as they brush past.
How can I make this go viral? Whoops!

MrsPickle Mon 16-Mar-20 15:20:32

I shall take our 4 springers into the Welsh hills (to a safe field, no sheep).

Our local doggy daycare has also offered on their FB page to collect regular pooches, whose owners are having to isolate, free of charge

humptydumpty Mon 16-Mar-20 15:39:50

Madmaggie, where on earth did you get your information, social media??

millymouge Mon 16-Mar-20 16:51:46

We shall continue to walk our two greyhounds twice a day just as we do now, it’s a country park and fields walk.. Spoke, at suitable distance, to those that we usually meet on our walks and they all said they would not be altering their routine. For heavens sake, exercise is what you need.

Esmerelda Mon 16-Mar-20 17:43:21

Madmaggie you made me laugh ... I might just have to have a quick run around the garden shouting "wibble"!
However, I don't see how they can arrest you for going out just because you are over 70 ... surely this isn't a police state (yet!). If they want to threaten fines and imprisonment (can't imagine there are many spare places in the gaols) they would have to make it mandatory for EVERYONE to be shut inside for four months, or I guess they will be guilty of discrimination and ageism.
I thought the idea of imposing the age limit was to protect us oldies and I can't see that frog-marching us off to the cells is protecting us. Anyway, like you I am only just 70 and will tell anyone who assumes I am older how rude they are being! I intend to carry on as usual since I am fit and well with no underlying health conditions, though I feel very sorry for those who are not in this happy position. As far as I'm concerned I'm not afraid of getting the virus ... at least then I can be free to do what, and go where, I want.

Foxglove77 Mon 16-Mar-20 17:52:56

My elderly mother has memory issues. Despite a ban on over 70s being isolated she is likely to walk into the local village to buy dog food and supplies. This is despite the family making sure she is fully stocked. I sincerely hope she will not be fined. Her GP has tested her for dementia and decided she didn't have an issue. She will be 80 this month and I worry about her

grandtanteJE65 Mon 16-Mar-20 17:58:01

If you keep the dog on a lead, wear gloves and if you are really worried about the infection cover your face with a scarf, then you should be all right.

If there are known cases in your area, contact the health authorities and your vet, It might be advisable to wash the dog's paws in a suitable disinfectant after the walk,

If you are in quarentine due to being in contact with a patient, then you should not go out, but send the dog to someone else, unless your garden is large enough for you
to walk the dog there.

allule Mon 16-Mar-20 19:19:17

I wonder if I could persuade our cats they should come out for a walk?

Iam64 Mon 16-Mar-20 19:49:05

It's obvious that if you're sharing your home with someone isolated because they're showing symptons, you don't walk your dog. Otherwise, get out there. No need to keep your dog on a lead unless you haven't trained it to recall when you shout or whistle.
Madmaggie - was your comment a joke? Our prisons are full to the rafters. The police are so stretched (hello Conservative austerity) that they're only able to investigate serious violent crimes. the idea they'll want to arrest and imprison a 70 plus for dog walking is nonsense. If the 70 plus shares their home with someone showing symptoms, they deserve naming and shaming on their local facebook group, I reckon that would happen in our village.

Sussexborn Mon 16-Mar-20 20:22:59

They said they are relying on common sense prevailing and unlikely to bring in fines etc unless absolutely necessary. It would just put more pressure on the public services.

Joesoap Mon 16-Mar-20 20:48:01

I dont have a dog I am on my oen and intend to walk a lot I live in rural area will not meet anyone excercise is vital to all of us especially when stuck indoors we must get out into the fresh air or I am sure we will all go mad . Lets hope all of this will not take as long as the scientists say. Good luck everyone keep safe and keep washing your hands!

maddyone Mon 16-Mar-20 23:19:39

France announcement today, no leaving the house for the next 15 days. No walking outside at all.

B9exchange Mon 16-Mar-20 23:30:26

Thank goodness we don't live in China, where they come round and night and weld bars over your doors to stop you getting out!

I'm impressed that we are being trusted to be sensible at the moment. When I see the idiots on the news announcing that nothing is going to stop them going to the pub I despair, but I suppose if the pubs are actually forced to close then they will have to think again!