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Christmas shoppers in Regent St yesterday ???

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MawBe Sun 06-Dec-20 09:03:12

I could weep
These idiots are not only endangering themselves but every one of us - the wider population, not just GN, I mean.
How many Christmases are going to be ruined because of this total lack of responsibility?
How many lives?
No wonder we need lockdowns when people cannot be trusted to be sensible or considerate of others.

glammanana Sun 06-Dec-20 09:16:33

Total stupidity MawBe do they not realise what danger they are putting themselves and others in ?
Maybe they think they are immune or something?
I expect to see a massive rise in infections just after xmas and I hope I am wrong about it.

V3ra Sun 06-Dec-20 09:18:13

There were similar scenes from the Nottingham Christmas market ☹️

Ellianne Sun 06-Dec-20 09:18:24

If you look carefully many of them aren't even actual "shoppers". They go for the mingling aspect and just want to be part of the crowd scene.

Luckygirl Sun 06-Dec-20 09:26:51

Sigh - what's to be done?

I was just listening to the radio and they interviewed a lady out shopping about what she had bought: 3 pairs of Christmas pyjamas with twinkling lights on, a Christmas throw for her sofa., a Mickey Mouse toy All vitally necessary items worth risking lives over.

Roses Sun 06-Dec-20 09:35:15

Oh my God why would you want to be there?

Just looking at the photo made me feel anxious

A lot of those people will not have a good Christmas because they will feel so ill with covid

travelsafar Sun 06-Dec-20 09:45:59

The Government and SAGE are fighting a loosing battle!!!! It was the same in Nottingham City Centre yesterday(photos from family who live there) the local council had put on a Christmas Market!!!! they are in tier 3 by the way.

travelsafar Sun 06-Dec-20 09:48:18

Nottingham city centre.

Mapleleaf Sun 06-Dec-20 09:50:59

Unfortunately, it was inevitable because some people are just too stupid or selfish to care about anyone - including their own family.
As for Christmas markets going ahead this year, well that beggars belief really. Lovely though they are, their very nature means people will be crowded together trying to look at what is displayed in the stalls. Madness, but not unexpected, sadly.

Lavazza1st Sun 06-Dec-20 09:51:10

Hardly a mask in sight. What are they thinking? shock

I predict a surge in 2 weeks due to these "covidiots"

Charleygirl5 Sun 06-Dec-20 09:52:03

Wait until the vast majority have had the vaccine- most will think they are totally immune so can go anywhere. I think there are going to be many more deaths and even then these idiots will not think it will affect them.

NannyJan53 Sun 06-Dec-20 09:54:35

It looks like another lockdown is looming for January! It is obvious there are many people who think it will not affect them

TerriBull Sun 06-Dec-20 09:57:50

Yes I agree ridiculous! as well as Regent Street, a large throng trying to get into Harrods, not to mention the Disneyesque snaking queues the midnight before Primark opened after lockdown shock it's just stuff! not worth becoming infected, passing it to others or worst case scenario, dying for.

On Christmas Day are there going to be those who went out to buy presents with the masses "here's your present darling, unfortunately it may be the last I give now I'm dying of Covid" hmm

GrannyGravy13 Sun 06-Dec-20 10:04:55

I am speechless (which is a rarity) ?

Lucretzia Sun 06-Dec-20 10:08:52

Yes, Terribull

There was some sort of event where hordes of teens descended on Harrods wanting to storm it apparently!

Grannybags Sun 06-Dec-20 10:13:51

Very depressing pictures.

I can't see us ever getting out of this mess while people are behaving so irresponsibly

Dorsetcupcake61 Sun 06-Dec-20 10:23:37

It defies belief. It also makes a mockery of all the hard work by those who have cancelled Christmas markets and organised virtual ones. The affects on all frontline workers whether in shops,cafes,health goes without saying.
Are people stupid? Selfish? In denial? There may be an element of those thinking a vaccine is just around the corner so can carry on as normal.
Throughout there has been a surge of activity pre and post lockdown.
The only hope is that those that were just browsing outdoors may not become infected etc. I know in the summer we had truly massive crowds on the south coast which people were concerned would result in a rise in infections. Fortunately despite a distinct lack of people following guidelines that didnt happen.
There seems to be a popular movement to push things to the limit,whether it's a last blowout before lockdown or the inability to survive without primark for any length of time.
I think it covers all ages from those who are less vulnerable to the virus to those that are older and think their individual actions wont hurt.
I think the the entry on here that stuck most in my mind was during the first lockdown, which was I think taken more seriously. The contributor just broke lockdown rules to get an item from a small shop that she didnt need but just had to have.
I also think the media and social sites have a lot to answer for. Tbh I expect that a lot of people are being sensible and cautious. I'm sure that for as many people that are shocked by this there are those that think that if they can why shouldnt I?
The news of the vaccine was a wonderful breakthrough. Unfortunately from the priministers usual overblown rhetoric to the media immediate pouncing on the subject and implying the pandemic is almost over it feels very little attention is paid to the small print of what will need to be done alongside it.
I think people are tired,stressed,confused by soundbites and u turns.
Some will endeavour to keep up with the myriad of rules,others will just give up,especially if they are not particularly at risk.
I think with exceptional leadership it would have been a mammoth task to keep the public support. Sadly our leadership is not exceptional.

EllanVannin Sun 06-Dec-20 10:26:33

Roses, it did the same to me when I first saw that picture. I could no more be in a crowd like that than fly in the air. It was bad enough being in Asda on Tuesday when I was there, I just wanted to run out again. High level anxiety with crowds !
Nothing is that desperate that you'd put yours and everyone else's life in danger. It's horrendous, but goes to show the number of people who just don't care about anyone else !

TerriBull Sun 06-Dec-20 10:28:40

It is very depressing, what comes across in the western world per se, is how there isn't a collective mindset of "lets not do mass gatherings for the greater good" which appears to prevail in the Far East. No one will die if they don't get consumer goods, on the other hand some may die getting them! Whilst businesses depend on being able to sell their wares, lives don't, it's only stuff! it doesn't nourish us or quench our thirst none of it is worth the potential risk it can present, not only to ourselves but others.

nanasam Sun 06-Dec-20 10:29:14

The worst thing for me is, I don't see many people wearing masks - surely that would be the first thing to do. Words fail me angry

EllanVannin Sun 06-Dec-20 10:31:11

Headlines at/ after Christmas won't surprise me I'm afraid.

MayBee70 Sun 06-Dec-20 10:34:38

But people are being told to go out and shop to help retailers in the way they were told to eat out to help out. Yet again more mixed messages.

maddyone Sun 06-Dec-20 10:35:18

It might look ridiculous to us, but the vast majority as far as I can see, are young or youngish. They are probably not worried for themselves and perhaps don’t see the wider dangers. I don’t see it as particularly selfish as Covid isn’t usually serious for the young. It’s up to older people to protect themselves by staying at home and shopping when it’s quiet and not selfishly expect all of society to stop to suit themselves I’m afraid. The economy is suffering and needs people to do what they can to help support it. We older people who are mostly affected by Covid are not the only members of society.
I expect to be slated for my view so won’t be back on this thread.

MayBee70 Sun 06-Dec-20 10:40:01

The young may not die from COVID but they seem to be more st risk of having long COVID for which they are setting up clinics all over the country. Although less than (I think) 1% of people die of it and they’re mainly older people 5% of people suffer from long COVID and that includes people of all ages.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 06-Dec-20 10:55:22

All set for a New Year perfect storm.

A third wave of covid just at the busiest time for other illnesses including heart, respiratory diseases etc

A time when the NHS will struggle to obtain supplies of medicine, oxygen etc because of Brexit

And a time of crises in staffing levels.