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Could their fear of financial loss result in more deaths

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rosecarmel Mon 23-Mar-20 20:40:54

The President is on the verge of needing adult diapers- (to put it kindly) He's so frightened of financial loss and recession that he's willing to sacrifice lives and his vice president is right behind him backing every word he says-


The "problem" is death- Not poverty- The cure involves everyone having less while engaged in preserving life-

It appears he actually thought that after 15 days of self isolation it would all return to normal-

rosecarmel Fri 27-Mar-20 20:05:00

This article explains the debacle- <--- To put it mildly-

Thus far, governors continue to support one another- But not all - Florida's governor's concerns mimic the President - He's more concerned about the economy, despite the fact that Florida is 2nd place for senior population - But local governments in cities like Miami and Orlando have issued lockdowns- There's definitely more movement in rural areas-

rosecarmel Sat 28-Mar-20 02:04:40

At today's briefing Trump dialed back his enthusiasm, placing emphasis on saving lives and not the economy-

The briefings have really become a reality tv show, one that's embarrassingly painful to watch- And he's trying to use them to reach his base support now that he isn't holding campaign rallys-

His shtick with Pence is so predictable- Today he set the tone in advance prior to Pence stepping in from of the mic- He said Pence was tired- So Pence takes the mic, he acts kinda edgy instead of doing his usual hypnotic Trump puppetry routine- He says what he has to say then the rest of the task force said what they had to say- When it came time for questions from the press the task force members were allowed to respond at length except for Fauci! Pence shut the show down pronto when the press asked Fauci another question-

Nobody is talking about it because hardly anyone is airing or covering the briefing! Maybe FOX? I had to hunt the briefing down on YouTube to watch it- I think it was on the TIME channel-

vampirequeen Sat 28-Mar-20 04:09:28

It's a very worrying time for everyone but even more so when you live in a country were the powers that be seem to be confused and/or in denial. Even the states can't agree on what action to take. Florida appears to be doing nothing, others are allowing groups of 10 to 50 to meet up (which will spread the virus) whilst yet more are on total lockdown.

Trump is, and always has been, only interested in Trump. When things go wrong he'll blame the city officials and state governors. When things go well then he'll take credit.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 28-Mar-20 12:26:34

Report that a teenager -17 years old has died. He sought help, but didn’t have insurance.

What sort of civilised society behaves like that!

rosecarmel Sat 28-Mar-20 16:09:22

Greedy corporations behave that way- And corporations are at the helm of our healthcare-

An urgent care facility isn't an ER- An ER by law cannot turn people away- The teen went to the ER after being turned away from urgent care-

Pikachu Sat 28-Mar-20 16:25:56

How can you get through to these ignorant kids. Just listening to them makes me wonder how much this is down to Trumps influence.

if I want to party I’ll party

rosecarmel Mon 30-Mar-20 22:11:55

Trump changed his tune- He pushed the deadline out until the end of April, at which point will listen to the experts if it needs to be extended- So we are told-

I heard on the news that the minister/pastor/preacher from Florida that held church service 2 Sundays in a row with hundreds of people was arrested today for doing so-