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Christmas lockdown?

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Daisymae Sun 18-Oct-20 18:47:48

Seeing how things have changed in the last week, I can't see how a Christmas lockdown can be avoided if as a country we are to avoid a huge spike in cases. Students home, grandparents in the mix, cold weather, lots of people from mixed houses together - seems like a perfect storm. I personally will now prepare for plan B, as had hoped that we could see different families in different days. In my heart of hearts I can't see this happening. Xmas pud for 2 it is.

Jaxjacky Sun 18-Oct-20 18:54:22

I wouldn’t be seeing different families on different days indoors anyway that’s not a bubble. I think we will be just the two for the greater good, so be it.

Kamiso Sun 18-Oct-20 19:00:12

I am pretty sure you are right but I a hoping for the best but planning for the worst! I am going to get a nice piece of beef which I will enjoy more than turkey.

Tangerine Sun 18-Oct-20 19:22:56

I think you're probably right and am sorry for people who enjoy big get-togethers. This year Christmas is going to be different for many people for lots of reasons.

Personally, I don't mind not being with my family even though we get on well. We've agreed that Christmas will be different this year. Cards and presents can still be sent.

I'll still decorate the house.

Kamiso Sun 18-Oct-20 19:35:27

We’ve tended to alternate having one Christmas with the children and their families and they all go to their in-laws the next year, so we are used to having a quiet time.

maddyone Sun 18-Oct-20 19:39:41

It will be very different, but I’m still expecting to see them all, just not at the same time.

EllanVannin Sun 18-Oct-20 19:52:58

I can see it coming I'm afraid. We'll just have to look forward to Spring.

GrannyLaine Sun 18-Oct-20 20:05:42

I'm keeping an open mind.
Last Christmas was my first without my Mum and uncharacteristically, my daughters had all made other plans so I was feeling very upset about how I would cope. Other than the very large Christmas tree falling over in the middle of the night, we managed to have a lovely celebration. No point fretting this year about what can't be changed.

rafichagran Sun 18-Oct-20 20:27:58

I will just wait and see, if it's just the two of us. I will still have a lovely real tree, lots of Christmas food and I will call/Skype my adult children and Grandchildren.
I am not worried one way or the other, although I feel for people who will be on there own and who are unwell.

polnan Mon 19-Oct-20 09:54:18

well there is a lot of talk that "lockdowns" don`t work..

so I keep thinking,,, well what else can I do.... perhaps if only,
IF ONLY, everyone would obey, the social distancing etc.. there would be no need for lockdowns?

what do you think? I am not an unintelligent person, but this beats me!

grandtanteJE65 Mon 19-Oct-20 09:55:19

I am heartily sorry for all those who won't be able to see loved ones at Christmas if a lockdown is in place.

But that said, perhaps this will give us all an opportunity to consider how we usually spend Christmas and whether we really enjoy it as it usually is.

A lot of us feel Christmas is a burden the older we get. So perhaps we should see this year as a chance to evalute things and make changes.

sazz1 Mon 19-Oct-20 10:05:41

I will either have my DD and DGD here or will stay at her house for Christmas as there is no way she's going to be alone. She's a single parent and come he'll or high water she won't be alone. If I get arrested enroute so be it

Awesomegranny Mon 19-Oct-20 10:11:23

It will be hard if there are restrictions in place for Christmas, but it is just one day of the year, so if necessary maybe a staggered festive celebrations with friends and family this year and plan for a big get together when every thing is back to normal. Just enjoy and plan special little treats

Witzend Mon 19-Oct-20 10:11:30

I just wish there would be more enforcement of mask-wearing - I know I’ve said this before but it’s often unbelievably lax around here, especially in smaller shops. A lot of people are just brazenly sticking two fingers up and nobody ever says anything.

ReadyMeals Mon 19-Oct-20 10:14:04

My daughter and grandson are a 2-hour car journey from us, and she doesn't have a car at the moment (and we can't drive so don't have one) so would have to come on the train xmas eve and go back boxing day (no transport xmas day) DH and I are fairly vulnerable due to health issues, so although the original plan was that she'd be here all over xmas period, I have told her that if she gets any alternative invites, accept them rather than risk having nothing to do and nowhere to go. She mixes a lot anyway, so I don't feel particularly safe with her right now.

Ellianne Mon 19-Oct-20 10:16:09

In our family Christmas and celebrations are what memories are made of, and that even meant travelling across the globe a few times. This year will be a bit different, of course, but I will still see all the ones here, probably in shifts back to back.
My feeling is there is still time for there to be an easing of restrictions for a few days.

ReadyMeals Mon 19-Oct-20 10:17:02

"well there is a lot of talk that "lockdowns" don`t work.." But this is simply not true. They worked in time for us to all have a fairly safe summer. Obviously the infection starts to spread again in time, but a timely lockdown could have given us a relatively safe xmas respite.

Froglady Mon 19-Oct-20 10:17:33

I'm just seeing it as Christmas but not as we normally celebrate it, and hopefully next year's will be a even greater event because of having to miss out on family/friends visiting this year. It's not the end of the world - Eid this year had to be missed and that was announced almost at the eleventh hour after most of the cooking and baking had been done; at least we have some warning as to the situation.

LuckyFour Mon 19-Oct-20 10:23:26

I have seen full compliance of mask wearing and distancing at my Sainsburys in my nearby city. It's all very well organized. I go early (9am-ish) and it's usually pretty quiet. The trolleys are cleaned and there's sanitizer to use at the entrance and exit. I've worn my mask in the supermarket ever since I first started doing my own shopping (daughter did it for two months) and most people weren't wearing masks then, but I found that when people spotted me wearing a mask it reminded them to keep their distance, and you could see them step to the side as you passed.

millymouge Mon 19-Oct-20 10:28:35

We moved to our new bungalow in June near to DD1 and SIL. DD2 and family and DS partner and family, only 50mins away so we were all looking for an ‘altogether’ Christmas as we always had. All in all usually about 14 of us. But DD2 is now in Tier2 lockdown, there is the rule of 6 and we are being very careful because of age. So it may be a rather quiet Christmas for us all. At least we can Face Time and Skype to keep in touch. It’s more important to keep the numbers down to stop more people getting the virus and possibly dying. It must be so hard though for those folk who are on their own.

Omaoma57 Mon 19-Oct-20 10:33:26

We will be seeing one daughter two weeks before Xmas so that she will be able to visit MIL at Xmas as it is their turn. My son is working so we will see them if poss around the end of December, our other daughter is abroad and cannot travel so we will zoom them...if we are in total lockdown..zoom it is, if we are in a another tier then zoom ... what other people do is on their conscience...

Purplepixie Mon 19-Oct-20 10:34:28

I never see two of my children or their kids anyway so this year will be no different.

nipsmum Mon 19-Oct-20 10:37:44

I had my birthday in full lockdown in April and if I have to do the same at Christmas, so be it. I'll miss being with my Grandchildren, but its as it is. Do what is right for you at this difficult time. Let others do the same.

Elisabeth68 Mon 19-Oct-20 10:49:56

I will be alone as all my children live abroad
Clearly no visiting or visitors!
I plan lobster and champagne for one

Ailidh Mon 19-Oct-20 10:54:23

I've just had to cancel our Christmas Day dinner in a local restaurant ~ booked September 2019! We've just gone into Tier Two and the friend and I who were going are not a household or a family or a bubble. Of course we could change Tier for the better by Christmas (cough) but we thought it kinder to the restaurateur to let him have the table back to re-sell sooner rather than later.

I've had people say to me, "Pretend you're a bubble for the day" but NO. If it was "Pretend you're a bubble for the day and sod the Luftwaffe", then I probably would but "Pretend you're a bubble for the day and potentially risk giving and/or receiving the virus for Christmas", then I definitely won't.

Plus, as I've been 100% compliant so far (consciously, anyway), and have had plenty to say about those who consciously have not, I lack the hypocrisy required!