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kangaroo73 Wed 13-May-20 15:08:26

As I’m over 70 I’ve been getting my shopping delivered. I’d really like to go and get some ‘bits’ myself though at some point so I’ve managed to get hold of gloves & masks in readiness. However, I’m still nervous about this and there are so many conflicting views about the wearing of such protective wear. Have any of you over 70s ventured into the Supermarkets yet?

MissAdventure Thu 14-May-20 10:01:26

Masks can protect others, though.

Kate54 Thu 14-May-20 10:03:49

The advice is only to wear masks in enclosed spaces. The risk of catching this virus in open spaces is negligible, which is why the lock down easing is concentrating on the great outdoors.
Perspective, folks! I am slightly concerned that some of the older generation, even those in good health, are in danger of becoming agoraphobic (Spelling?) with all the mental health issues that entails.

Mollygo Thu 14-May-20 10:12:25

Never managed to get a delivery slot so have had to shop. I always wear a mask because it makes me feel safer. I zap my shopping with the app at Sainsbury’s but put it in the trolley. Back at the car I use wipes for my hands and my phone and spray everything before loading it into bags. Really, if it’s going to get me, it will but I love being out at the shops having human contact, albeit distanced.

Craftycat Thu 14-May-20 10:14:19

I go to supermarkets a lot as I am also shopping for some elderly (more elderly) neighbours.
About 10% of shoppers wear masks. I don't TBH. I still remember the advice given at the beginning that you are only stopping others getting your germs by wearing a mask not protecting yourself. Plus I am claustrophobic & I hate the idea.
I saw a woman yesterday in a really fancy bit of equipment with filters & eye shields etc. I assume she was at risk.
Generally people are very considerate & keep their distance as they do in the queue outside.
Just a word for those of you who are having neighbours helping you out. Every time I take his shopping over & leave it outside his door my neighbour rings 5 mins later - not to say thank you ( although that does not bother me) but to berate me for not getting him all organic food. I have to explain every time that I would get it if they had it in stock. I even asked the man at Waitrose about it & they are not getting much as it does not keep as well. It is very annoying when I am doing my best to help him.
Takes all sorts!

Toadinthehole Thu 14-May-20 10:14:48

I go shopping the same as I always did, twice a week. It’s an auto pilot thing, so I’m less likely to get agitated or make mistakes. I tried once a week, but it took ages, my list was so long, and I kept missing things on it and had to back track, which I felt was less safe than just going twice. I also couldn’t get everything in my freezer when I got home! Despite this, I still found it stressful at first, but I did start shopping in the mornings. Now I’ve gone back to afternoons, it’s much better. People seem more relaxed then. I shop at Sainsbury’s, and they’re excellent at keeping us all safe. Mostly, I’ve found there’s only a few of us in an aisle. I have wipes in the car, so use one on the trolley before I start, and then have it with me going round. Back at the car, start a fresh one to wipe down my handbag, purse etc. and my gloves. Then take gloves off. Once home, the chore of washing the shopping starts!! Funnily enough, I now find that quite therapeutic. Worrying isn’t it?!?

Megs36 Thu 14-May-20 10:16:35

Interesting, BUT where do I get masks and gloves , and never been able to get wipes, just manage (indoors ) with soap and water and bleach.

Rosina Thu 14-May-20 10:17:29

I do feel confused by the conflicting advice about masks. Collecting our prescriptions from Boots I wore gloves, but then reasoned that the gloves would get contaminated and taking them off would mean my hands needed washing, which I would do at once when getting home in any event, so why wear them? The virus does not go through skin. Masks are no use unless they are tight fitting, and the eyes are still exposed. Another train of thought is that people get over confident if they are wearing a mask and tend to touch their faces more - if only to adjust the mask! I am twitchy about my first proper going out, but when I do I think it will be a 'social distancing touch as little as possible and wash hands at home' kind of outing! I have been happier since I bought several bottles of 'Zoflora' and I can disinfect everything in sight with a diluted solution in a spray bottle.

harrigran Thu 14-May-20 10:27:47

My understanding is that you are supposed to wear a mask when shopping. DH went to our local Aldi to get a loaf of bread and the three other shoppers had masks and gloves on the same as DH.
There is no reason to believe you will infect yourself by removing gloves, just adopt operating theatre technique, place two fingers inside of the cuff of the glove and pull the glove inside out and off your hand. We carry nappy sacks to deposit gloves and anti-viral wipes.

MissAdventure Thu 14-May-20 10:30:55

Do you not feel it's an obligation to protect others, though?

Those others may well come into contact with your family members at some point.

Leolady73 Thu 14-May-20 10:47:18

I’m avoiding them and only using on line deliveries or click and collect ( sage and a run out as 15 miles from us). Have been to local shop on couple of occasions for fresh milk and a paper - what a luxury - with mask and gloves. Be very careful as the worst is yet to come. Herd immunity!

railman Thu 14-May-20 10:48:06


Try these:

Nannan2 Thu 14-May-20 10:57:45

I still have to go to local hosp for regular blood tests for warfarin, so i go wearing plastic gloves and am covered up not showing flesh (till have to reveal arm for blood test) and still use hand sanitizer in there,even with gloves on. I figure the hospitals well cleaned down daily anyway,and theres been hardly any people in, so im safer having it done there than anywhere else- i will wear a mask also next visit (in a couple of wks)- ive also been to supermarket&frozen food shop a couple of times, im not in 60's or 70's, but have some health issues. But so long as we're extra careful,its all we can do.hmm

Nannan2 Thu 14-May-20 11:04:04

Masks CAN be made at home,if you cant buy online-(they are expensive some of them) they're easy enough my DD made us all some- theres a guide online.and gloves are easy to get on amazon etc..maybe wipes too.

granjan66 Thu 14-May-20 11:10:23

We live in a rural area and can't get a delivery. I go once a week to the closest supermarket about 25 min. drive away. I am 72 with no underlying conditions and wear a mask and gloves. Everything is very organised. Staff all wearing masks and gloves.

DaisyL Thu 14-May-20 11:14:30

Sometimes anxiety can be as contagious as a virus. Life will have to return to some sort of normality. My family are working from home as much as possible but my son is in the hospitality industry and unless things improve before too long he won't have a job. I have a granddaughter who is self-isolating with her husband and they are both in their thirties but terrified of leaving their house and yet I have friends in their 80s who aren't. There is a fine line between fear and foolhardy, but I do worry about those who are too frightened to step foot outside at the moment - the longer it goes on the more difficult it could be. You can see an interactive map of your area and it will tell you how many people have been affected - it might give people more confidence to go out if they see that there are not many cases in their neighbourhood.

Guineagirl Thu 14-May-20 11:15:43

I go early with a face covering but I’ve noticed hardly anyone bothers with one now, I still do, mmm seem to get looked at oh well I do what I want

lemsip Thu 14-May-20 11:16:45

I manage to get slots to shop online and have deliveries, trouble is I overshop because of the minimum spend for delivering.

BusterTank Thu 14-May-20 11:26:29

Take every precaution you can .

Cindersdad Thu 14-May-20 11:32:01

I'm almost 76 and so far healthy, my wife is 64 and classed as vulnerable for a number of reasons. I've given up gloves, just wipe shopping down and wash my hands carefully. I do wear a mask and try to avoid crowded places. Being retired, a cyclist and able to drive I can avoid public transport. Shopping once a week using a list which my wife has made out from indoors.

RPClare Thu 14-May-20 11:32:57

I have been going to Waitrose once a week since the beginning as cannot get a delivery slot. I’m 75 and shopping for myself and husband with heart condition who is 86. I find it very easy as go in “ Oldies hour” and am let straight in. Trolley is sterilised and given to me. Have been able to get everything I want although noticed last week there was no flour at all. I enjoyed getting out and driving there although this week much more traffic.

Barmeyoldbat Thu 14-May-20 11:34:35

I have been going out, usually twice a week to shop. Once is for my son who likes his shopping done at a different one to mine. Anyway I have been wearing a mask since lockdown began, I believe in them, and my gloves are marigold gloves that remind me not touch my face and when I get home I just wash them all and hang them out to dry.

They say masks won't protect you but they will protect others so if everyone wore them we would all have protection. I find Sainsbury and Waitrose the best for shopping as they seem to be more on the ball with safety. Our local Aldi and Lidl don't seem to bother much so I stay away.

Dustyhen2010 Thu 14-May-20 11:34:52

In Scotland it is recommended to wear a mask when shopping. Just now people have hay fever and if they are asymptomatic and sneeze without a mask on the aerosol spray virus will be all around. So wearing one a sensible move I think. Of course the reason mask wearing is not mandatory is that the government don't want us buying up the masks! If there were plenty I am sure it would be a regulation.

felice Thu 14-May-20 11:37:45

Checked my post box this morning to find a large envelope from my local Commune, 3 cloth face mask, black, yellow and red. The colours of the Belgian flag, did someone say Europeans do not have a sense of humour ??????

BlueSky Thu 14-May-20 11:38:24

Dustyhen I thought that from the beginning. Abroad they weren't compulsory until they had enough of them to go around. They obviously don't want a repeat of the toilet rolls panick buying!

Juicylucy Thu 14-May-20 11:41:37

My work involves me visiting large supermarket chains and the ones I’ve visited recently I’d say 60% are wearing some form of face covering either a mask or scarf over nose/ mouth. The supermarkets are doing a grand job with all the restrictions they’ve put in place but unfortunately it’s the customers once you get inside that are the worry very often they walk straight into your space or lean over you or push past you. So I’d say wear any bit of protection you can.