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I completely forgot the pandemic

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kangaroo73 Sun 26-Jul-20 10:33:11

Yesterday after a long walk I saw my neighbour upon my return. She’d just been to pick up her little dog’s ashes with her son. She wanted to show me them so invited me in. She then offered me coffee which I accepted. We sat and chatted for about an hour. It wasn’t until I went back home and my granddaughter who lives with me asked if I’d socially distanced that I realised my mistake. I had completely forgotten about the pandemic, the rules - everything. All along I’ve been so careful to the point of neurosis. How could I have been so foolish. Now I’m worried. I’m 74, my neighbour is 81.

Alexa Sun 26-Jul-20 10:37:09

It's very easy to forget the hygiene advice, especially in such circumstances , and I think you can forgive yourself.

My guess is neither you nor your neighbour is much risk as a carrier.

Furret Sun 26-Jul-20 11:03:53

I wouldn’t worry. I hope your little get together helped you both x

Illte Sun 26-Jul-20 12:29:38

What's done is done.

She probably stands at more risk than you. You get out and about and have a gd living with you who probably goes out and about too.

Just make sure you get a test if there's the slightest symptoms. Her too.

silverlining48 Sun 26-Jul-20 12:47:38

I forgot too when my friend offered me a lift in her car. It was only when we were driving along that I remembered. That was 4 weeks ago so am safe. I am sure you will be too, but it’s very easily done. Don’t worry.

B9exchange Sun 26-Jul-20 12:52:02

Please don't worry, I am sure the risk was minimal, and the contact will have been so helpful for her.

BlueBelle Sun 26-Jul-20 12:59:19

I haven’t forgotten and still try to be sensible but it does seem a long time ago now

Franbern Sun 26-Jul-20 13:03:11

Oh for heavens sake. What are you actually worried about? Do you think that she and her home are covered in this virus? You both benefitted very much from this social occasion, be grateful she invited you and you both did a great deal for your mental health.

GillT57 Sun 26-Jul-20 13:07:50

It is easy to forget, especially when normal manners and kindness kick in. I visited an elderly neighbour, we had a safely distanced coffee and chat in her garden, four of us all obeying the rules and as we got up to leave, I picked up the tray with the used coffee cups and walked in, put it in her kitchen......duh!

Starblaze Sun 26-Jul-20 13:09:26

I think it's actually beautiful that you dropped all thought for yourself to comfort a friend.

Recently a friend called me and I had been crying, she could hear it in my voice and immediately comforted me. I later found out she had been crying herself and needed me when she called. She said it was distracted away and actually helped.

Your risk is minimal I am absolutely sure and you will have practiced hygiene afterwards. Your friend however is now less at risk of being hugely unhappy. That's a good thing. Don't let it worry you too much

MerylStreep Sun 26-Jul-20 13:20:17

I forget about it most of the time. That's probably do do with the fact that I don't read/listen to the news.
OH has always done the shopping so that doesn't affect me. Also, at the beginning of lockdown my daughter and I worked out that neither of us were going anywhere so we carried more or less as normal.
I think if people were honest more people were carrying on as normal than we know about.

Houndi Mon 27-Jul-20 09:58:24

Why are people going nowhere and letting this virus changed their life and control it
I have just come back from a lovely holiday in wales were social distance is strictly 2 meters no mask.Restuarnts cafes pubs only open outside.We had glorious weather and wonderful time.I go shopping wear a mask it not the end of the world.I live my life but take precautions

Tanjamaltija Mon 27-Jul-20 10:08:13

Please stop worrying. What's done is done, and anyway, you did nothing out of the ordinary, nothing that can be called "dangerous behaviour". Frankly, it was amiss of your granddaughter to mention nit, even, because she made you worry about something you can't alter.

annecordelia Mon 27-Jul-20 10:10:32

Try not to worry. It's easy to forget and you were being kind. The chances of any damage done are slim so chalk it up to experience...

Gingergirl Mon 27-Jul-20 10:17:21

It’s a very small risk....a bit too close to someone for just an hour...not done it before or since...I’d forget about it.

ShazzaKanazza Mon 27-Jul-20 10:24:33

It’s so easy to forget so don’t beat yourselves up over it. We had our best friends over a couple of weeks ago and our friend has been shielding. We socially distanced very well in the evening as we have a large kitchen diner and all was great. My friend then shouted ‘you have a fox on your patio’ so we all ran to our French windows and literally the four of us could have stood on our doormat. We did laugh later in the evening when we realised. We’ve all got to our 50s and 60s and never had to distance before so it’s hard to always remember. Take care

jocork Mon 27-Jul-20 10:26:10

It's easy to forget when we are with friends and family. We tend to be much more cautious with people we don't know such as other customers when shopping.

Last week I went to work for 3 days after months of working from home apart from one day. They were staff training days in school with no students present and I know I got too close to colleagues on a number of occasions though some were distancing religiously. The risks are low, as the prevalence of the virus is low in most communities, but nowhere is risk free.

If you have been following the rules most of the time it is unlikely that one slip will result in infection so I'm sure you will be fine, but be ready to get a test at the first sign of any symptoms.

Uninspiringcowkeer Mon 27-Jul-20 10:34:03

I am 71 and have been doing stupid things all my life. There comes a time when mental health has to start being considered. With you and your neighbour, this was the time. Don’t worry, keep well.

polnan Mon 27-Jul-20 10:36:53

oh Starblaze, I have crying moments, but occasionally when I admit to it , to some people, I feel that I am a wimp and shouldn`t be crying, I am wondering if many of us have crying bouts, but don`t admit to it.. so thank you for that.

now this thread..
well I am 84, no underlying health issues so far as I know,
but yes, I have forgotten , on occasions , hugs are really hard not to do, just about manage not to.
but yes, getting too close.. and sharing cups etc... I have done it quite recently.

try to put it out of your mind... try.... cyber hugs!smile

GagaJo Mon 27-Jul-20 10:37:16

Try to put it out of your mind. If you're well in two weeks, no harm done.

If you're REALLY anxious, invent a symptom and book a test. The drive in ones are very easy to do. But she's one person. Your risk is minimal.

SheilsM Mon 27-Jul-20 10:38:38

Thing is, we’re allowed to go into coffee shops now and have a coffee, why is going into your neighbours house any different?

Georgesgran Mon 27-Jul-20 10:53:01

I’ve always been seen as a caring, sympathetic person (blows own trumpet!).
Went to my friend’s son’s funeral weeks ago and found myself being wept on by both his parents and two siblings!

What can you do, but hold them and let them sob?
Still here to tell the tale. X

Babs758 Mon 27-Jul-20 10:53:56

You should be fine. The r rate is still Quite low. You have both been sensible so unlikely you are carriers and it sounded like you both needed this meeting. All the best to you.

Tooyoungytobeagrandma Mon 27-Jul-20 10:54:51

I visited an elderly neighbour and had coffee and biscuits. We sat over 2 meters apart but I had my coffee in a mug and my biscuit on a plate. She is over 80 & lonely and enjoys a good chat. Her family live away and don't ring often. I've not been far during lockdown and only last week went for my first coffee in a coffee shop. I think the visits/chats with my neighbour are doing us both the world of good and she has said she doesn't know what she'd do without them. So don't worry it was probably just the thing to lift her spirits after losing a loved pet.

Beanie654321 Mon 27-Jul-20 11:11:44

Its happened and you can't change things now. Lessons learnt. Xx