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kangaroo73 Wed 13-May-20 15:08:26

As I’m over 70 I’ve been getting my shopping delivered. I’d really like to go and get some ‘bits’ myself though at some point so I’ve managed to get hold of gloves & masks in readiness. However, I’m still nervous about this and there are so many conflicting views about the wearing of such protective wear. Have any of you over 70s ventured into the Supermarkets yet?

lemsip Thu 14-May-20 17:48:49

it was on tv that whatever you touch with any gloves on, such as your phone ect, will need to be antibacterial wiped before you touch it when you remove gloves because your gloves could've become infected!

JaneRn Thu 14-May-20 18:08:12

I have had regular grocery deliveries - every two or three
weeks - for many years so have no need to visit a supermarket For fresh vegs and fruit, we have a local greengrocer who has just got himself a web site, and although he does not deliver you can order and pay on-line so just collect from outside the shop. There is also a very good bakery just a few minutes walk from my home which is open every day, so I am very lucky.

My daughter has just returned from shopping at Aldi and said the hygiene arrangements were the best she has found.

FoghornLeghorn Thu 14-May-20 18:36:04

Gloves are a waste of time. Very few people, unless they’ve been surgically trained, know how to put them on, take them off or discard them without cross-contaminating. They provide a false sense of security imo.

Grandmama Thu 14-May-20 19:35:06

I've been shopping at Waitrose three times a week since the lockdown - and the local Coop. First hour at Waitrose is for vulnerable and older people and with NHS staff priority. Very orderly queues when I've been there, all trolleys sanitised after use, security telling younger people to come back after 9am unless the queue is very short. I've never worn a mask nor worn gloves, nor taken any particular precautions. Have always washed my hands when I've been out anywhere. Am just over 70 in very good health, no health issues, not taking any medications.

Daisyboots Thu 14-May-20 19:44:04

Here in Portugal, since our lockdown was slightly eased last week, wearing masks in public is mandatory and you can be fined for not wearing one in shops, offices,public transport etc. When I went to hospital in March I was wearing disposable gloves and was told immediately to remove the gloves as they are unnecessary. The nurse then sprayed my hands liberally with sanitizer and after I had wiped it all in was given a mask to wear. Already feeling ill it made me feel very anxious and I felt awful wearing it. But since then I have got used to wearing a mask. Here they will not allow you into a shop etc without wearing a mask. And yes you can have your hair washed, cut and blow dried wearing a mask.

Despite the easing of shutdown we havent yet seen a spike in cases. Today there were 9 deaths reported and less than 200 new cases confirmed. Most people recover at home and the numbers needing hospital or ICU are dropping all the time. So fingers crossed it continues as it will only be 2 weeks this weekend. Keep safe everyone.

MayBee70 Thu 14-May-20 19:54:23

Daisy; what's happening about schools in Portugal? I'm convinced that the mandatory wearing of masks is what's helping to stop cases increasing. I'm pleased to hear it's going well, though.

catwoman Thu 14-May-20 20:10:50

Aldi has hand sanitizer & spray for trolley handle. Very organised, never used to do a full shop there but have done so the last two weeks. We're both over 70 with underlying conditions. Felt guilty about relying on son to do our shopping as he is a front line worker & has enough to cope with.

MerylStreep Thu 14-May-20 20:26:51

I run out of paint today. I really don't want to queue at b&q again so I looked on line and ScrewFix are doing a click and collect. Brilliant.

Purplepoppies Fri 15-May-20 07:28:27

I pinched this from another thread. Hope it helps

Keffie12 Fri 15-May-20 09:50:29

I wear a facemask when going out! It also makes people think twice when they see me and keep the 2 meters away. Most people don't think. They do when they see a facemask.

Imo wearing a facemask is also for your own protection in the long run. The virus could be carried to a loved one or even back to you

Gloves no I don't use them. They as others have said are unnecessary. I carry hand sanitizer with me and wipes

I only go out when I have too. Thank goodness this has happened today. Even going back 10 years we wouldn't have the access and work rounds to all we do in life

wildswan16 Fri 15-May-20 10:31:32

I don't wear gloves but use hand sanitiser before going into the supermarket and when I come out.

I also wear a mask wherever I am in close proximity to other people. At the check-out today a man behind me was standing right up next to me - so I glared my fiercest glare at him - totally forgetting he couldn't see it behind my mask! However, his wife told him off and he moved back.

Fennel Fri 15-May-20 11:42:48

I met a friend when out today (we kept our distance) and she was wearing a black fabric mask. She said it was from Tesco, about£2, and it's washable.

Tabbycat Fri 15-May-20 15:38:23

My husband and I have been out doing our weekly shop for ourselves and my mother this morning. For the first time we both wore face masks as we understood from the Gov.UK website that we should be wearing face coverings in crowded places.
We travel together as I do not drive, but once at the supermarket we each have a list and take in a separate trolley. We go to our local ASDA and to an M&S Simply Food.
I feel safest at M&S, because the staff seem to have been better trained and are polite rather than officious; the trolleys are cleaned before you touch them; the plastic screens and proper markings on the floor went up quickly. In ASDA each aisle seems to have a member of staff with a cart full of click n' collect boxes, which they are filling and they don't seem to care about social distancing; also they don't clean the trolleys at all, but there is a cleaning station inside the store.
So why go there? We can't afford to do our 'big shop' at M&S and our branch doesn't stock many cleaning products, pet foods or toiletries. We registered with various places for online deliveries, but gave up trying to find a slot.

Pumpkinpie Sat 16-May-20 08:49:26

Being stupid isn’t brave

craftyone Tue 19-May-20 12:14:27

I saw my first worn mask today, in a fairly busy but spacious and big plant nursery ie a garden centre without any tat. The chap who was wearing it got out of his car with the mask on and 5 minutes later it was on his forehead.

Jane10 Tue 19-May-20 12:44:48

I noticed that none of the staff in the supermarket I shop at wear masks. Some shoppers did but by no means all. Of those wearing masks, several were pulled down below their noses. Few were wearing gloves.

BlueBelle Tue 19-May-20 13:44:23

very few people wearing masks here I could count them on one hand I haven’t felt the need to use one although I did get some in case they made it mandatory
I go out every day but have only been in the local co op twice since lock down they are letting a couple in at a time and that feels very safe
I noticed today our local chippy is open and it looked like people were inside waiting for their chips
I wouldn’t do that for sure
But no I m not anxious and will not be waiting for a vaccine I anyone waiting for that will have a very long wait
I think there is a lot of hysteria Now amongst a lot of people and mental health is going to sufferer big time

Rosalyn69 Tue 19-May-20 15:29:17

The husband goes out occasionally but always in a mask and gloves.

bikergran Tue 19-May-20 17:06:17

There doesn't seem to be as many wearing masks/gloves in the supermarket I work in (customers I mean)

50% of the masked wearers either do not wear the mask properly, some are disgusting to look at and need binning!

Some customers pull the mask down to talk! some masks as hanging off their faces, pulled down under chin.These must surely be complete waste of time.

Not many staff wear masks/gloves as within 10 mins they are grubby and dirty they don't last very long due to some of the jobs/tasks they have to do.

MissAdventure Tue 19-May-20 17:08:32

The masks I wear at work have been passed as being ok to wear for 8 hours (they used to be single use)