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Are you watching the Prime Minister speaking live on news channels?

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POGS Mon 16-Mar-20 16:56:33

Simply that.

Are you watching to hear from the most reliable source.

Callistemon Sun 22-Mar-20 20:05:44


Oopsadaisy3 Sun 22-Mar-20 20:17:25

Where did my shocked face go?

Labaik Sun 22-Mar-20 20:20:43

Police have been spat on at an incident in Yorkshire. How long before the police/army are on the streets?

Callistemon Sun 22-Mar-20 20:22:15

It's spaced out Oopsadaisy

Callistemon Sun 22-Mar-20 20:23:20

an incident in Yorkshire

Is that unusual? Is Yorkshire normally law-abiding?

Labaik Sun 22-Mar-20 20:25:32

Are you trying to be funny?

paddyanne Sun 22-Mar-20 20:36:19

I think spitting at police officers given the health issues is definately a no no.Meanwhile in Greenock a pub decided to ignore the FM and there was a videpo made of the fights outside it last night.Why do people think its OK to behave like this in a crisis? Our area has been inundated with day trippers ??There are no restauarants or pubs open but takeaways have been going like a fair.Makes you want to shake some sense into these eegits.If the CV numbers spike next week we'll know why.Italy's crisis was partially caused by people behaving like this heading away from home to holiday areas .

Oopsadaisy3 Sun 22-Mar-20 20:37:59

[shocked] better late than never

Oopsadaisy3 Sun 22-Mar-20 20:38:12


Callistemon Sun 22-Mar-20 20:39:50


But some people have always behaved despicably towards the police who operate under difficult circumstances at the best of times.

Do you have links with the police force, * Laibik*?

Callistemon Sun 22-Mar-20 20:41:03

paddyanne there are always eejits, sadly

Nightsky2 Sun 22-Mar-20 20:51:17

‘A spoilt prep-school boy incapable of doing a real job’. ?

BJ looks a bit dishevelled but does anyone really care considering what he is having to deal with right now and he is clearly not out of his depth.

As for the little lady, she can stay right here she is.

Greymar Mon 23-Mar-20 08:14:55

Where do you live Callistemon? Is it law abiding? I love Yorkshire.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 23-Mar-20 09:00:13

Just deserts?

I have no doubt that the self employed will eventually be compensated by the government once it gets its act in order, based on the declared income over the tax year.

Of course this is declared income rather actual income. Oh well, they have done very well over the years cheating the system.

I can’t feel much sympathy tbh.

Callistemon Mon 23-Mar-20 10:10:35

I meant nothing against Yorkshire in particular, I just wondered if it was normally more law abiding than anywhere else.

There are eejits everywhere, Greymar

Labaik Mon 23-Mar-20 15:05:02

And ambulances have now been vandalised. These are the sort of people that the PM is politely asking to behave in a sensible manner.

Callistemon Mon 23-Mar-20 15:07:45

What happened to Boris's water cannons?

These are the kind of people who won't catch it, or only mildly, but kill others by passing it on.

Armed police?

newnanny Mon 23-Mar-20 15:32:45

I am very grateful that we have Scientific expert and Health Expert. And Boris is listening to and basing his decisions on what they advise. Thank goodness we don't have dithering May in charge or JC who defies advice from experts because he knows better. I read papers early each morning and watch briefing every evening. I think they are helpful to keep people up to speed on what they should be doing or not doing. I can't see it ending anytime soon. I am furious with my sister who has now gone up to her daughter's to look after children. She has heart issues too and I am even more angry with my niece for allowing her to do it. Thankfully the rest of my family all doing what has been requested of them.

Labaik Mon 23-Mar-20 15:39:43

Strangely enough my partner and I were only saying this morning we wished May was in charge. As for Corbyn [who, as I have to keep pointing out to people that insist on thinking of me as a leftie Corbynite, I am no fan of] his first thought when all this kicked off was for 'the people' and not 'the economy'. I thought it was Johnson et al who didn't believe in experts; surely it was Gove [who allegedly is now jealous of Hancock for being in the limelight so much] who told us not to listen to experts? When did Corbyn say that?

mcem Mon 23-Mar-20 17:01:34

Still think BJ is not the statesman we need but he does seem to acknowledge his shortcomings by allowing those more capable to be propping him up.
Sunak shaping up well.
Mark Hancock showed up well in the HoC this afternoon. He seemed far more confident and on top of the subject. Now MH, PLEASE get the necessary PPE to my DGS and her NHS colleagues.

Greymar Mon 23-Mar-20 21:11:48

My anxiety is through the roof. I haven't the heart for politics.

Better tonight BJ.

GracesGranMK3 Mon 23-Mar-20 21:15:50

Is that unusual? Is Yorkshire normally law-abiding?

It's probably as law-abiding as anywhere else in the country but we can get very cross Callistemon grin

GracesGranMK3 Mon 23-Mar-20 21:19:05

Strangely enough, my partner and I were only saying this morning we wished May was in charge.

Good Lord no. She was not a sharer - not a good manager at all. Whether it's for good characteristics or bad characteristics Boris likes a team of those who are expert in their area where he can get them.

Razzy Mon 23-Mar-20 21:26:05

My OH runs a small business fixing and selling non-essential equipment. He has decided the rules don’t apply to him. I wonder how many others will have the same attitude. Unless they properly clamp down on people using police enforcement nothing will change.

Calendargirl Wed 25-Mar-20 19:20:52

I watched today, and felt more positive about it all.