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Walking the dog if following advice to "stay at home"

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157bob Sun 15-Mar-20 20:20:47

We have a chocolate Labrador that needs daily walks.

If we follow government advice to "stay at home", does this also mean we shouldn't walk the dog - even if we ensure that we don't interact with anyone and we are currently symptomless?

What are other over 70 year olds planning to do? We feel that dog walking on your own should be OK.

Look forward to other members' comments

Welshwife Mon 16-Mar-20 23:33:45

In France you are allowed out for essential shopping and things like getting prescriptions and Dr appointments. After 12 noon tomorrow you must have a form downloaded and filled in that you carry with you for every outing -if no good reason for being out then a hefty fine is imposed. No social walking.
The Govt here will give a lot of financial assistance and it seems no one will be made bankrupt or lose their business however large or small.

maddyone Tue 17-Mar-20 08:40:19

What a good idea Welshwife I wish that would happen here, we need the country to take control, not just offer advice.

GreenGran78 Wed 18-Mar-20 17:09:53

@Undecided@ My U3A has closed, too. Orders from 'Head Office.' Also, there has just been a Directive that Masses in our local Catholic Churches are no longer going to be said in public. I'm not sure if it applies to the whole country, or if each Diocese is making their own decisions. The churches will be open for private visits, using common-sense about keeping away from others.
I have had my trip to Australia. two theatre visits and a Mothers' Day outing to Howarth cancelled this week, along with two choir practices and all my U3A activities. It looks like I may find time to clean my windows, after all, as a last resort to occupy myself ! smile