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Anyone experienced a hotel post lock down?

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Americanpie Mon 24-Aug-20 09:47:45

I have been reading reports that hotels are not making up rooms and changing towels etc and that some guests have been asked to remove their own bedding at the end of the stay and place it in a black bag. Is this true please? I was thinking of booking a few days away and would like to know what to expect.

Sarahmob Tue 25-Aug-20 09:43:18

I went to stay at a Pub B&B recently. It’s a place we’ve stayed before and thought we would feel relatively safe in. We were told that cups/glasses hospitality tray would be changed daily, but that bathroom and bed wouldn’t be tidied which we were quite happy with. There were antibacterial wipes left in the room for us to wipe touchpoints if we wanted to and we observed good hand washing procedures as usual. We really benefited from the change of scenery.

Sarahmob Tue 25-Aug-20 09:45:53

We weren’t asked to remove bed linen on departure.

Americanpie Tue 25-Aug-20 09:57:33

Thanks for all of your responses. I feel better about booking now. I think some of the reports may have been extreme. I don't mind giving my own bathroom a quick wipe down, daily, as long as the hotel leaves me a spray and a cloth. We always make our own bed too.

quizqueen Tue 25-Aug-20 10:07:24

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Aepgirl Tue 25-Aug-20 10:11:05

I have also heard this, that hotel rooms are squeaky clean when you arrive but you don't see a 'chamber maid' during your stay - but the price stays the same!

NotSpaghetti Tue 25-Aug-20 10:30:05

We also stayed one night in a premier inn.

There was hand sanitiser at the entrance and part way down corridors but the corridors are very narrow so you may have to pass people there. The bed linen was clean and I was told by someone that shower curtains are changed between guests. I did find myself needing to wipe down surfaces on arrival - as didn’t entirely trust everything had been done. I think it probably had, but you obviously can’t change the sofa, headboard, carpets and curtains for example and these felt somewhat grubby to me. I was glad I had slip-on shoes as didn’t fancy walking about barefoot there.

The check-in process was swift, distanced and well labled but I wish I'd asked ahead of staying if they had a paid stay at home policy.

In future, I will not be staying anywhere that doesn't have such a policy. I can avoid other guests (mostly) but not the person who is doing the room cleaning and changing sheets, handing me spare pillows or handling the teabags.

I am also wary of rooms with air-con. Unless you are sure they have regularly maintained HEPA filtration I'd want opening windows.... and not near the entrance where loads of people stand smoking and vaping.

We did not eat in the restaurant.

kazziecookie Tue 25-Aug-20 10:30:17

Thank goodness I sold my guest house in February and have not had to cope with this. The months of no income even though the overheads would have still been there, would have finished me off financially as because we lived on the premises I don’t think we would have had any government help.
At 64 the extra cleaning would have finished me off physically. Running a guest house is hard work.
I have recently had 2 days away in a Travel lodge. The staff were constantly wiping down surfaces and stair rails. There was no servicing of the room during the stay, but you could ask at reception for more tea/coffee etc and you didn’t have to take the bedding off after your stay. I felt safe enough, just avoided passing people in the corridors.

WoodLane7 Tue 25-Aug-20 10:34:49

I stopped at a Hilton hotel in Leeds at the end of last month. The breakfast was replaced by a take out bag consisting of a crossant a banana, an apple and a yogurt and the cleaning was non-existant. I was glad to be laving by day 3, my bin had started to smell! But wasn't asked to strip my own bed at least

rowanflower0 Tue 25-Aug-20 10:38:46

I stayed one night at a Premier Inn, in order to see my sons who I hadn't seen since Christmas.
We wore masks in the lobby area, but the room was great. Staff wore masks too, the only real change was the sanitizer everywhere, to use and the breakfasts were table service, not buffet. We were not asked to do anything with linen, but I don;t know about making up rooms as we only stayed one night,

parkersheen Tue 25-Aug-20 10:47:52

I run a Guest House. We have spent a fortune on dining room screens, sneeze screen, hand sanitisers, face masks, etc etc. We have done lots of staff re-training and self-training too. If guests are staying more than one night we do not enter their room for the entirity of their stay but we provide new towels, tea/coffee etc on request and we live on site so we are available 24/7. We do not ask guests to bundle their own bed sheets or towels for us when they leave but staff wear masks and gloves when cleaning rooms and bedroom linen is put straight into laundry bags and sent out for cleaning. We only do table service at breakfast and guests book a table for a certain time. Our guests are informed in writing as soon as they book what they can expect and what we expect of them and can cancel free of charge if they are unhappy with any changes. All these things have been put in place to protect everyone - guests, staff and ourselves. It all seems a bit regimental and not our usual style at all (it’s horrible greeting guests with my face mask on when they can’t see a welcoming smile!) but so far guests have said they appreciate and understand our efforts and have felt safe. If I were to go to a hotel or guests house I would certainly hope these same precautions were in place to keep me safe too.

Jane10 Tue 25-Aug-20 10:48:45

Quizqueen there are literally thousands of hotels around the country as well as guest houses, B&Bs, serviced apartments etc etc. It was ridiculous to suggest that people couldn't find a vacant hotel room due to them being fully booked with migrants. From the responses it's quite clear that posters are finding hotel accommodation and, generally, enjoying their stays.

kittylester Tue 25-Aug-20 10:49:52

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Whitewavemark2 Tue 25-Aug-20 10:54:58

Hello, we've deleted this post because although in itself it was fine, it quotes a previously deleted post that went against our guidelines. GNHQ

inishowen Tue 25-Aug-20 11:00:06

I've just spent the week in an Irish Hotel. The room was spotless but they don't enter it again until you leave. You can request clean linen and they leave it outside your door. Tea and coffee is available in your room on request. We brought our own kettle, cups etc., The cold buffet part of breakfast is behind a perspex screen. You show a member of staff what you want. Hot breakfast is served at the table. The bars aren't open, but you can take a drink to your room. Hope this helps. Oh, and masks are worn by staff but guests have a choice.

rosie1959 Tue 25-Aug-20 11:14:17

Stayed in Torquay last week hotel was absolutely immaculate Rooms were only cleaned on request but you left a list outside your room of all items to be replaced including fresh milk
Dining times had to be booked but hotel flexible All food served to the table
Lots of sanitizer available and staff wore PPE
They dealt with it all very well and would not hesitate to go back

Jan51 Tue 25-Aug-20 11:30:10

Glad to read the good reports for Premier Inn as we have just booked a two week stay at the Premier Inn in Helston to visit the family for several birthdays. I am so looking forward to it as haven't seen them since February when I would normally have gone down about every 6 weeks., and DH hasn't seen them since christmas.

catd Tue 25-Aug-20 12:18:33

We stayed at a hotel in Shrewsbury last week. It was spotless and well set up with covid precautions. Our room was not serviced and we didn't have to do anything special about the bedding.

Helenlouise3 Tue 25-Aug-20 13:19:19

Just returned from a 6 day stay in the Cotswolds in 3 different hotels. All had track and trace and had great covid precautions in place. The rooms weren't cleaned, but it wasn't a problem as we were only 2 days in each one. We did find that most restaurants preferred you to book in advance, as there were a lot less tables.

Crazygran Tue 25-Aug-20 13:20:28

We stayed in a large hotel in Wales last week and no issues with safety or cleanliness but don’t feel we had value for money as restaurant tables are not laid , just bare wood.
Won’t bother again till things are better .

Jane10 Tue 25-Aug-20 13:33:12

In the places we've eaten recently the cutlery, side plates etc were neatly placed at one end of the table. It felt sensible to pick this up ourselves rather than gave them lying on the tables waiting for us. Anyone could have coughed in them. Bare tables were obviously scrubbed with anti bac prior to our sitting down. Seemed perfectly acceptable and reassuring to me. Good value meals.

JenniferEccles Tue 25-Aug-20 13:34:23

How lovely to read all these accounts of others who are also enjoying getting back to some sort of normality by having lovely hotel holidays.

The hospitality industry is struggling so much. If we don’t make use of it, how many will survive in the months to come?

We as a family have also supported the Eat Out to Help Out discount scheme this month, and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

gillybob Tue 25-Aug-20 13:34:24

I haven't stayed in a hotel myself personally but I have booked hotels for my staff . They have used 3 different Premier Inns recently (their usual hotel of choice) and all have been absolutely fine. They reported back that the social distancing was very good and the breakfasts were table service rather than the usual buffet style .

geekesse Tue 25-Aug-20 13:35:57

Premier Inn was great - some clutter has been removed from the rooms, and guests are masked in corridors. There’s a hand sanitiser thing at the entrance, plastic screens at reception and arrows for one-way movement. This notice was on my door.

I felt quite safe.

Paperbackwriter Tue 25-Aug-20 13:49:11

I was in a Holiday Inn last week. All was exactly as usual except there were no glasses or cups in the room as there'd usually be, only plastic glasses (in wrapping) and cardboard disposable cups for making tea. Felt safe, especially as I came across no-one at all other than the guy on the reception desk and he was behind a screen.

aonk Tue 25-Aug-20 13:52:01

We stayed for 3 nights in a hotel near Christchurch in Dorset 2 weeks ago. Staff and guests all wore masks and staff wore gloves. Hand sanitizer was provided absolutely everywhere including on every table in the dining room, bar and lounge. You had to book for breakfast and dinner. There were markers on the floor to indicate direction and also distance between guests or staff. We were given the option of having the room serviced each day or supplies left at the door. We couldn’t fault anything.