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Panorama tonight

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May7 Mon 27-Apr-20 20:58:42

Has anyone watched Panorama tonight angry

Mamissimo Mon 27-Apr-20 21:09:04

I did - and it made me spit chIps! This is not the time for trial by media and the blame game - it’s the time to do what we can now. A cheap shot programme that would have been much more useful if they’d made it in October last year. I thought it was a smart arse piece of journalism.

There will be plenty of time for enquiries and legal cases later.

notanan2 Mon 27-Apr-20 21:09:54

What was it about?

Jane10 Mon 27-Apr-20 21:11:08

I agree Mamissimo.

May7 Mon 27-Apr-20 21:26:47

Sorry lost internet meant to add this synopsis

Doctors and nurses have been warning for weeks that they don’t have enough protective kit to stay safe. So has the government let down the health workers leading the fight against the coronavirus? Reporter Richard Bilton investigates the delays and mistakes that may have put the lives of NHS staff at risk

Of course you are completely free to make up your own mind

Grany Mon 27-Apr-20 21:44:31


Jon Jones

Imagine a Government that would allow it's Hospital & care workers to battle a virus without supplying them with the appropriate PPE. Imagine them changing the guidelines so as to lower the standard of #PPE they'd need to wear.

This is our Govt. People have died. #Panorama

K Starmer please raise the issues highlighted in tonight's programme at PMQ's on Wednesday, now has to be the time an enquiry in the future won't save the health workers who are dying every day whilst the Tory gov lies & lies about the PPE situation

absolutely damning on the government's mishandling of the pandemic and their treatment of the NHS and its staff. But lets all join the PM and herald the 'success'.

SirChenjin Mon 27-Apr-20 21:46:38

I haven’t watched it but I’ll catch up with it as soon as I can. I can imagine that the Tories are not coming out of it well as we knew - which won’t go down with many of the right wingers on here.

Niobe Mon 27-Apr-20 22:04:28

Is that why they are offering £60,000 to the family of each NHS or Care worker killed by the virus? To pre-empt the inevitable court cases. A pittance really.

EllanVannin Mon 27-Apr-20 22:08:44

Total health spending was around £129 billion in 2018/19 and is expected to rise to £134 billion by 2019/20 with inflation taken into account-----£160 billion ?

Is it not up to each individual hospital to manage finances etc ?

Dollymc1 Mon 27-Apr-20 22:15:09

Niobe, I agree with you. It's an insult
£60,000 to compensate for your loss, because we are culpable for your loss, because we failed to do what we really should have done when we first knew about it
The incompetence is staggering

EllanVannin Mon 27-Apr-20 22:15:31

These staff should have gone straight to the financial departments of their hospital to demand that government money paid to each hospital, supply whatever is/ was needed.
Hospitals are run by managers----they're the ones who need shaking up !!

EllanVannin Mon 27-Apr-20 22:17:28

That's right----shut your ears and cover your eyes.tsk !

Ask your hospital managers where the money is going !

vickymeldrew Mon 27-Apr-20 22:23:51

Anyone would think it’s only the UK that are short of PPE !

EllanVannin Mon 27-Apr-20 22:26:38

Ask yourselves where the money is going. Billions !!

trisher Mon 27-Apr-20 22:28:19

EllaVanninIt was the Tories who insisted on implementing a top down reorganisation of the NHS that cost a fortune and that has never actually functioned the way they thought it might. Quiet why they insisted on doing so in spite of all the advice from clinicians is debatable. Blaming hospital mangers who are currently working overtime to keep the NHS running, ensure staff are where they are needed, and those staff are properly paid for the hours they are working is not on. They are part of the NHS they are as essential to the organisation as any other worker and thinking they are responsible for the mess the NHS is in is like blaming train drivers because the rail system is in chaos. It's a pity this Tory government can't adopt the American idea and realise as Truman said "The buck stops here"

SirChenjin Mon 27-Apr-20 22:29:22

Ellan if you’re really interested it’s all online for anyone to see. Remember that health services are devolved so you’ll need look at all of them.

EllanVannin Mon 27-Apr-20 22:32:22

Trisher it's the medics and nursing staff who work their socks off, not the managers !!

SirChenjin Mon 27-Apr-20 22:35:13

No, the managers do too. Remember that managers is a very generic term and they come in shapes and size, covering all specialities within the NHS.

SirChenjin Mon 27-Apr-20 22:37:14

And it might be worth considering broadening your “medics and nursing staff” to include all NMAHP staff, lab staff, Spiritual Care and psychological services, etc etc etc.

May7 Mon 27-Apr-20 22:38:31

That's an unfair statement really I think. How do you know who work their socks off as you say. No one disputes that medics and nurses work hard but so do others in the NHS give them some credit. There are many types of Managers in the NHS

EllanVannin Mon 27-Apr-20 22:38:35

It's bad management.

SirChenjin Mon 27-Apr-20 22:42:30

What’s bad management? Explain what exactly was badly managed and by whom?

I’ve worked in the NHS for 26 years now so maybe I can clarify things for you. Did you get a chance to look at the spending figures yet? I know you had some concerns around where the money was being spent - did they help you to understand things a bit better?

SirChenjin Mon 27-Apr-20 22:43:45

No - 27, my mistake. Jeez.

sharon103 Mon 27-Apr-20 22:45:24

100% with you EllanVannin

MaizieD Mon 27-Apr-20 22:46:20

But, EV, it's got nothing to do with the hospital management. The government were supposed to be holding reserve supplies of PPE for use in an emergency such as the current pandemic. It was part of their duty to plan and provide for emergencies.

It really beats me as to what people think that government is there for if they cannot understand that part of its role is to look after the safety and welfare of the nation. What on earth do people think they are voting for in general elections?

I haven't seen the programme; I'll watch it tomorrow. But I've seen plenty of comments on it on social media... A great many very angry people...