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The Start of Insanity!

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NanaPlenty Sun 27-Dec-20 12:17:05

So day 3 (I 🤔) of the Christmas break. I have loads to be grateful for, have had zoom calls with all of our children and grandchildren but today......oh dear I just feel ‘not another day of the same’. I’ve started a new jigsaw, a new book, some cross stitch etc. Been for a walk this morning . I have started to feel this has been going on for so long now it’s definitely affecting me both physically and mentally. I will stop moaning now - apologies I just needed to share and wondered has anyone else just got to the stage where they feel they’ve reached a tipping point! Wishing you all a better 2021 and please stay safe everyone until we get vaccinated.😘

Luckygirl Sun 27-Dec-20 12:19:09

Deep breath - the days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter - and we have a vaccine - everything to look forward to. You have got this far......not long to go. smile

NanaPlenty Sun 27-Dec-20 12:20:35

Thanks Luckygirl - wise words 😘

FannyCornforth Sun 27-Dec-20 12:29:51

Sounds like a nice day to me.
You've just described pretty much every day of my life for the past ten months, minus the children, grand children and the walk.

NanaPlenty Sun 27-Dec-20 13:04:13

Sending love and best wishes to you FannyCornforth 😘

Marydoll Sun 27-Dec-20 13:16:02

Exactly the same for me Fanny. It seems interminable!

Enjoy it while it lasts, NanaPlenty! grin

moggie57 Sun 27-Dec-20 13:32:17

you think you had enough. !!! i'm on my own with really noisy neighbours day and night ,and no this not just over christmas .all day every day ...they get up late and dont go to bed till 3/4 am ,teenage boy talking at the top of his voice on his mobile or whatever .mother screams down the phone .tv blaring all hours . i could scream .i really could.have reported them 4 times .am so stressful and got high blood pressure too.. am going to get dressed and go out for an hour walks ears hurt from blocking them totally peed off from not seeing my brother over christmas ,did talk to my gc/daughter on christmas day ..can feel a headache coming on...

FannyCornforth Sun 27-Dec-20 13:43:18

Thank you for your kind wishes.

Poor moggie thanks
That sounds truly awful. I really feel for you.
We all take so much for granted.

I've got lovely, wonderful neighbours who I love dearly one side, and a bunch of lunatics the other, but nothing like that.

You must report them and keep a diary. I have you thought about starting a thread moggie or already done so?
I'm sure that you would get lots of support and advice. Another bunch for you thanks

BBbevan Sun 27-Dec-20 14:47:11

Oh bless you moggie I know just what that is like. I hope things get better for you. We had neighbours like that. We moved in the end.
I am finding myself very weepy at the moment. Unlike me but I hope it will soon pass .
Love to you all

Callistemon Sun 27-Dec-20 15:37:12

Oh dear moggie that sounds stressful and miserable 💐

polnan Sun 27-Dec-20 15:42:38

oh BBbevan,, me too,,, I hate it.. weep when least expect it, no particular reason comes to mind, almost like a weakness..
I do meditation, read, walk, have my cat ,, so much to be thankful for, I know!!! so why!!! tell me how to stop it!!

NannyC2 Sun 27-Dec-20 15:55:08

Don't worry, NanaPlenty I hear there will be more positive information/news coming out within the next week or so and
soon the mainstream media will not be able to hide the truth any more. Get ready for revelations!

Grannybags Sun 27-Dec-20 15:59:20

NannyC2 confused

Jane10 Sun 27-Dec-20 16:02:29

nanaplenty there have been a couple of times over the past few months when I've felt like you but somehow the feeling passes and is gone by the next day. It is a horrible feeling though. Once I mentioned it to a friend in an email and she instantly rallied and cheered me up. The end is in sight.

Spangler Sun 27-Dec-20 16:16:18

NanaPlenty, I came on with the intention of starting a new thread, but the title of your thread just appealed. Your same old, same old has certainly resonated and I do feel for you. It comes to something when the highlight of the week is to buy provisions from the supermarket.

My particular insanity is a deep seated ignorance of technology, exacerbated by those whose explanation of something that I don't understand, being: "Oh it's easy!" I have to admit, whenever I hear oh it's easy, a profanity forms in my head, but I do keep it to myself.

My current frustration is printing envelopes, never been able to do it. Three different advice or help quotes all start:
Open OOo Writer. I have searched and searched for the OOo Writer and finally gave up, ended up writing the envelope by hand. I always give up, I have given up trying to fathom my smart phone, it's too smart for me, I can't record a TV program, set the satnav, recall anything of the dashcam or buy on line. But I'm still here, so it can't be that bad, just as long as cash isn't consigned to history. Damned if I will ever point my phone at a gizmo to pay a bill.

merlotgran Sun 27-Dec-20 16:24:27

I think some of us might have to dig deep to locate our confidence when all this is over.

Hardly seeing anybody, not going anywhere and missing what were once normal activities is making me feel that it's going to take a lot of effort to get back on track.`

And we'll all be a year older! shock

Jillybird Sun 27-Dec-20 17:12:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FannyCornforth Sun 27-Dec-20 17:18:29

Spangler really? Printing envelopes?

Gingster Sun 27-Dec-20 17:55:49

I think we e kept going because Christmas was on the horizon. It was something to look forward to , one way or another. Now it’s over and we need something to latch on to, for the future.
Poor Moggy is there nothing you can do about it? How awful for you. 💐

Nannina Sun 27-Dec-20 18:15:29

I too have the post Christmas or early January blues today. I’ve had the odd day feeling like this during the last 10 months so I’m hoping this will pass quickly too.

BlueBelle Sun 27-Dec-20 18:31:02

I m another who really has had enough I m not housebound so should be looked on as privileged but I can’t find anything at all to urge me on I m doing all the right things and doing my best to keep others’ spirits up but all my day seems to consist of is going to bed and getting up and precious little in between
I think we d all manage better if we had an end date (which I know isn’t possible) but something to work towards makes a huge difference

petunia Sun 27-Dec-20 18:49:24

I am so pleased that this thread has been started, i have been thinking that I have the beginning of dementia.
My brain is like mush sometimes. The less I have to do, the less I want to do. And I have found myself wondering why I am in this room. what did I have for breakfast? What is today's date?

Boy oh boy I shouldn't be allowed out on my own.

Curlygirl Sun 27-Dec-20 18:50:23

I think part of the trouble is that at the beginning of the pandemic a lot of us really hoped that with lockdown and social distancing etc the virus would be kept under control. In the summer it really seemed that this would happen. But as restrictions got lifted infections rose and probably a lot of people stopped being so careful. We were promised so many things. A World Beating Track and Trace System, lots of parts of the country would be offered mass testing and now mass vaccination. We were let down on the first two and the vaccine is not going at the pace we were promised. No wonder people feel there is nothing to look forward to seeing you when hopes have been dashed in the past.Decisions are made that make no sense and then changed at the last minute. It feels like being on a bus without a driver. We need a Government we can trust and have confidence in, only then will people feel they have a future to look forward to.

Nanof3 Sun 27-Dec-20 19:06:41

Noisy neighbours can really get you down, have you looked at Noise Cancelling Headphones my Dad wore them so he could read without being disturbed by the sound of a loud TV, said they worked a treat.

merlotgran Sun 27-Dec-20 19:11:48

I'm sure my brain is going to mush. All there is to think about is supermarket deliveries, whether or not to put a wash on and checking the diary for DH's medical appointments.

I even watched a couple of episodes of Jeremy Vine on channel 5 just before Christmas because watching ignorant, bigoted people arguing the toss was strangely therapeutic. hmm