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Starting to become agoraphobic in lock down

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Judy54 Mon 04-May-20 13:32:36

Is anyone else starting to become agoraphobic during lock down? Whilst I miss seeing family, friends and going to various groups, lately I have started to feel that the longer this has gone I feel less inclined to go out even for shopping or exercise. This is unusual for me, not sure if it is because I have become accustomed to being indoors or if secretly I actually quite enjoy it.

merlotgran Mon 04-May-20 22:49:09

I've always joked that I could be a recluse. We have lived in an isolated area for many years and it suits me fine.

But....Knowing you can't go out even if you want to reminds me of that 'trapped' feeling I used to get if the car was in dock for a few days. It might sit in the driveway for days on end because that's my choice but when it's not there you feel really cut off.

I'll never be agoraphobic though because I love the great outdoors.

Alexa Mon 04-May-20 22:52:31

I am not agoraphobic but have become so socially phobic I'd like to wear one of those Muslim face veils when I will have to go outside and meet strangers.

MerylStreep Mon 04-May-20 23:05:40

I'm having a 'distancing' get together in my garden tomorrow.
There are 5/6 of us who meet once or twice a week outside. I'm well and truel peed off with leaning on a garden wall while trying to act as if it's normal. I put it to 'the girls' and all were very happy to walk down the side of the building and into my beautiful garden.
It will be the cheapest garden party I've ever given. I won't have to supply a thing ?

jeanie99 Tue 05-May-20 03:00:45

If I analyse my daily routine I tend to be quite busy so not much time to dwell on Covid19.
Gardening, walking, jobs in the house, just cleaned my carpets a job which really needed doing, done some decorating.
Morning phone calls from and to friends and family.
Talk to locals in the village when I'm gardening out front.
I have managed to get mainly our food from deliveries with just a couple of click and collect.
Others purchases delivered so most things have worked out well.
We miss going out for our weekly meal and the monthly chinese take away but food wise we've always cooked ourselves.
I miss the grand children, we had originally planned on visiting during the Easter but that was cancelled.
My walking group was cancelled so go out with hubby some days depends on weather.
I'm also doing my family history research etc.
I have to say somewhat concerned about going out again into the shops, not shopped for must be near 8 weeks, hubby goes to click and collect I have health issues.

BlueSky Tue 05-May-20 08:29:38

It's bound to happen. I have fb friends in France and Italy and they are all unsure about venturing out at last, after perhaps complaining that they were like prisoners! They are horrified by anybody out without a mask, so I expect it'll happen here too. And who can blame them after drumming into us that we mustn't venture out!

labazsisslowlygoingmad Tue 05-May-20 10:02:26

its been 4 weeks Friday for me. in theory my partner should have been home but i dont drive and he is self employed still working so no options. also i had for first time in 8 years a serious mental breakdown not so much to do with the current situation though it did not help but we have just had a really bad 6 months but we will get through it,
im not one to go out much anyway sometimes in the car with partner though dont get out so has not really affected me in the respect but would be nice to choose where and when to go out instead of being told.
oh yes and we had a few days booked away do that couple times a year due to our animals and that was cancelled which was annoying

Omaoma57 Tue 05-May-20 10:04:29

Although not quite in the vulnerable age group my OH is, so have socially distanced and used click and collect, every two to three weeks with a veg and meat del from local shops we always use. Went for a long walk the other day to pick up something from a friend and felt very vulnerable! Sleeping very well at the moment probably because i know my family is safe and locked down! Weird!

Graygirl Tue 05-May-20 10:05:21

Had this condition after a traumatic event 27 years ago,wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.I have left my house twice in the last 50 days.
Lots of mediation, Audio books. Not a lot of news programmes and talking to GS age 13 when he brings milk he gets me 2 pint size so need 2-3 per week always makes me laugh . Keeping it at bay but the longer this goes on the harder it will become don't want to go back on meds

polnan Tue 05-May-20 10:06:21

I have had 2 weeks more isolation, that the amount set by the Government, I have lost track of time as you can tell.. so I was isolated with a bad tummy bug 2 weeks before this started.

I usually need to get out,, I still need to get out.. I do my allotted half hour walkies first thing in the morning, few people about,, other than that, not seen anyone, other than delivery people...

I am thinking ,,, I am scared to go out in the car even..! certainly can`t see me going food shopping, will keep up with deliveries I think

Life is not worth living, other than for my kitty cat. I worry about dying and she will need feeding!

Barmeyoldbat Tue 05-May-20 10:12:25

I go out almost everyday, either for a walk or a cycle ride and shop once or twice a week. I feel so much better being out, not sitting in the garden but doing some sort of activity. I am lucky that there is still a small cafe open doing lovely healthy type takeaways and coffee. So once a week we have one, sit in the garden and enjoy it. Its lovely not having to cook and plan a meal.

Daisymae Tue 05-May-20 10:14:18

I do walk the dog every day and get into the garden. My son dropped some things off yesterday and we sat outside in the cold having a chat, well distanced. It did make a change. It depends what happens after the lockdown is officially over as to when we venture into the world.

harrysgran Tue 05-May-20 10:14:35

The first couple of weeks were a struggle but it's now seven weeks since I was sent home from work due to asthma and a heart condition I go out for my daily walk and family get shopping for me .I am nervous of returning to work I miss my colleagues but to be honest I haven't found it that difficult as I enjoy my own company and I certainly don't miss the 6 o'clock alarm

inishowen Tue 05-May-20 10:22:55

We're in our sixties and continue to do our own shopping, despite our son offering to do it. He's a key worker and has a family to look after. We wouldn't burden him with extra responsibility. I'm glad though. At first I felt like I was in a germ soup in Tesco. Now I'm much more relaxed and used to it. If I had stayed at home since the lockdown I think I would now be terrified of going out.

Aepgirl Tue 05-May-20 10:23:50

I’ve done 2 supermarket shops and one click and collect. I felt vulnerable at each one and have decided that it’s time just to go into the back of my cupboards and start eating all the store cupboard items that are there. This may lead to very boring meals, but hopefully make me more keen to go out when this is all over.

Growing0ldDisgracefully Tue 05-May-20 10:28:44

No I'm the opposite and feeling very claustrophobic.

BusterTank Tue 05-May-20 10:31:28

I'm happy staying in and in no rush to go out and catch the virus . As long as I can get my shopping delivered there's no reason for me to go out .

cheneslieges132 Tue 05-May-20 10:35:57

This sums it up perfectly!

Candelle Tue 05-May-20 10:57:04

Missing family (although we do see them once a week when, delivering shopping, they wave and chat from the drive) but otherwise loving not having to be anywhere or do anything.

Could easily become quite anti-social....!

luluaugust Tue 05-May-20 10:58:39

It is interesting that the Government don't appear to have had much trouble locking us all down but it does look like they are going to have a lot of trouble getting us to engage with the outside world again. We are visiting only a couple of small shops and ordering the rest online from local small businesses. We walk everyday except in pouring rain and I am enjoying returning to being a teenager and doing what I please, when I please.

Theoddbird Tue 05-May-20 11:01:05

I am happy at home as well. I shop once a week. This coming Saturday I have a click and collect...quite relieved about that. I accept the situation but feel sad for those who don't have any outside space. I feel blessed that I do and also can walk along the riverbank without meeting anyone.

Lancslass1 Tue 05-May-20 11:09:26

Cheneslieges 132 that photograph could be my DH.
As for me , I am happy in my own company and am fortunate enough to have a lovely garden which we both tend,a radio the internet and books plus two cats and a lovely visiting moggie who hasn’t heard of social distancing,?
That suits me.
As Theoddbird says I too feel sorry for those who have no access to a garden and are maybe self isolating in a high rise flat or sharing a small place with others.

Joesoap Tue 05-May-20 11:23:59

In the country where I live there isnt a lock down, just a few restrictions,distancing for one, but I dont go out as often anyway.I imagine if we had lock down it would be very strange to be able to go out again and I would be wary of meeting people.After shopping I hand sanitize as soon as I get into the car, I have a botttle of sanitizer in the car,I wash my hands as soon as I get home,I feel I cant do more,people in my age group are very good at obeying rules, sad to say not the younger generation, thats why we havent reached the peak yet,why dont people obey rules?

rowanflower0 Tue 05-May-20 11:26:04

I haven't left the house in 5 weeks - I can't exercise - most I could do is have other half push me in the wheelchair! I can garden, craft, read and write my books, and am fairly happy at home, but miss my U3A groups, WI etc,

I am finding that the less I do, the less I feel inclined to do and friends I talk to on the phone are agreeing with this feeling. I think this is probably what we are all experiencing, as this becomes the new 'norm'. It is worrying me and leaves me wondering what the future holds.

Davida1968 Tue 05-May-20 11:33:57

I'm perfectly being happy being at home with DH (we go out daily for a walk, and less-than-once-a-week for shopping). We're fortunate in having a retirement income and an "easy" home and garden in a quiet area, with good neighbours. It's everything else - our families, the rest of the country/world - that I am worried about. (I'm now fully resigned to being unable to see our overseas family until 2021, even though that'll be three years since we last saw them.) In due course I'll be very happy to return to "normal" (whatever that may be) but in the meantime I'd rather play it safe.

BlueSky Tue 05-May-20 11:38:03

Same here Davida even down to the trip to visit our overseas family!