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maddyone Thu 14-Jan-21 15:03:16

Hello everyone, I just want to say first of all, a huge thank you to so very many of you who have sent me good wishes on the threads, or by PM. I simply cannot reply to you all, but I’ve been very touched by your care and concern and the wonderful good wishes expressed. Some of you have asked that I write down my experiences as there are some people on here apparently who still don’t believe about this terrible virus.

Well it started because my elderly mother fell and was admitted to hospital. She had sustained two small intracranial bleeds and when she was discharged home, unfortunately she had become infected with the virus during her time in hospital. She wasn’t on a Covid ward, it was just one of those things. Unfortunately we were told she didn’t need to self isolate because she had two negative tests before discharge, and so my husband went round to help her as she’s in our bubble. I had decided I would not visit, the carers could do everything but my husband is kind and rarely thinks of himself, he saw she had a need to have a table moved due to her new Walker. Well when he arrived she was already ill again and was taken back to hospital. It turned out that she now tested positive for Covid. Unfortunately in the 40 minutes he spent with her and her carer at the flat, he picked it up and brought it home to me. Both my husband and my mother, despite her great age, were not very ill at all, and neither required any medical interventions. Mum was sent off to a cottage hospital to rest, recuperate, and rehabilitate. Meanwhile I became ill, increasingly so with each day that passed. I suffer with asthma which obviously made the situation worse. We both got a test, both positive on Christmas Day. Frankly I was too ill to care. We didn’t open gifts or eat any food. I was just ill.

By the 1st of January I was deteriorating badly. I had been put into a ‘virtual Covid ward’ where I was being monitored at home for any deterioration, and my husband had to keep ringing up my sats.My son had been to the Covid Hub to collect the necessary equipment and brought it to his Dad. The main thing is something you wear on your finger and it tells you the oxygen saturation, which is the most crucial information. My saturation dropped dangerously to between 80 to 86 and it was at this point the the Virtual Ward decided I needed to be admitted. The ambulance arrived and I was taken into hospital at 9.00 at night. I had to wait in the ambulance for thee hours before I went inside the hospital. I was never left at any point, the ambulance men and also nurses, doctors and other staff were with me all the time and already actively treating and monitoring me. When I went into the hospital I was immediately taken for a chest X-ray. I was already on 40% oxygen support and I had a cannula set up and blood taken and so much active care. It turned out that I had viral pneumonia and possibly blood clots on the lungs, but I had to wait for a CT scan to discover that. My treatments were lots, anti viral infusions, anti viral antibiotics, oxygen, blood thinners, a drug to break up the fluid in my tubes which made me feel I was drowning, high dose steroids, asthma drugs delivered via nebuliser because I couldn’t breathe them in normally.

Jane10 Thu 14-Jan-21 15:09:02

Thank you for this picture of Covid from the inside. I never doubted its severity but often wondered what it was like to actually contract it. Sounds like you had good care. I'm so glad to hear that you've recovered or even recovered enough to post this. I expect you might feel pretty feeble for a wee while yet. thanks

MawBe Thu 14-Jan-21 15:14:27

Maddyone that sounds terrifying and I am so glad you are on the mend now- you are one of the lucky ones in that you have survived it, but it is a lesson to anybody who thinks because they are not 90+ and in a care homes, tgat they are somehow safe.
I hope you continue to feel stronger and make a full recovery. flowers

Casdon Thu 14-Jan-21 15:15:13

Look after yourself maddyone, you must be completely exhausted after that awful experience.

I was interested in what you said about monitoring yourself at home first, and knowing from that when you needed to go into hospital, that sounds like a really good system, and hopefully would be reassuring for some people who didn’t deteriorate, as well as letting you know when you did so could take the necessary action.

Luckygirl Thu 14-Jan-21 15:18:40

Thank you for describing so clearly the serious nature of this illness - let us hope the nay-sayers are listening.

I am so pleased that you received such good treatment from these brave NHS workers - we have a lot to thank them for.

I hope your recovery continues well and that you will soon be back to yourself.

paddyanne Thu 14-Jan-21 15:20:41

The scary thing to me is how fast it deteriorates .My friends 34 year old healthy son thought he had a cold last March ,after a couple of days off work he decided he should go back ,got himself into the shower and felt ill
.He collapsed and died on the floor before the ambulance arrived .
Its surprising how many folk say ah but he MUST have had underlying health issues .Nope,fit and healthy and happy.His mother is devastated and ten months on its not any easier .
I'm pleased you are recovering and hope you return to full health .For many hearing your story might make them understand its NOT just the flu .Thank you on behalf of my freind and all those you have lost loved ones .

Grandmabatty Thu 14-Jan-21 15:21:07

I wish you well and hope you continue to improve in health. It's hard to believe people don't believe in the severity of this virus

Ngaio1 Thu 14-Jan-21 15:25:19

Maddyone.. Every good wish from me. That must have been very frightening. If only the selfish would take note! I have a young(ish) relation who has decided that she has had enough of the pandemic and is allowing her university children to be at home with their friends calling whenever. I had thought that she was a level headed, thoughtful person. Not any more!!

maddyone Thu 14-Jan-21 15:31:39

I will continue, I didn’t want to lose what I’d written. I spent twelve days in the hospital receiving excellent care. I got the CT scan and I was so lucky because there were no blood clots in my lungs, a piece of news I regarded as very positive. My daughter rang up every day and discussed my treatment and management with my consultant. He gave her his home number and talked with her at night. She already knew his son as she had worked with him some years ago when she was working rotations at the hospital. It was handy having a route in but the treatment would be the same whether or not your relative happens to be a dr. I was offered to go on a trial, and to begin with I agreed, but when my daughter discovered she made it absolutely clear that I wasn’t in a fit state to properly consent and understand the issues, and that she absolutely took responsibility here, telling the medics my mother is to be given no unlicensed treatments, so that is what happened. You do need an advocate when you’re so ill, you are simply not in a fit state to take everything on board. I was so weak that I had to be taken to the toilet along with an oxygen cylinder as I couldn’t be away from the oxygen. I didn’t want to use a commode but at times I had to. I couldn’t shower, just a little wash and teeth clean. The staff were exemplary, so very busy, looking after so many poorly people, and working twelve hour shifts. I haven’t got the words to describe them except I know they saved my life. Eventually I could manage a shower so long as I sat down. I tried to keep my dignity, it was important to me, so I struggled rather than get help sometimes. It was a truly shattering experience to be both so ill and so helpless, like a child. You are allowed no visitors although my son in law did get up to the ward once but I was with medics so he could only see me through the curtain. Unfortunately whilst all this was going on, my son in law, my daughter, and my little granddaughter all tested positive for the virus. My son in law picked it up from the Covid Hub where he works.

Ladies do not underestimate this virus. I have little doubt that without the wonderful care I received I would not be here now. Now I have a long haul in front of me to regain health and strength. My consultant told me at least six weeks and maybe more. Eat a lot of protein, especially meat to rebuild my ravaged tissues. I was told the virus destroys your tissues and that’s why it’s a long recuperation.

I just hope that any doubters read and understand. This is not the flu or a cold, it is a devastating virus. Whilst many do have it mildly, there are no ways of knowing what your reaction will be if you pick it up.
Please keep safe ladies.

Grannynannywanny Thu 14-Jan-21 15:34:28

My goodness maddyone what a frightening experience for you and your family. I hope you are starting to feel stronger and will continue to improve each day?

I hadn’t heard of the “virtual covid ward” arrangement. It sounds like a very good idea to monitor those who are feeling very unwell but possibly don’t require hospital admission.

Kamiso Thu 14-Jan-21 15:40:38

Glad you are home and on the mend.

Makes so much sense to monitor from home. It takes away a lot of the uncertainty deciding what to do for the best.

Whatever infection I had before Christmas affected my breathing and I remember standing at the bottom of the stairs and wondering how I was going to get up them because I was so short of breath.

Ellianne Thu 14-Jan-21 15:42:38

Oh maddy I am so sorry to hear you have been unwell and in hospital. I thought you were busy looking after your mum so I didn't message you recently.
I do hope you will recover bit by bit with the wonderful family and care you have around you. Thank you for sharing your experience here. flowers

Sar53 Thu 14-Jan-21 15:49:45

Maddy I'm so sorry that you have been so poorly but pleased that you are on the road to recovery. Thank you for taking the time to recount your experience.
I wish you well in the days and weeks ahead xx

SueDonim Thu 14-Jan-21 15:54:25

flowers Maddyone. Your description is very graphic indeed, it must have been painful for you to recall the horrors of it all and write it down.

Wishing you a steady recovery from now on. X

Sara1954 Thu 14-Jan-21 16:00:50

Very interesting account. I’ve probably learned more from your post than everything else I’ve read and seen about the treatment of Covid.
Very pleased you are feeling better, and Thankyou for taking the time to talk about your experience.

Callistemon Thu 14-Jan-21 16:01:56

maddyone what a terrifying experience you've been through. I hope you make a good recovery and that the rest of your family do too.

Thank you for sharing your experience; I hope everyone reads your thread and it brings home to the doubters how serious this can be.

We've just heard today about three of our friends who contracted Covid. They are all in their 80s, one is in his late 80s and an invalid. None have needed to go to hospital and all are recovering, so it is strange how it affects some people more than others.

Take care flowers

luluaugust Thu 14-Jan-21 16:03:07

flowers wishing you all the best for your speedy recovery

Anrol Thu 14-Jan-21 16:03:22

What an extremely scary experience and how frightening this dreadful virus can be. Thank you for sharing. So very glad you are on the mend. Good wishes are sent for a steady recovery. Go safe xx

AGAA4 Thu 14-Jan-21 16:19:51

Maddy I am so sorry you have been so ill. I don't underestimate how bad Covid is but your description of the progress of the disease should put no doubt about how serious it is into any denier's mind.
Rest and recuperate now. I hope you will be well soon flowers

Dorsetcupcake61 Thu 14-Jan-21 16:36:30

Maddyone I'm so glad you are on the road to recovery. Take care and sending virtual hugs and flowers ??

JenniferEccles Thu 14-Jan-21 17:19:06

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to explain the sequence of events with your illness maddyone
It made very sobering reading about what can happen with this extraordinarily varied virus.

Some people have very mild symptoms, and in fact some are asymptomatic, yet others like you can be extremely ill.

Actually you have reminded me to buy a pulse oxymeter. I have been meaning to buy one after reading about them in our paper’s health section, but I am now spurred on to track one down.

I really hope you continue to make good progress, and I’m sure everyone would be pleased to hear how you are getting on from time to time.

Juliet27 Thu 14-Jan-21 17:29:19


Very interesting account. I’ve probably learned more from your post than everything else I’ve read and seen about the treatment of Covid.
Very pleased you are feeling better, and Thankyou for taking the time to talk about your experience.

My thoughts and feelings too

Shez1955 Thu 14-Jan-21 18:41:16

Maddyone thank you for sharing your experience and describing the excellent medical care. It must have been a very frightening time for you and your family. I am so pleased that you are now recovering. My very best wishes, virtual hugs and ???

farview Thu 14-Jan-21 19:11:45

Thank you for bravely sharing your story of having had frightened me..but that's good...if ever I may have been tempted to break lockdown rules....your story would stop me!! It would be Brilliant if it were published for everyone to read.....please get well soon....?

PamelaJ1 Thu 14-Jan-21 19:35:09

Very interesting, thank you for sharing your horrible experience. I hope you and yours don’t suffer from long covid and make a good recovery. Please keep us updated.