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Post lockdown visits to the dentist

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aonk Mon 17-Aug-20 11:56:53

I’m wondering how people have been getting on with recent visits to the dentist. I’ve had the same dentist for a number of years and have always been very comfortable and happy going there to see him and the hygienist. Since they reopened it’s been a different story. You have to wait outside ( at least it wasn’t raining) and all the staff there are so preoccupied with the new regime that I felt rushed and didn’t feel that I was listened to when pointing out a problem. I couldn’t believe the increase in fees either. This time last year I was paying £45 for 30 minutes with the hygienist. This increased to £50 in January and is now £75! I know they have had to spend a lot of money on new equipment but feel this is a very large increase. What do others think?

suziewoozie Mon 17-Aug-20 12:13:10

I think you should cut them some slack. They are quite right to make everyone wait outside for one thing. They are having to change systems and procedures they’ve had for a long time - of course they are having to concentrate and perhaps seem preoccupied. I’ve had a check up and then returned for a very large filling. There is a separate PPE charge for the latter - and it covers both dentist and nurse. Additionally they can only see far fewer patients because of the COVID security measures in place. As for not being listened to, we’re all adults and have to take some responsibility for our part in the communication process

sodapop Mon 17-Aug-20 12:26:55

I agree with suziewoozie we have to wait outside at my dentist and everything takes longer due to sanitizing etc. I think the £25 increase is a bit much though.
No change to charges at my dentist here in France.

Liz46 Mon 17-Aug-20 13:51:42

We have been paying the monthly fee which entitles us to two checks and two visits to the hygienist a year. When I phoned to ask if the hygienist is working yet, I was told very abruptly 'emergencies only'. 'Go away' was implied!
Oh well, we don't have much choice but to carry on paying for nothing.

Pittcity Mon 17-Aug-20 14:37:14

My recent visit to the hygienist and dentist (check up) was far more relaxed than normal.
I was the only person in the waiting room, appointments were on time and it was no more expensive than before.
I expect it will soon become the crowded, long wait that it was pre-covid.

AGAA4 Mon 17-Aug-20 16:59:54

My recent visit to the dentist was much better than I expected. I did have to wait outside but the dentist himself called me in. I had to wear a mask. The staff were all in PPE and it was the quickest visit I have ever had as there was only me in there.

annodomini Mon 17-Aug-20 18:08:48

I was pleased to be asked to wait outside in the car park - in my car. They have to leave an hour between patients in order to sanitise the room. My temperature was taken at the door and I was ushered straight into the surgery. My treatment had been held over from the beginning of lockdown so the quote I had from the dentist still held good. AGAA4, I can't understand why you had to wear a mask.

Greyduster Mon 17-Aug-20 18:12:34

I should be so lucky. We are still waiting for our dentist to resume our Covid cancelled appointments. I expect he’ll get around to us eventually.......

Sunlover Mon 17-Aug-20 18:37:29

I’m going to the dentist tomorrow. I’m in the middle of a root canal and crown treatment that was started in January. My treatment has gone up by £80 and I will have to pay £39 PPE per visit!! N total another £1070!! I need to finish what was started months ago but will be looking for a new dentist once it’s all complete.

WOODMOUSE49 Mon 17-Aug-20 20:11:21


Almost the same for me. I pay a fix amount each month (DD) for 2 check ups and 2 hygienist appointments.

My appointments for April were cancelled. I asked a month after the surgery opened when I would get my appointments and if there would be a refund for the months I had paid. I got appointments in July. The difference in my DD's (2 months) is being kept and can be put towards any treatment.

Had to fill in Covid19 form 24 hours before I went.

I rang in when I'd parked up. Waited outside to be met at the door. Had to wear a mask (totally agree with this). Inside temp taken.

They were brilliant. Only 2 rooms out of the 4 are being used to keep down the amount of cleaning to be done. Different arrangements for rinsing mouth too.

No increased in payments.

Pittcity Mon 17-Aug-20 20:25:08

I think that rinsing your mouth out before as well as after is a great idea. Hope they stick with it.

SueSocks Mon 17-Aug-20 23:40:48

Had my regular check up with dentist 3 weeks ago, surgery phoned to see if I wanted to go ahead with it. I had lost a filling during lockdown so decided to go. Had to wait outside until called in by the nurse, given sanitiser, temperature taken, possessions left in a plastic box outside treatment room. Had to fill in a Covid form before hand. Had to keep some hydrogen peroxide in my mouth for 1 minute before treatment started. I am really happy that they are taking these precautions. You do not pay at the surgery, they phone you later and you pay over the phone. A week later he did my filling and the following week I saw the hygenist. They were all wearing more PPE than usual, especially for the filling, charges are the same, but he did explain that there was an additional charge for the filling due to the water spray and having to leave the surgery out of action for longer. I am perfectly happy for this. They are also seeing fewer patients than normal. I am just happy that my dentist is open again.

Fennel Tue 18-Aug-20 00:01:25

I rang last week to ask if they could re-cement a crown - I have the crown. The receptionist said they would try to fit me in.
I passed the place today and saw people waiting outside - I didn't realise they would have to resanitise the room - as annodomini said.
I know my problem isn't urgent.
I wonder if it would make any difference if I went for a test first and hopefully would be shown to be not be infected?

WOODMOUSE49 Tue 18-Aug-20 00:43:57


Word for word what I had to do regarding precautions. I do wonder if these are the guidelines all dentists/hygienists will have to follow.

heath480 Tue 18-Aug-20 02:05:04

I have had several appointments in recent weeks,single practice private dentist.

He himself let me in,hands sanitised and temperature taken.No increase in price and no gaps between patients,each visit their has been someone in just before me and just after.

He is also doing the Receptionist job as well!

grandMattie Tue 18-Aug-20 05:41:42

Curiously, we went for a checkup yesterday morning. DH was gobsmacked as he paid £76 for the two of us. Normally it is about £85 each!
Earlier in lockdown, I had a broken tooth fixed and I had all the palaver of waiting, masks, filling forms, temperatures, etc., and my filling cost me £125.
We are in the fortunate position of being able to pay for whatever treatment, but There seems to be no rhyme or reason. And we have been going to Karen for the last 30+ years...

Sparklefizz Tue 18-Aug-20 07:45:00

heath480 and no gaps between patients,each visit their has been someone in just before me and just after.

When does he clean the surgery between patients then, and air it out?

Speldnan Tue 18-Aug-20 09:38:25

Total silence from my (private) dentist. They usually pester you to have check ups but I’ve heard nothing from them. I think they said ages ago they were open for emergencies but that’s it!

Chardy Tue 18-Aug-20 09:39:34

You're paying for fewer patients per day, due to sanitising in between patients and waiting room not being used as before. It's a business. It's same as hairdressers etc, all the disposable PPE, cleaning products and fewer customers per day has to be paid for.

paulinelr Tue 18-Aug-20 09:39:56

I have a check up appt soon - the first in a year. I pay monthly to BUPA. I have had a letter saying I will be charged an additional amount for PPE. I was expecting about £5 but I see someone has been charged £39. How much have others paid?

JTelles7 Tue 18-Aug-20 09:40:09

Why not take out a private dental insurance. I have had one for my family and still cover adult children and family. It is far cheaper over the year than paying for each visit.
They are doing their best as the environment is a high risk one due to microscopic sprays etc so the need for such precautions. Do try the dental insurance. There are a number of providers.

Frankie51 Tue 18-Aug-20 09:40:21

I had a dental emergency the day before dentists were allowed to reopen and have been twice. I was very nervous as Ive been shielding. I found the new precautions very reassuring indeed and they are ansurelt doing the right thing during this pandemic. Mine haven't increased the price though. There is one dentist in my town who has and people are leaving to register with other dentists so I think it will backfire on them. You can always change dentists. The extra charges seem excessive.

NotSpaghetti Tue 18-Aug-20 09:41:49

I think £25 extra is not unreasonable given the extra costs they are liable for.
Mine has bought a gadget (UV maybe?) that goes in for x minutes between people as well as certain areas needing cleaning by hand - and so much thrown away it seems.

But from their point, other than fitting a breathing tube, how much closer does anyone get to your airways?

annab275 Tue 18-Aug-20 09:44:47

I am going tomorrow for a temporary filling - medical forms done online - my dentist is working two half days a week. I am grateful they are seeing me .

JessK Tue 18-Aug-20 09:45:12

My next check up was booked for early September so I am just waiting to hear whether it will go ahead and how it will be conducted. I must admit they have always been scrupulously clean so I don't really expect any change - here's hoping.