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Registering as a vulnerable shopper at Sainsbury's?

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Genevieve489 Mon 23-Mar-20 11:59:27

I've been trying all morning to get in touch with Sainsbury's and become a vulnerable shopper so I can access priority delivery slots. We're both 70+ and my husband has a serious health condition. The phone is permanently engaged. Is there any other way to do this? There doesn't seem to be any 'age' facility on the personal account details.

EDIT BY GNHQ: We've put together a page of information on how to register as a vulnerable customer and what slots the major supermarkets have made available.

NanaandGrampy Mon 23-Mar-20 12:17:39

I tried this morning to check if I met their criteria and like you , couldn't get through.

Mind you I also couldn't get a delivery slot from anyone else ( up to the end of April) so we will have to go to the supermarket despite health issues.

rosie19la Mon 23-Mar-20 12:23:03

I received an email to say I qualified as a vulnerable shopper. I don't know how they knew my age. Perhaps they got it from my Nectar Card.

Genevieve489 Mon 23-Mar-20 12:31:17

I’ve got a Nectar card which is registered at Sainsbury’s but haven’t received an email.

pinkquartz Mon 23-Mar-20 12:33:43

I am not on their list and I should be.
I also have been trying to reach them by phone with no luck.

Have used them for years...useless bunch

cornergran Mon 23-Mar-20 12:37:28

We’re also not on their list and should be. I truly wish Sainsbury would get it’s act together and not advertise something that isn’t available.

GrandmaMoira Mon 23-Mar-20 12:41:31

I can't get through to them either. I think they should have an email contact as well as phone. I always shop online.
You would think the shops would give some priority to regular customers after the elderly and vulnerable. No stores have delivery slots and even in normal circumstances I can't carry lots of shopping and can't drive.

annsixty Mon 23-Mar-20 13:26:37

No loyalty from them so when this is over, no loyalty from me to them.
I am disgusted.

silverlining48 Mon 23-Mar-20 15:24:24

I have been trying too today. No luck.

KerryHand Wed 25-Mar-20 21:30:06

To register as vulnerable you can use this link xxx

Cerys Wed 25-Mar-20 21:35:41

Sainsbury are using the info from the government link kindly provided by KerryHand, however, it only applies to people who live In England.

So if, like me, you live in Wales you cannot register online but have to ring and of course as we all know you can’t get through - so no delivery for mesad

Pikachu Wed 25-Mar-20 22:01:32

That is not a link for vulnerable KerryHand that is a link for the 1.5m extremely vulnerable.

Doodle Wed 25-Mar-20 22:57:01

Sainsbury has updated its website now with a form. You could try using that to see if it helps.

Callistemon Wed 25-Mar-20 23:11:42

KerryHand thank you for the link.
However, I fell at the first hurdle which was:
'Do you live in England'

End of help.
So please be aware everyone, that this only applies to England.

Katek Wed 25-Mar-20 23:27:18

I live in Scotland and have been given priority booking on delivery slots. I didn’t actually do anything to register - just been online shopping with them for years.

Allegretto Thu 26-Mar-20 00:02:07

I’m in Northern Ireland and, while I completely appreciate the difficulties the retailers have at the moment, I am very frustrated about getting groceries. Since well before the lockdown, we have my vulnerable pregnant daughter and her small children living with us (for the duration) while her husband, an NHS nurse is exposed to infections. I have had Sainsbury deliver food as long as I can remember, but I can’t get in touch with them to ask to be included in the vulnerable group. I had a Tesco delivery booked for today and it was cancelled at short notice, due to a store issue. Friends have come to the rescue, so we are okay. But I will cease to give my custom to Sainsbury after this.

NonnaAnna Sat 28-Mar-20 23:42:54

You need to register as a vulnerable person with the government in order to qualify for an online shopping slot.
They certainly haven’t made it easy as it’s taken a lot of time to eventually register. This is the place where you register

They shops get your details from the government once registered, I don’t know how long it will take for my details to get through to the shops

Witzend Sat 28-Mar-20 23:47:05

I had an email from Sainsbury’s earlier, to say (among other things) that their Customer Care lines have received a year’s worth of calls in two weeks.
I think all the supermarkets are absolutely inundated.

MrsMozza Sun 29-Mar-20 11:01:58

I’ve phoned multiple times on behalf of my 93-year-old aunt who obviously finds it difficult and shouldn’t be going out. I’ve been asked the same questions over and over and feel like I’m in Groundhog Day only to be told that they are busy at the moment and call back later. She had her bag stolen a few months ago so I can’t quote the nectar number. The process is impossible for vulnerable people

Amberc Tue 31-Mar-20 18:19:44

Hi guys you need to register on this site directly it only takes a minute you will need your nhs number (or the number for who is vulnerable) hope this helps x stay safe lovelies xx

Floradora9 Tue 31-Mar-20 18:49:35

If you’re over 70 years of age, or you’re extremely vulnerable and live in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, you can get access to priority home delivery slots by calling us at 0800 953 4988.
Sainsbury not letting anyone new register for home delivery and blocked me because it is quite some time since I ordered from them .

Charleygirl5 Tue 31-Mar-20 19:18:57

I received a large shop today from Morrisons- I had shopped for 3 houses. I now cannot get a slot in April and May's dates have not appeared yet. I will have to drive to a supermarket whether I like it or not and I, out of the 3 households, am the only one with a car. I am 76 and vulnerable.

Missedout Tue 31-Mar-20 20:17:52

Please don't register on the NHS extremely-vulnerable group website unless you have been notified that you are one of the 1.5 million in this group. This group have been told to stay in their homes for at least 12 weeks.

Iam64 Tue 31-Mar-20 20:45:15

We have done our weekly shop at Sainsbury for a very long time. I've had the text saying stay in for 12 weeks and click to the government website for further info. That just gives the same information as the rest of the population has, ie shop once a week, walk once a day etc. I'm on meds that put me in the vulnerable category according to that same web site but I seem to be getting conflicting info.
That aside, I couldn't register because the Nectar card is in y husband's name as he usually does the weekly shop. He tried register naming me as the vulnerable person but then it asked for the Nectar card number I use, or for the last on line order invoice. It's impossible to speak to Sainsbury's by phone. I despair of ever managing to register with any of the main supermarkets and I'm disappointed with Sainsbury.

LIZZIE28 Tue 31-Mar-20 20:46:25


Almost all towns/villages have got volunteers who will go get your groceries if you unable. Maybe enquire at your local post office, chemist or possibly church for details of services available near you?