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Doodle Thu 22-Oct-20 13:14:46

Or to give it its full title , The Keep calm and carry on shielding crew.
Our forth thread. Who would have believed it.
Welcome all

Doodle Thu 22-Oct-20 13:24:25

Well this is the new place.
Lots of cosy chairs and recliners.
I have dispensed with the helter skelter as I think it caused too many injuries, (Jeeves was quite insistent it had to go ?)
We now have an indoor jacuzzi for the aching joints and our outdoor hot tub for the stargazers.
We also have a huge vegetable plot. Already planted and ready for picking.
Jeeves decided we should have a proper bar rather than a drinks cupboard in the kitchen (I think he might be getting ideas above his station ?)
A large selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages will be available.
Hope to see you all soon. ?

Panache Thu 22-Oct-20 14:27:27

Good Afternoon from another glorious day here in Wales.

I am delighted to be second in at our delightful new home.
Thank you Doodle for all your hard work in the preperation and with your quilted craft work dotted around we all can feel both welcome and at home.
I bring you a homemade posy.........alongside all the beverages!

I did read your heart warming comments Norstat just as our last home closed its doors.......echoed by you Doodle
I was truly in tears.
Thank you.
I so hate being a misery but quite frankly I cannot be any other at this point in time.
However those kind words brought me here today,and I can only add that everything remains much the same,today is certainly not one of the better ones.

So loved the Baacaret clock too.

Sincerely hoping that each one of you with your own burdens find extra peace,help and strength to carry on.

Sending warm cwtches to you all.

Grammaretto Thu 22-Oct-20 15:14:42

Hello Carry-on gang!

I followed the trail. Goodness we move house faster than I'd have thought possible.
We can leave the helter skelter I never actually went on it but can we bring Nortsat's clock - just to keep time ofcourse.

The clocks change here this next weekend. I'm looking forward to our extra hour already.

A passing friend wickedly called on her way somewhere and we had a passably warm chat in the garden. I daresay we'd be arrested if she was found out but I'd not seen her since this time last year and we had a lot of catching up to do. She brought cake.

She put her head around the door to say hi to DH and reported that he was indeed looking quite poorly. To me he seems better since that stent was removed yesterday.

NfkDumpling Thu 22-Oct-20 15:54:06

Oooh, this is nice. Live the decor, and I'm pleased to see the helter skelter hasn't come too... it reminded me too much of when my too-large posterior got stuck at the top of one. It was obviously for a max size 14. I absolutely love the jacuzzi and especially the hot tub. We can sit in the evenings with drinks brought by Jeeves ... Bliss.

I can't believe that people actually live in somewhere as posh as Brockhampton House. It looks better than National Trust - until I realised it has a disco in the basement. It's at least as posh as Sandringham House! I wonder what the council tax on it is!? (Didnt see mention of a jacuzzi though. A definite flaw.)

I'm pleased to read that Mr G had his treatment ok and Mr D is better too. It looks as if the NHS is starting to ponderously advance again. And my DH just had a phone call from our GP to book a routine blood test! They've seldom remembered before. I wonder if one of them is lurking on GN and saw what I writ yesterday! Things must be looking up. Hopefully.

NfkDumpling Thu 22-Oct-20 16:06:59

An offering for the new bar. We've (I've) made a start on sorting out the pantry. It was a big selling point when we bought the house, but things get lost in there. The bottom half is racked out for booze - which neither of us can drink much of now. And there are several bottles of mystery booze brought back from holidays. This little number is from Croatia. 24%. Does anyone read Croatian? I think it may be a peach liqueur, it's a bit sweet but quite nice with ice.

Nortsat Thu 22-Oct-20 16:37:45

Hello Carry On gangsters ... just checking in to our new home. I like the recliners and the chaise longue. The bar seems well stocked. I thought we might start with a nice genteel sherry but Nfkdumpling has already lowered the tone of the establishment with her 24% proof peach liqueur.

Good choice Doodle swapping the helter skelter for a jacuzzi. I’ll test the hot tub later and request Jeeves brings me a ‘Cosmopolitan’ rather than a peach liqueur.
Panache has added some panache to the decor with her floral posy ...

Glad to know MrG, has improved since he had the stent out, hope things continue to progress Grammaretto.

Have a good evening all. ?

Nortsat Thu 22-Oct-20 16:42:13

Oh, I just had a brain wave, how about ‘cappuccino’ to start things off ... one for each of us please Jeeves ... (GET OUT OF THE HOT TUB JEEVES ... ITS RESERVED)

Mamissimo Thu 22-Oct-20 18:27:29

J'arrive! And I've bought a housewarming present that I found on EBay in a bijou salvage yard....a fully working shooting gallery! I knew you'd be delighted ? all the targets are politicians, covidiots and me other people you'd love to shoot. I've asked Jeeves to put it at the end of the long walk...the one with the short plank.

We went the long way round to the garden centre today so that we could see the autumn colours on the hills around us. Autumn is much further on than I realised - I look out onto our paddock/field and it's surrounded by big trees but mainly oaks. They're the last to go so no flaming colours here. If you want to have a google I'm in The Hangers. It's a hilly bit of England you might not know.

Hugs and hope to all

Grammaretto Thu 22-Oct-20 18:52:10

That cappuccino with croissants looks divine Nortsat but is that an ashtray I see?
I'll have that tomorrow please.
The liqueur looks similar to some bottles lurking in our cupboards. NfkD Ouzo won in a raffle etc.

I was allowed to donate to the Cancer research shop today. You have to book an appointment to donate. It's the only charity shop open and they can't cope with the amount of stuff that comes in..

DD has realised more things destroyed in the fire, including the Christmas decorations. We may visit them next week if the rules are lifted and DH is up for it. We will meet outdoors.

A hot tub sounds delish. How many of us fit in? grin

A shooting gallery Mamissimo well really!! Nobody I want to shoot at the moment
I'll take a walk at the Hangers instead. The colours are so beautiful. Thanks.

Doodle Thu 22-Oct-20 21:54:29

Panache so glad you made it to our new home. You are always welcome here whenever you have the energy to post.
Thank you for the posy and the cwtches.
Sorry today hasn’t seen any improvement. Hope you both have a good sleep and a better day tomorrow.
Grammaretto, Nortsat’s clock is lovely isn’t it. I think it will look really nice on the fireplace in the lounge. ?
You must have really enjoyed your surprise visit with your friend. Nice to have a good catch up. I’m glad you think MrG might be a bit better since he had his stent out. Let’s hope his appetite improves too.
Nfk yes the hot tub under the stars must be a permanent feature I think. Thank you for the offering for the bar. That looks a bit exotic. I may have some with ice later, thank you.
Nortsat glad you approve of the new place. That cappuccino looks incredible. Oops sorry about Jeeves. He’s been busy today helping with the move so I said he could have 5 minutes in the jacuzzi to ease his joints before everyone arrived. He must have fallen asleep. He looks a bit poached
Mamissimo that’s a good idea, I might get some cuddly toys ? as prizes for a bullseye (you can swap them at the bar for a drink if you like)
I’ve never heard of the Hangers. I will have a look in a minute.
Our trees are starting to go yellow. It’s the red and orange I like best. Just hope we don’t have a strong wind which blows them all away before they change colour.
grammaretto fear not. The hot tub is big enough for all of us if need be. I managed to take some things to our local charity shop yesterday. The people who run it are always so pleasant. No matter what you take they always say oh thank you so much. They have never refused anything. I think they pass on things they don’t want to other charities.
Hope you get to visit your DD soon.
Take care all.

Nortsat Thu 22-Oct-20 22:04:56

Grammaretto, that is indeed an ashtray. We were at a harbour side cafe in Honfleur, Normandy, where all tables seem to be furnished with ashtrays.
However, our charming waiter removed it, at our request, before we drank our cappuccino.

BradfordLass73 Thu 22-Oct-20 22:35:56

Nfk Your mystery bottle is pear liqueur. Save some for me smile. Do you know about

I like the idea of a shooting gallery. When my husband was alive, we were members of a gun club, so over the years I became a fairly good shot.

Much later, , when my elder son was an Army Cadet, they had an open day where they set up butts and provided a heavy old .303 Lee Enfield.
To use the rifle safely, one had to lie prone with the webbing wound round the arm to steady it. It has a heck of a kick.

You can imagine the scornful guffaws of all the fathers standing round, ready to do their macho thing, as this fat lady in a flowery frock lowered herself to the ground and picked up the rifle. grin

Grammaretto it's sad to remember lost things; an extra shock weeks or months later. Personal items are always worse.

I had a wonderful book on biology which showed the human body in various layers, so each page overlaid the next, showing the organs in relation to one another.
It got 'lost', along with a box of other personal things when I moved. Sadly, it had to be a friend who took it.

That opulent decor in Brockhampton House is about as far from my personal taste as it's possible to get. I think the rooms look hideous and so overcrowded.

Oooh Nortsat what a brilliant idea, can we follow it with a shot of Nfk's pear liqueur as well? I'm off to the jacuzzi with my breakfast.

dragonfly46 Thu 22-Oct-20 22:42:27

Good evening, I found you all by following the raucous laughter in the hot tub. You might have let Jeeves get out before you all got in - he is looking most embarrassed!
I have brought some flowers for the table.

dragonfly46 Thu 22-Oct-20 22:44:29

Try again

BradfordLass73 Fri 23-Oct-20 03:30:10

dragonfly the flowers are beautiful and so fragrant. Thank you. smile
I don't wonder Jeeves was embarrassed; at least 2 of the gang decided on 'no cozzies' in the spa pool. blush

I feel such a fool. My homecare lady took me to a shop from which I'd purchased a folding table but couldn't open it. It seems it needed a heck of a lot more force than I was prepared to use. But that's not the most embarassing bit.

She scooted off to get something and left me sitting in the store and as she came back I heard her say, 'Are you all right, you're as white as a ghost?'
It was a few seconds before I was conscious again, so goodness knows what that was all about.
I'd had brunch too, well, 6 large prawns and some sweetcorn and even 3 bites of an apple turnover so it's not as if I was starving.

So having told Doodle I don't usually have a granny-nap in the afternoons, it seems the only way to settle this whirling feeling is to get horizontal.

Can't be getting old can I? grin

NfkDumpling Fri 23-Oct-20 07:41:08

No of course you're not getting old Bradford, hopefully it's just the after effects of your recent malaise. As my mum would say "You're doing too much"!

Thank you so much for the link, I've not heard of tineye .com. It looks like something which could absorb rather too much of my time! Pear liqueur. It's very sweet, but rather nice with ice. Thanks for tracking it down.

I can hear DH moving so I'd best get on and look busy or he'll think I spend all my time on the computer.

Grammaretto Fri 23-Oct-20 08:03:47

Morning Carry-ons,

You must have given your care girl a big fright passing out like that BradfordLass .
The table is to blame. You should have asked Jeeves to help. I hope you aren't too bruised.

The long-awaited community cafe is opening today at our community shop. What with lockdown and volunteer labour there have been more setbacks than leaps forward since the shop opened 4 years ago.
The project owes its existence to DH. It was his vision and its roots go right back to the 1990s. I wish he was well enough to be at the opening.
Our DGS was invited to play the piano but his sensible parents have refused permission to be on the safe side.
I'll go and represent them.

See you all later.

Mamissimo Fri 23-Oct-20 10:29:55

Good morning ? I can promise you it wasn't me in the hot tub with no costume! I'm advised by my consultant banned from sharing water because of the bacteria risk with my wonky skin and immune system. Apparently hot tubs are about as risky as Covid to me. Public swimming baths are out too. I don't think there's a social way to share a shower.....

Oh yuk that brings back memories of school PE and the communal shower. At 13 we used to wrap our towels tightly round us and run though it because we simply couldn't let anyone see anything.....I could get gold in Olympic Communal Shower Running.

Nortsat Mr M and I have history in Honfleur. Every Whitsun the bishop blesses the sea and the fishermen all parade afterwards up the hill to the chapel at the Cote de Grace. Mr M was very friendly with the Mayor in the 1970s and he was invited to bring his employers yacht to take part. Owned by a bank this was a glossy 60ft sailing yacht and we were given a quayside mooring in front of the Maire.

When it was time for the parade of sail we started to reverse out into the harbour basin......and in the middle of the harbour the engine died.....really died. No boats could get out, the bishop was waiting....

The police realised there was a problem and called the firemen....they organised ropes and tourists to hold the yacht steady in the middle of the basin. Then the sirens started and the local police chief arrived....he took Mr M in a screaming police car to a garage outside town, demanded a battery from the the owner and then screeched back down the hill, dived into the big police station and reappeared with a ne'er do well in handcuffs.

The criminal was brought on board and ordered to fix the problem while the police stood over him. He was swift! The engine fired up, our 'guests' departed, the lock gates opened.....and as we sailed out through the lock the tourists cheered. Mr M had a few drinks that afternoon.....

We've been back many times and love the place to pieces.

Right....Sainsbugs is here.

Missedout Fri 23-Oct-20 13:43:43

Oooooh a hot tub and a jacuzzi. Just to lay back in comfort and not worry about getting in and out, what a treat.

Hi gang, I haven't posted much but I've followed the muddy footprints to our new domain. I feel a bit guilty, I'm not much of a gardener but I'm willing to help to reduce any 'gluts' (except DH does not like parsnips, or they don't like him). I'm OK being instructed what to do although not as able at the moment.

I'm glad to hear that Mr G is looking better to Grammaretto, we know our loved ones better than anyone. Take it easy, BradfordLass. You haven't been well, but I hope you will get some advice if it happens again. And dear Doodle, I hope you and Mr D are gradually recovering from your holiday.

I have been reading Panache's posts too. Like others, I wish we could offer more than virtual support.

I have been following the vegetable theme with interest. I remember, as a child, hacking out the centre of a turnip to make a Halloween face with a candle inside. Pumpkins are softer. I made a pumpkin pie once for the school PTA Halloween party (about 30 years ago), I still have the recipe in my ancient recipe pile. I'm really not a fan of Halloween, the stain from the egg thrown at our wall by 'revellers' was finally removed when we had the outside of our house painted 2 years ago.

DH and I are eating far more vegetarian meals these days but I'm not particularly good at cooking them. As dedicated carnivores most of our lives, using vegetables as accompaniments, I have to start thinking about cooking differently, changing the habits of a lifetime.

There is not much going on at the Redoubt! We're not sure if DH is supposed to isolate or not. He went for another pre-op
checkup, all looks good except no one seems to know when his operation is supposed to take place, so when should he isolate (rhetorical question).

I dressed my hand again yesterday, I know it will be OK but it is going to take time and it slows down most manual tasks. I'm fed up with dribbling toothpaste on my clothes, I think the best way to clean my teeth using the 'wrong' hand (which is my right hand) is to strip off! Having planted that unwelcome picture in your minds, I will sign off!

Panache Fri 23-Oct-20 14:03:39

Just popping my head around the door and on hearing peals of laughter I found it coming from the Hot tub,sadly I cannot join you as I am in full gear!!!

Still lovely sunshine here again, tantalising us seeing residents taking advantage whilst 4 woeful eyes look on through our windows!

Our treat of the day is awaiting prescriptions that were perscribed last Tuesday and hopes of an early recovery for sure!!!

Thinking of you all,trusting the new home and its extras will bring such joy to you all.whilst all those under par are wished a speedy return to improved health.
Behave gals..................and stay safe!

Doodle Fri 23-Oct-20 14:46:17

Well I am in a bit of a predicament. The GP gave me a treatment to put on a dry patch on my scalp which is like eczema. At first he said it would be a spray but the pharmacy dispensed an ointment. I phoned and was told yes it was ointment that’s what he meant.
Male GP does not have long hair. DH duly applied the ointment thinly as suggested and all was well if somewhat greasy. I have now washed my hair 3 times this morning and I can’t get the grease out, it’s not just greasy to the touch it’s clumpy and I can’t get a comb through it. If I coated my hair in lard it couldn’t be more greasy. I have no idea what to do other than hibernate (good job it’s Lockdown) so if you see a strange figure sitting in the corner in a’s me ?
Bradfordlass I hope the lady in the flowery frock showed those men what’s what ?
That biology book of yours sounds interesting. Shame it got ‘lost’. I only found out your lungs are at the back not at the front of your chest during discussions on ventilators during this COVID crisis.
I’m not surprised you had a moment out shopping, that bug was a nasty one and probably zapped a lot of your energy. Hope you are feeling better now. As Nfk said you are not too old just been unwell.
Nfk if your DH comes and sees you looking up pear liqueur on the internet he might think you’re spending too much time drinking, not too much time on the internet ?
dragonfly the flowers are lovely, thank you.
Grammaretto thank you so much for the link. What an inspiring idea. Such a shame your DH isn’t well enough to attend the opening,
Mamissimo what a shame you can’t enjoy our hot tub. Perhaps I can find a specially pure spring water tub just for you that we can put next to the hot no I don’t think sharing a shower would be the thing either ?
My goodness that is some story about your trip to Honfleur. ?. Embarrassing but at the same time a bit like one of these comedy sketches. So glad the criminal was able to fix it for you. Not surprised MrM needed a drink. ?
I have been to Honfleur too but by accident. We were on a cruise due to stop in Spain but the weather was so bad the Captain decided it was too risky and we ended up going to Honfleur. For me it was the highlight of the cruise. Such a beautiful place round the harbour.
Missedout glad you found us. ?
I am a useless gardener too. As you say quite happy to help eating the produce. I will have DHs parsnips, I love them.
I have never heard of anyone making Halloween turnips before. I found the pumpkins hard enough going but turnips.
No Halloween isn’t one of my favourites either. I don’t remember it being celebrated at all when I was a child.
Pre ops are usually about 2 weeks before an op aren’t they. Can’t see much sense in doing one if they don’t know when they will be operating. I hope your hand is on the mend. It must have been a really bad injury. No, no stripping off please. We don’t want to make Jeeves any more embarrassed than he is.
I am still sitting here feeling as though my head had been dunked in a pan of chip fat. I think I will tell the GP what he can do with his ointment next time ??

Grammaretto Fri 23-Oct-20 21:18:58

It wasn't me either skinny dipping I'll have you know
I went to boarding school where we had no privacy at all. Bathrooms with 2 baths and 2 basins. Showers? I only remember a cold shower before you went in the pool.
I appreciate my private bath.

Oh dear me, Doodle how horrid to have that grease in your hair. It reminds me of the 1944 movie "A Canterbury Tale" where the poor girl gets attacked by the glue man who smears her head with sticky glue in the darkness of the Blackout!

Honfleur. What an amazing story Mamissimo I cannot match that one at all though I may have visited once upon a time.

The cafe opened today but it was far too busy and someone kindly brought us soup and home made rolls as a takeaway.

How are you coping with the New restrictions?
How Nicola and the Scottish crew can really expect us to understand their 5 level system let alone follow it, I am curious. One wonders where they live? On a parallel universe perhaps?

I hope DH and all of us sleep better tonight.
We had lettuce to help.

BradfordLass73 Fri 23-Oct-20 22:48:21

Morning gang, it's a beautiful day here and I'm looking forward to my day with Kathy.

Yes, Nfk you're right. I'd been changing my winter wardrobe. Packing clothing away, which meant lifting and moving heaps of full plastic boxes in the garage to get to the summer stuff.
I'd also washed and hung out 2 lots of laundry and cleaned the kitchen prior to my homecare girl arriving that morning, so maybe that's all it was. Doing too much. Whatever, the worst part was feeling such a eejit in the store.

Grammaretto I didn't actually fall off the chair as my non-panicky homecare girl held my shoulder.
Ye gods, had I actually hit the floor I doubt I could have held my head up in West Auckland ever againgrin

Mammissimo What a great story about Hornfleur smile it doesn't take much imagination to hear Keystone Cops music as an accompaniment!

Oh Doodle I know so well how that clumpy hair feels. Nowadays I don't have psoriasis on my scalp, thank goodness but it was once a big problem and the ointments, were very greasy and still are. In addition, mine smelled of coal tar shock.
I found wrapping a hot towel round my head before I washed my hair helped. I even once resorted to washing up liquid sad not the best remedy for psoriasis.

You might have been better with just a little olive oil rubbed on the dry patch, at least that's good for hair.
Yes, I hit the bullseye 4 out of 6 shots - no one else came close. And sorry, I forgot to say Brian with the silver beet lives opposite and is not the friend (Martin) who got the gas tank filled. smile

Grammaretto I intended to have salad for lunch but as I'm constantly tired at the moment, I think I'll steer clear of the lettuce. wink

What a wonderful enterprise your DH began; I hope someone takes a wee video of the opening so he can see it. He must be so proud. And you're obviously very proud of him too. What a pity though that your DGS couldn't take part.

Missedout that poor hand is still causing hassles. sad Have you been given any idea when it will be totally well?

Panache please don't lose that 'reckless heroism' your name suggests, keep calm and carry on smile

Nortsat Sorry, I forgot to say how pretty your clock is; it will look lovely when the sun shines through that blue glass.

The shops have been stripped of so many Christmas items already. Time and again I'm seeing 'Sold Out' and you can't get plants for love or money.

I think people are scared we'll have another Covid spike so are making sure the goods are in and the drawbridge up.
Despite there being no community cases, most people are still wearing masks and keeping distance where possible.

Wishing everyone a happy, peaceful day.

Doodle Fri 23-Oct-20 23:09:57

Grammaretto I don’t think I’d have liked boarding school. I like my creature comforts too much.
I am certainly very greasy but hopefully a few more washes will get it off. I wouldn’t want to meet the glue man that’s for sure ?
Well I suppose it’s a good thing the cafe was busy. Sounds as though it will be popular. The soup and rolls sounds nice. How often is it open?
Hope the lettuce works as we had some too. Sleep well.
Sleep well Grammaretto and Good Morning Bradfordlass ?
I think you’ve been very busy recently whilst not firing on all cylinders. Don’t forget how poorly you’ve been and you need to build up strength again.
I’m glad you didn’t end up on the floor but a shock for you both none the less.
I must admit to thinking of fairy liquid as a shampoo but I will try a few more washes and see if it comes out. Gp has now prescribed something else which should not have the same effect. Trouble is my hair is quite long and the way it is at the moment I look quite scary. With Halloween coming up I don’t want to frighten people. ?
Have a lovely day with Kathy . Hope you enjoy yourselves.
Bed for me soon ?

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