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Loodl Fri 27-Nov-20 14:56:04

My daughter and her partner are new parents and have a 3 week old baby. With the current restrictions in place are they allowed to drop the baby off to us for childcare and is it ok if both grandparents are in the house or do we have to go to them and again, can we go at the same time of just one of us? We are all live in the same area and are in the same tier.
I can’t seem to find any answers on the internet and the guidelines don’t seem to stipulate from what I have read.

suziewoozie Fri 27-Nov-20 22:38:23


My comment was in answer to what the OP wrote, it wasn’t harsh either usually or unusually.It was surprise that in this pandemic a grandma was going to do ‘childcare’ ( the wording the OP used) for a three week old baby. A few posters were equally surprised.
This is an opinions forum after all.

If you think some of us will believe that, you need to give your head a wobble. If you didn’t have information to give, then why say anything? Your post was horrible and not at all kind to a new poster with a problem. Opinions weren’t asked for - information was.

lemongrove Fri 27-Nov-20 22:40:06

suziew I think the best thing for me to say to you is that I won’t engage in your games.

suziewoozie Fri 27-Nov-20 22:46:10


suziew I think the best thing for me to say to you is that I won’t engage in your games.

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.

lemsip Fri 27-Nov-20 23:02:53

her we go! here we go! here we go!..........

suziewoozie Fri 27-Nov-20 23:06:02


her we go! here we go! here we go!..........

Best to leave it now, don’t you think? Stop poking.

Franbern Sat 28-Nov-20 09:26:53

When my eldest g.daughter was born, her Mum was in the middle of taking her degree and working part-time (NHS). Babies, dad was still living in their house, but was unemployed, clinically depressed and drinking a lot. No way would my daughter let him (and he agreed) have sole charge of a small baby.
So, it was down to me to provide that care for a couple of days each week, when she had to return to work. From six weeks old, bottles of breast milk in fridge. From three months this also meant that baby had to go to child minder for a further two days each week (I also had a part-time job).
It was hard (not for baby who thrived) but for Mum.
Research has shown that Mums usually need their babies, more than babies need their Mums. Babies can happily make good relationships with several adults.
Sadly, the Dad died a few years back (alcohol related cancer), but my daughter went on to gain a first class degree and has a very excellent career in the NHS. Her daughter is in final year of A levels, planning to go to Uni to take a Social Worker degree/qualification. She is a happy, healthy, extremely well adjusted teenager. It has meant that I have a wonderful relationship with her due to the fact that i was her second carer right through her childhood.

I think it has always been important to give new Mums and Dads, sometime away from Baby. More than an hour or two they are likely to find difficult, but to have freedom to get a long shower, a pampering time, an 'us' time can be beneficial to them and to baby.
So Loodl my suggestion to you, is to thoroughly enjoy your new 'grandparent' status, and enjoy your g.child. Give what support is required, when it is required to your daughter and look forward to many, many years of child sitting and have fun.

Jaxjacky Sat 28-Nov-20 09:45:17

Loodl firstly, congratulations on becoming a grandparent, it’s precious, enjoy your new world.
I went back to work p/t when my son was three weeks old, he thrived, I suffered, but it was necessary at the time, he’s 30 in January and fine.
If you are careful it will be a pleasure for you and a respite for DD.
Welcome to GN ?

Puzzler61 Sat 28-Nov-20 10:32:32

Congratulations Loodl. ?
I’m not a grandparent so won’t offer advice, but Franbern your care for your DD and GD was invaluable and you can take credit and feel proud that you have helped both ladies to achieve their potential.
Inspirational story of their lives so far , and I’m sure many grans/mums have done similar acts of maternal kindnesses.

Bellanonna Sat 28-Nov-20 11:51:43

I omitted to say congratulations in my previous post Lood1.
While the baby is small I prefer the word babysitting, and I wish you and your husband many hours of joy sitting with your new little one.
As Charley said earlier, do try Good Morning, and The Kitchen. You will get to know friendly people, and they you.
Lots of good wishes for the future.

Myden Tue 01-Dec-20 19:52:03

I would like to care and provide schooling for my disabled granddaughter one day a week. She is 14 and home schooled. Can I to do this in tier 2. It is obviously unpaid.