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Beau1958 Mon 20-Apr-20 13:07:29

I’m really afraid when this lockdown finishes. I feel ‘safe’ at the moment. My husband still works he has his own business so he will be returning when the lockdown is lifted. I’m just so worried he will bring it home and we will both go down with it. Obviously I want to see my grandchildren and I will when they say we can but will we just go back to square one again and numbers start creeping up again ? We are both in our mid sixties with no health issues so we will just have to carry on.

rockgran Mon 20-Apr-20 13:45:06

I must admit I feel as if we are in a bubble at the moment but eventually we will have to leave it. The longer it lasts the more I fear restarting normal life. I've just managed, with difficulty, to get another supermarket slot so we can 'relax' for another week or so.

Sussexborn Mon 20-Apr-20 16:10:54

To some extent we will have to see what happens in other countries as they come out of lockdown ahead of us. It certainly won’t be a free for all on one particular date but gradually phased and possibly over several months.

I am sure your husband will take all the precautions he can to keep you both safe.

Washerwoman Mon 20-Apr-20 16:37:02

This may not reassure you but only slightly youngee here and previously pretty fit.I'm recovering from what is a mild dose it seems and I have honestly felt worse with flu in the past.I'm very tired but that's viruses I guess.And it was more the worry of will I deteriorate than the symptoms. But I also know of several people who have had it, and all ill at home and recovered.Of course you don't want it but please remember the numbers admitted to hospital are still the minority, and deaths even more so.
I do know what you mean though. I haven't been tested and also keep hearing of different strains and could worry maybe I'm not immune to another one. But life's too short not to cuddle grandchildren .And my DH has to work or we've no money coming in.
I have cut back exposure to the news to a bare minimum too.Can't do with all conflicting data and journalists repeating the same questions!

JenniferEccles Mon 20-Apr-20 16:47:43

Thank you for your encouraging post Washerwoman

It’s very easy to get bogged down with all the news of the sad deaths and others very ill in hospital, so it’s good to be reminded that the vast majority of people will only have mild symptoms.

AGAA4 Mon 20-Apr-20 16:50:44

I think I will find it difficult to act normally after lockdown. I will still feel vulnerable if I am in a crowd or if someone coughs or sneezes near me.
I am in an at risk group but not shielded and until most people have been vaccinated against Covid I will still be wary.

Calendargirl Mon 20-Apr-20 19:09:14

I don’t think the lockdown will be over any time soon,

Davidhs Mon 20-Apr-20 19:33:48

It will be interesting to see how the infection behaves in the countries that are returning to work, especially those that have had very few cases. There will only be a few that have had contact with the virus so there will be no immunity within the population

BlueSky Mon 20-Apr-20 22:03:13

I'm surprised how quickly I got used to this, after the initial shock. Like others now I like the 'safety' of my own house, food cooked by myself, my own company and so on. Never been a social animal but it has escalated and now I fear going back to normal.

Katyj Tue 21-Apr-20 06:50:52

Washerwoman if I remember rightly you have an elderly mum you visit regularly, as you say you have been ill yourself, how did you carry on with your mum, has she also had the virus? As you can see this is worrying me a lot, I’m still visiting my mum 88 as a necessity, but am worried about what will happen if either of us becomes ill, I’m an only one.

Laurensnan Tue 21-Apr-20 09:37:58

Washerwoman, thank you so much. There are so many horrendous stories out there scaring us that it is wonderful to hear of someone who basically didn't go to deaths door. Much needed for all of us to read ❤️.
My husband is a keyworker so we have not be able to truly isolate, although I don't go out or mix, apart from once a week shop. So far so good 👍

Worthingpatchworker Tue 21-Apr-20 09:38:30

Please hang on to the thought that a cure is being sought.....scientists around the world are working in this. Also.....people are, now, more aware of how germs are passed so....more hand washing etc.
You are most fortunate to be so well .........

Juicylucy Tue 21-Apr-20 09:38:42

I had this conversation with my DDS yesterday they are in there 40s and even they are concerned about release of lockdown. Unless we get everyone tested, which of course we won’t, I expect it will creep up again. I’ll be very cautious and will keep my distance for a while after. I’d prefer to stay in lockdown for longer, you can earn another dollar but can’t get another life.

Xrgran Tue 21-Apr-20 09:39:26

Best to sort out plenty of masks and look online for the advice on keeping virus out of the home.
Change clothes once you get home possibly shower if you have been on public transport.
Take off shoes leave by door and only wear outside
Wash all groceries in warm soapy water included fruit an£ veg.
Leave paper and card 48 hours before touching.
Clean handles and door knobs every time you go in or out
Clean phone and keys daily or whenever you go out.
Doing all of these really reduces your chances of getting the virus.

pigsmayfly. Tue 21-Apr-20 09:56:07

Beau1958 I feel exactly the same and Im in a similar position x

Beau1958 Tue 21-Apr-20 09:57:42

Reading all these replies puts my mind at ease a little and thank you Xrgran for your advice. I’m not sure if all men are typical of this but my OH is so lapse with being careful, I have to remind him every time to wash his hands, getting him to do it for 20 seconds is hard. That worries me.

Keeper1 Tue 21-Apr-20 10:02:04

It struck me that we keep hearing how many people have died of the virus but how many have survived it. Also what would the normal death rate be? I thought read somewhere that 40,000 die from flu but we don’t make a fuss about that.

polnan Tue 21-Apr-20 10:02:20

oh Xrgran, it is that information that scares me... I can`t not read my daily delivered newspaper for 48 hours! I live alone no one visits, I don`t go out. self isolated, ie over 70 but no underlying..

so why should I have to keep cleaning things in my home?

me? I am scared that the lockdown is NOT going to be lifted. I can`t bear this shut in.. only half an hour, (for me first thing in the morning) exercise.. I need to get out, though I think it may be some time before I go to the events, ie. meetings at my church that I went to before. but I dearly, so very much want to see my family, I can go without hugging.. just to talk to be with them
actually to talk to someone face to face.. oh please... let that be soon let me OUT!

BlueBelle Tue 21-Apr-20 10:02:27

I can’t wait for it to be over and get out and about within reason I don’t carry this fear at all perhaps I m more pragmatic about my mortality I think we all need to start building up our immunity and stop being panicked by the constant drip drip of death notices I m not unrealistic I know how bad it is but jumping at your shadow won’t help, that’s no life
I don’t believe masks work if they did the Chinese wouldn’t have had such a bad time as they wear the darn things all the time

Oh how our PM made fun of the burka, egg on face there

Kacee Tue 21-Apr-20 10:04:30

I'm shielding so haven't been out for 4 weeks with another 8 to go.

I dont think I will go anywhere near back to normal until a vaccine is found. I will probably go out for a drive with OH but will not be shopping or going to pubs, restaurants or cinemas.

I'm not sure I would get through a bad dose of covid

LuckyFour Tue 21-Apr-20 10:06:57

Washerwoman - do you know how you caught the virus? I don't hear much about how people think they caught it. You may not actually know but you might have some idea how it happened or who you caught it from perhaps.

deedeeP Tue 21-Apr-20 10:07:19

@washerwoman. I agree with hat you have said. I also believe that if our time is up then we will be gone even without this virus. We are both mid sixties, I have underlying medical problems but there is nothing to stop my DH bringing it home when he does the shopping. We also have the benefit of having income even if we dont work as my husband has a very good pension that pays out every month. Neither of us are too bothered about the end of lockdown as it is what it is and what will be will be, We just want to get back to work, never spent so long at home. The deaths are a tiny minority and because they are reported daily seem to be higher. We only listen or read news once a week now and that puts it all into perspective rather than the brain taking in figures every time they are broadcasted even if they are the same ones as a previous news. The brain doesnt process it like that it sees it as a new set of figures to digest. wouldn't it be great if there was a TV channel available to everyone with a TV and simultanious broadcast on radio for those without, dedicated to Covid-19 only, it would have a once daily update and everyone else would be banned from mentioning it at all, including the newspapers? We believe this is what should have happened from the outset and then there wouldnt be the panic there currently is. Anyway something to think about - How do we all know that the bad cold, flu that we had in December / January wasnt this virus? we dont. I had a terrible fluey cold on holiday in January as did my husband, started in the first week and was gone before we returned to the UK a month later.

DeeDum Tue 21-Apr-20 10:08:26

I don't think somehow we need worry about that for awhile!
Hopefully the gov will watch Italy and France and respond accordingly, certainly a lot faster a response than when it started, much to late with the lockdown!
Please God they get the coming out right, it's going to be quite dangerous for awhile if they time it wrongly ,..
Just hope it's not returning every year, that really will put the mockers on life as we knew it hmm
Take care ..

Bunch Tue 21-Apr-20 10:11:28

“Keep Calm and Carry On “ as the saying goes. I do agree with the comment about the news and journalists asking the same questions over and over again. It just helps to confuse and in some cases causes more stress and concern. We just need to do as we’re asked to ensure we get back to what is likely to be the the ‘new’ normal as soon as possible. Keep well. smile

Bijou Tue 21-Apr-20 10:16:00

I am housebound any way but what worries me is that a neighbour of mine (who does phone me every day) was under the opinion that the virus could only be transmitted by bodily contact and was surprised that I cleaned everything when I had a delivery and cleaned door handles etc. How many more people are misinformed?