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There is alas no cure for stupidity

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MawB Fri 24-Apr-20 07:19:25

US President Donald Trump has been lambasted by the medical community after suggesting research into whether coronavirus might be treated by injecting disinfectant into the body.
He also appeared to propose irradiating patients' bodies with UV light, an idea dismissed by a doctor at the briefing.
Another of his officials had moments earlier said sunlight and disinfectant were known to kill the infection.
Mr Trump's own public health agencies (unsurprisingly) warn against bleach as a medicine.

GagaJo Fri 24-Apr-20 07:21:03


Nortsat Fri 24-Apr-20 07:26:59

Gaga I agree - OMG ...

Riverwalk Fri 24-Apr-20 07:33:24

I just knew from the title this was about Professor Trump and his disinfectant injections grin

Walter Shaub, the former director of the Office of Government Ethics, who sounds in despair:

“It is incomprehensible to me that a moron like this holds the highest office in the land and that there exist people stupid enough to think this is OK. I can’t believe that in 2020 I have to caution anyone listening to the president that injecting disinfectant could kill you.”

MawB Fri 24-Apr-20 07:43:02

John Balmes, a pulmonologist at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, warned that even breathing fumes from bleach could cause severe health problems.
He told Bloomberg News: "Inhaling chlorine bleach would be absolutely the worst thing for the lungs. The airway and lungs are not made to be exposed to even an aerosol of disinfectant.
"Not even a low dilution of bleach or isopropyl alcohol is safe. It's a totally ridiculous concept."
Mr Trump has previously hyped a malaria medication, hydroxycloroquine, as a possible treatment for coronavirus, though he has stopped touting that drug recently.
This week a study of coronavirus patients in a US government-run hospital for military veterans found more deaths among those treated with hydroxychloroquine than those treated with standard care.

kittylester Fri 24-Apr-20 07:46:36

I watched that this morning - there are no words really!!

GagaJo Fri 24-Apr-20 07:52:04

I think maybe, that as a person in an AT RISK group, that Trump could trial that treatment. Lead from the front, as it were.

Maybelater2020 Fri 24-Apr-20 07:53:48

I am still gobsmaked at those who voted him into office and still support him.

Esspee Fri 24-Apr-20 07:55:19

@GagaJo Well said! I second the motion.

Nannytopsy Fri 24-Apr-20 07:56:29

Gagajo you beat me to it! I was going to suggest that Mr Trump take the injection too!

Curlywhirly Fri 24-Apr-20 07:56:49

He really is not well and quite delusional - his quotes and tweets are getting more bizarre by the day. Remember the recent visit he made to a lab, where he said his uncle had been a scientist, and it must run in the family, as he really, really, did understand what scientist at the lab were doing. As if!!!! He's as mad as a box of frogs.

NannyJan53 Fri 24-Apr-20 08:05:04

I just heard that on the radio news at 8.00am! I was so gobsmacked I won't say what I said smile. I had to rush upstairs and tell my Partner!

tanith Fri 24-Apr-20 08:06:50

I can’t believe that all those scientists officials and doctors who join him in his daily bulletins don’t actually burst out laughing at some of his suggestions or simply stand up and say NO Mr. President that’s ridiculous. How they keep a straight face I have no idea.

notnecessarilywiser Fri 24-Apr-20 08:12:25

Kudos to the reporter who reminded the Donald that the briefings were meant to be giving the people of America information and advice, not speculation about what might be a good idea. Not surprising that DT's response was to tell him he was "fake", but thank goodness some have the sense to publicly challenge him.

Brunette10 Fri 24-Apr-20 08:13:07

Surely this must mean that most Americans are like Trump - i.e. not quite the full shilling. They put him there shock

Laughterlines Fri 24-Apr-20 08:28:26

So is value bleach ok or does it have to be Domestos and do you inject yourself before or after you swallow your sunlamp

Hetty58 Fri 24-Apr-20 08:28:59

The really troubling thing is that so many people have put their faith in him. Close your mind and you can believe anything, it seems. I despair!

sodapop Fri 24-Apr-20 08:30:14

Another sweeping generalisation Brunette10 America is like any other country with its party divisions. Could be construed as a racist post.

Laughterlines Fri 24-Apr-20 08:31:47

Taking bets on when first person is admitted to hospital (if they have medical insurance) in USA as they believe every bit of rubbish that comes out of that idiot’s mouth. Lock him up somebody PLEASE

Brunette10 Fri 24-Apr-20 08:31:51

Sorry everyone - this is def not a racist post - oh dear I seem to be in trouble again sad.

vampirequeen Fri 24-Apr-20 08:32:43

People died by ingesting fish tank cleaner when he said that a malaria drug would help (apparently both contain the same chemical but mixed with other, vastly different chemicals). How much worse will it be when they start injecting disinfectant into their bodies?

Marydoll Fri 24-Apr-20 08:35:31

Oh dear, I'm sure Brunette was not intending to be racist! sad
Some people are so quick to jump on posters.

Ohmother Fri 24-Apr-20 08:37:07

It’s like the kings new clothes! No one close to him seems to recognise his delusional behaviour. ?

Blinko Fri 24-Apr-20 08:37:46

Of course not, Brunette10. After all, some Americans are on the streets waving banners and demanding the right to get back to 'normal', protesting that C19 is some sort of hoax...

These are the people that voted for this lunatic. The depressing thing is, there seem to be so many of them.

vampirequeen Fri 24-Apr-20 08:38:44

I think you're looking for racism where none existed.