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Are you still ordering takeaways?

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FruityGrann Thu 09-Apr-20 13:29:58

I was chatting to my DD on the phone and she said that they were ordering a pizza for supper that night from a takeaway chain.

It did make me worry - what if the person handling food, putting it into boxes was infected and didn't know? Or the delivery driver?

Are you still ordering takeaways or am I worrying too much?

GrannyGravy13 Thu 09-Apr-20 13:35:15

We are having takeaways from our favourite local restaurants as we can not go out for dinner as usual and want to support our local businesses.

Wipe containers down and put them in the oven for 10 minutes.

Hetty58 Thu 09-Apr-20 13:38:01

I've been put off takeaways myself. I'm sure the risk is small - but I'd rather make my own meals and aren't we supposed to be sticking to 'essentials'?

Esspee Thu 09-Apr-20 13:38:26

Not that we ever did ourselves but I would strongly advise my family not to purchase takeaways at the moment.
You have no control over the health and hygiene of those involved in preparing or delivering it.
OP you are not worrying too much. Tell them to buy one at the supermarket. Zap it in the oven and you know any virus is dead.

SirChenjin Thu 09-Apr-20 13:54:30

No we’ve stopped for the same reasons as you Fruity. I’m cutting right back on anything other than essential supermarket trips to try and reduce our exposure to others to as near zero as possible.

Willow500 Thu 09-Apr-20 13:55:11

Didn't eat them before lockdown so no change for us!

phoenix Thu 09-Apr-20 13:57:53

Ha! Be lucky to find any that deliver here!

Although there is a long established local business that delivers ready meals, that you would need to heat yourself.

FruityGrann Thu 09-Apr-20 14:21:13

Thanks for your responses - it's good to hear I'm not the only one thinking this.

All it takes is for one person in the family to be exposed, and the whole household could get it, so I think it's best to cut out risks where possible.

Teetime Thu 09-Apr-20 14:23:11

We never sued to before the lock down but have now had two from our favourite Indian restaurant via Just Eat- the same great quality and very convenient.

SueDonim Thu 09-Apr-20 14:26:53

A takeaway was a once-in-a-blue-moon thing for us as we live in the countryside so there’s been no change for us.

May7 Thu 09-Apr-20 14:32:58

Seriouslyshock takeaways?
What's not to understand about Essential travel or does that not apply to takeaway food deliverers .

grannysyb Thu 09-Apr-20 14:51:56

Our pub which is two minutes walk up the road is doing fish and chips on Fridays and roast lunches on Sundays . You take your own containers and collect through window. It is orders only and you pay by card. We're having the fish and chips tomorrow.

callgirl1 Thu 09-Apr-20 22:20:43

We had a delivery from a chippy in town last Friday. The delivery man placed the food carrier on the doorstep, knocked and stood well back, then asked me to take the food from the carrier, which he`d unzipped ready. I`d paid online by card, so no money changed hands. He waited till I`d closed the door before picking up the bag.

Dollymc1 Thu 09-Apr-20 22:30:41

I worry about the same things as you fruity, so our Friday night takeaways are a thing of the past
I'm attempting spinach and chickpea saag tomorrow night
Really looking forward to it, no I'm not...

Scentia Thu 09-Apr-20 22:34:55

Tonight we had a takeaway curry delivered. The only reason is to support our local curry house, I can’t see them go out of business.
It was delivered by a guy on a push bike.

Chewbacca Thu 09-Apr-20 22:50:32

I've never had a takeaway meal delivered at all but several restaurants around this area have gone onto our local Facebook page and asked customers, old and new, to support them and order their meals as a takeaway. Their menus are pretty much the same as if you attended the restaurant itself and, I assume, their hygiene care is the same too. It must be a popular choice because one or two have had to close their online ordering service by mid evening because they can't cope with any more orders/deliveries. It wouldn't be something that I'd want but it seems that plenty do.

May7 Thu 09-Apr-20 23:18:43

Have I totally misunderstood the rules then?
I thought
All businesses except essential ones were to close?
Essential journeys only for work (if you can't work from home)
Essential food shopping, medicine and 1hr of exercise
Evil Virus lives on cardboard 24 hrs plastic 72hrs
All small business earning under £50.000 are being helped by a proportion of wages paid or furloughed?
How does having a takeaway square with that..... somebody help me understand because we're desperate for a curry but right now we'll have to make do with our own creations . Easier on the waistline anyway

SirChenjin Thu 09-Apr-20 23:37:03

No you haven’t misunderstood them at all May - too many people are just not getting them sadly sad

Eloethan Fri 10-Apr-20 00:46:25

We very, very rarely have takeaways. We do eat out at lunchtime quite often - inexpensive but nice places.

I don't usually enjoy takeaways. By the time they'redelivered to you or you've picked them up they're not that hot and don't taste that nice in my experience.

Restaurants switching to take away food and takeaways are allowed under the rules. I suppose food is essential isn't it? There are presumably people who do not have the facilities or the ability to cook (eg people with a learning disability, people with arthritis, etc,etc,). If an off-licence is considered to be essential then I can't see why a takeaway shouldn't be.

Personally, during this crisis, I would be a bit nervous to eat anything other than food we have prepared at home.

notanan2 Fri 10-Apr-20 01:01:38

No not personally

But Im glad theyre still there. Not everyone can cook, and especially where there are children or frail people alone I would rather they have takeaway than no tea.

notanan2 Fri 10-Apr-20 01:03:19

I would love one!
But won't. Am able to put meals on the table.

But dont think they should be shut down because there are people who arent able or willing to feed their dependants otherwise

SueH49 Fri 10-Apr-20 01:24:34

We are still ordering from one of our local restaurants. This is quite acceptable here and encouraged to support these businesses.
I'm sure the people handling the food and delivery are very particular about their hygiene. It is not worth risking their reputation to be anything else.

Txquiltz Fri 10-Apr-20 01:42:49

Rarely ordered takeaway before...none now. Did send a bit of cash (wiped down with cleaner and in a plastic bag in an envelope) to tell the owner we looked forward to returning. Note on money let him know it had been cleaned.

Fiachna50 Fri 10-Apr-20 01:56:39

No, Id rather cook my own food at this time, but I have dietary requirements and digestive issues. All it needs for me is for someone to get it wrong and I would be ill. Not a good time to be in hospital. I do understand people wanting to support local places. For me, personally, it's an extra risk I do not need.

heath480 Fri 10-Apr-20 02:37:19

Yes,have a takeaway every weekend and have continued to do so.They are busy round here,lots of people having them.