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I was shielded - should I travel?

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vickymeldrew Sat 27-Jun-20 21:02:48

Due to previous medical history I have been officially ‘shielding”. My DD lives in France with her DH and two young children aged 5&3. She is also 7 months pregnant.
In common with all other grans, I am bursting to see this little family again and every month that goes by seems such a waste of precious time. Normally, I visit every couple of months.
Should I brave Easyjet? Should I go on the Eurostar? Should I stay home and be safe? Should I wait for a vaccine?

Marydoll Sat 27-Jun-20 21:14:34

I am shielding and have just cancelled my Roman holiday for September. I wouldn't dream of travelling abroad at the moment, especially as getting travel insurance for my pre-existing conditions on top of all the other risk factors is very problematic.

I can't understand how we can be shielding one day and the next day we are ok to lead life as it was before shielding.

I do understand that your daughter needs your support, so you need to weigh up all the factors. I suppose another factor is why you had to shield, as I believe the authorities are rethinking who needs to shield.

A very difficult decision for you to make, I hope you can find an answer to your dilemma.

Oopsadaisy3 Sat 27-Jun-20 21:26:06

It isn’t a difficult decision, your DD is 7 months pregnant! There is no way you should risk , not only being ill yourself, but possibly infecting your DD and her unborn child.
Lockdown and shielding has been lifted because the NHS can now cope with anyone who needs to be in ICU, not because the danger is gone !

Charleygirl5 Sat 27-Jun-20 21:54:52

Absolutely definitely not! Marydoll is being too kind to you- it is absolute madness to be even contemplating the journey.

BlueBelle Sat 27-Jun-20 22:07:02

Well Im not shielding as I have no Underlying health problems but I wouldn’t travel anywhere at the moment not even to my nearest city (on public transport) I ve been on the bus to my next town for an appointment but that’s it as far as
I ll be going and I m an out and about person
I m amazed that you’re even considering it .....Just be patient

Luckygirl Sat 27-Jun-20 22:16:45

The virus has not gone; they are just letting the cork gently out of the bottle, basically to see what happens - they could not leave lockdown for ever. But the truth is that they simply do not know what is gong to happen.

You are no more safe now than you were when you first started shielding.

I know how hard it is being apart from family, but the risk to you and to them is high - one of the most risky things you can do is to travel on public transport.

Hithere Sat 27-Jun-20 22:16:51

Not at all. Not a good idea.

There is as much before as there is nos

Hithere Sat 27-Jun-20 22:17:06

Sorry, now

BlueSky Sat 27-Jun-20 22:29:50

Vicky my grandchildren are in Australia so for this year at least I know I can't go anywhere. In your case I would wait a bit longer before travelling, but don't wait for a vaccine as it may never happen. Eventually we'll travel again with all the new safety measures as we are now doing in shops and other venues.

GagaJo Sat 27-Jun-20 22:36:30

I was shielding but gave in to pressure and returned to my job in Switzerland 3 weeks ago. I finished the term and have just returned to the uk. I had to fly on (expensive) Swiss air because EasyJet weren't flying.

Swiss air are leaving an empty seat between passengers. A reason the flights are so expensive I suppose. I paid £650 return. On EasyJet it would have been less than £100.

Also, I had to fly from Heathrow. 300 miles from my home.

Masks in the airport and on the plane were mandatory. The airport was very quiet.

Marydoll Sat 27-Jun-20 22:42:47

You are correct, Charleygirl, I didn't want too sound harsh.

I think vickymeldrew knows herself, that she shouldn't go.

BlueSky Sat 27-Jun-20 22:48:11

GagaJo thanks it gives us long distance grans some hope!

NfkDumpling Sat 27-Jun-20 22:52:44

I’m pleased to hear you got back to Switzerland safely GagaJo.

The number of infections is levelling out, and maybe on the rise again in some areas, so I would wait and see if you can.

vickymeldrew Sat 27-Jun-20 22:59:48

Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate your input/support in what is quite a difficult time for me. I also have a son and his family in North America, but know that trip is definitely out of bounds.

Hithere Sat 27-Jun-20 22:59:50

As much risk - just lowered head in shame

Beanie654321 Sun 28-Jun-20 10:17:10

I have blood tests to do, so booked my appointment and will be going on Thursday, with my mask and gloves. I dont drive so will be leaving nearly 1 1/2 hours before appointment to walk the 4 miles as I will not use public transport as I think it is too much of a risk. Why would you contemplate going abroad when you are risking your life, your families and every one else who maybe needed to care for you if you became I'll. Sorry I know it's hard as you feel obligated to help but you could easily make things alot worse.

NemosMum Sun 28-Jun-20 10:21:27

Things might be much clearer in September when the baby has arrived. Why not wait until then to make a decision?

Gwenisgreat1 Sun 28-Jun-20 10:32:33

I do sympathise, but reckon it would be worth the wait.
I am just vulnerable, but I will be very careful about going out anywhere! Might manage when we have the vaccine, but I really don't want any more lung problems.

Nanniejude Sun 28-Jun-20 10:49:17

I have been at work all the time and would go, but if you’ve been shielding you have to think about your health. There probably no more risk going to France than travelling in the Uk. The problem is when do you go as virus isn’t going away. Good luck

LuckyFour Sun 28-Jun-20 10:53:39

Don't even think about travelling to France or anywhere else yet. You'll be nervous and so will your family. It's no all over yet, don't risk it.

patricia1958 Sun 28-Jun-20 10:56:05

I've been told by government to isolate until the 1st August it's my grandsons 8th birthday on Tuesday I would love to go and see him and his brother they on live 10 minutes away I've seen them twice since beginning of March what I've got to do because I don't drive is get a taxi wear a mask then I got to stay in the taxi his mum will get presents out of boot I will watch him open 1 and then I will go home it's going to break my heart but it has to be done. I think you should think how other people are coping and not what you want to do.

jacalpad Sun 28-Jun-20 11:01:53

Poor Vickymeldrew, I feel for you. It must be heartbreaking to be in this position. I would suggest you wait until the baby has arrived, or the birth is imminent, and then reassess according to the Covid situation then. Also, ask your family in France what they think and make a mutual decision, in time. Good luck. I hope you are able to work something out.

sandelf Sun 28-Jun-20 11:11:48

How prepared are you for you and your family to have Covid 19?

Misha14 Sun 28-Jun-20 11:14:52

Vickymeldrew your dilemma puts mine in the shade, so I have every sympathy and little to add to the other grans. To be honest I'm finding any decision hard to make about seeing family. I'm struggling with whether long distance grandkids can stay overnight, as per new rules on July 6th. OH has health issues, but not shielding and we both long to see them.

Notyetagran46 Sun 28-Jun-20 11:15:42

Vicky, if you received the NHS shielding letter it’s because of a long term illness, or you are a transplant recipient, or pregnant. So unless you were pregnant! and have had your baby, you should still be shielded until the end of July at least.
My son who lives with me has received a second letter advising him to stay shielded until end of July which to all intents and purposes means I can’t travel until at least the end of July (unless I stay away from home).
I’ve got two other sons but probably can’t see them until August at the earliest.
You’d be putting yourself and family at risk if you travelled to see them.