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Dental Treatment during Covid. 19

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3nanny6 Wed 20-Jan-21 17:29:17

I would like to ask if many of you have had dental treatment
during any of the lockdowns.?
I wanted to have a routine check-up fairly soon but have not been in pain.
I felt confident to go and do this but the Covid consent form has made me feel a bit anxious.
Most of us know that the virus can travel in aerosols.
The form explains that dental treatment can give water spray. This spray can linger in the air for minutes or up to an hour. The spray could give an inherent risk of getting infected. That is why you either sign or not.
I am not sure if I want a check up now.
What do others think?

Shinamae Wed 20-Jan-21 17:34:13

In the last five weeks I have had a checkup, an extraction and a filling.Dentist and nurse were in full PPE.However I did ask Dentist if she had had a covid test and she said no which I was a little worried about ;I thought in her line of work she probably should get herself tested. Anyway all fine and in February I have two visits to the hygienist to look forward to 😜

Redhead56 Wed 20-Jan-21 17:42:44

No treatment since early last year too frightened. I know they wear PPE but I would be too nervous.

Charleygirl5 Wed 20-Jan-21 17:49:10

I was in a lot of pain and had very minor surgery. I did not regret it and everything went okay.

Grandma70s Wed 20-Jan-21 17:53:57

I’m too scared to go the dentist. I’d like to, though. I’ve never been so long - over a year - without having my teeth looked at, and I’m starting to imagine things wrong with them - at least, I hope I’m imagining them.

Jaxjacky Wed 20-Jan-21 17:58:12

I’ve been for a checkup, staff in full ppe and they’ve got a new big suction thing that takes most of the droplets away, it is private.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 20-Jan-21 18:00:42

I think if you are in pain then you have no choice. But my sister’s son’s mil had been sheltering - she has a blood condition- but was forced to go with toothache. She got covid.

She’s ok but it was a shock.

Sparklefizz Wed 20-Jan-21 19:13:02

I am on Denplan and therefore go to a private dentist. During the first lockdown when all dentists were closed, he spent £30,000 on extractor equipment for his practice so that it would be Covid safe re aerosols.

I had raging toothache last September and was grateful that he was working. I felt so safe there .... the door was kept locked and I had to wait outside on the front path in the spaces marked, or in my car until the receptionist sent me a text. Had to wear a mask, was asked to use hand sanitiser, had my temp taken, then asked a lot of questions about possible Covid symptoms - receptionists were all masked and behind perspex screens. Dentist and his nurse were all in full PPE.

As soon as he'd finished treatment, I had to put my mask back on and follow him down the stairs, use more sanitiser, and then he unlocked the door to let me out.

When I went to the doctor's for my 'flu jab, they were not nearly as careful.

3nanny6 Wed 20-Jan-21 20:05:29

Thank-you all for your replies and it seems quite a few of you have had good experiences.
I did not need any emergency treatment during last year and I just thought I might go for a routine check-up next week.
My dentist takes both types of patients private and N.H.S and I have been with them for a long time.
Sparklefizz I am going to phone the dentist tomorrow and ask if he has got any new extractor equipment for the practice so that it would be Covid safe.
I have been told to come at the correct time then ring the bell for entry. I must wear a mask and once inside have my temperature taken and hands sanitised. There will be no toilets in use on the premises. All staff will wear full P.P.E.
It sounds like they are being very careful. Once I have phoned them tomorrow I will know if they have made changes to the extractor equipment.

Oldbat1 Wed 20-Jan-21 20:21:05

I’ve had checkup visit and a one hour filling visit. Waiting room is outside in the courtyard. Temperature taken. All staff in full ppe. They have temps taken every morning. Only thing different was not being allowed to rinse out mouth. Felt very safe.

Kate54 Wed 20-Jan-21 20:37:38

I would definitely go. Missing check ups can create problems long term and that’s a very bad idea. I’ve had quite a lot of treatment since the autumn,including, finally, an extraction. I didn’t have any choice as I was in pain but was completely happy about all the precautions in place.

Teacheranne Wed 20-Jan-21 20:44:16

I had a routine checkup last week ( NHS dentist but with some private patients) but did not have any water spray or anything like that, I thought they were only used during a filling or other work? I didn’t need any cleaning done, in fact I’ve never been referred to the hygienist, and the dentist praised me for my healthy gums!

So I really would not worry, I felt very safe with very similar Covid precautions as you have been told.

Tangerine Wed 20-Jan-21 20:47:34

Yes, I have had dental treatment. Dental decay can impact on other areas of your body - heart valves definitely, I think.

I feel it is important to visit the Dentist.

When I was there, I was impressed with the hygiene.

Grannybags Wed 20-Jan-21 20:55:26

Sparklefizz That sounds like my dentist, I wonder if it's the same one?!

I went for a routine checkup after the first lockdown and everything was as Sparklefizz describes

Sparklefizz Thu 21-Jan-21 16:45:50

Are you in the West Country Grannybags in which case we might share him? smile

muse Thu 21-Jan-21 16:57:57

I'm about to go for my 2nd check up during the pandemic and see the hygienist. I went 6 months ago. Very safe. I fill forms in on line before I went re covid symptoms but asked again when there. Temperature taken on arrival. Waited outside till called (text).
No water sprays. Hygienist was in full PPE with respirator.

Davida1968 Thu 21-Jan-21 16:59:41

Yes, I had dental treatment months ago, because of a broken tooth. (Our area has been on "Tier 4" type lockdowns, for most of the time.) All issues were really well managed by my dentist and staff. No concerns from me!

grandmac Sun 24-Jan-21 13:33:34

My daughter is a dental nurse and has been back at work since last September. The surgery has been made Covid secure as much as possible and they all work in full PPE. No one working at the surgery has caught the virus so far.

Greciangirl Sun 24-Jan-21 14:58:44

Surely all dental practices are observing Covid rules and treatments now.

I went recently because of a sensitive tooth.
Had to wait outside until they were ready for me. Then I had to put my coat and bag into a plastic box.

Couldn’t use toilet, but wouldn’t anyway.

Felt quite safe, but there was a trainee nurse also in the surgery along with the dentist and another nurse so it felt a bit cramped around the dental chair at times.

But yes, I would go again if needed to.

grannyrebel7 Sun 24-Jan-21 16:44:24

I haven't been to the dentist since Oct 2019! My dentist will only see people for emergencies only. My teeth feel really gunky now and would love a scrape and polish.

FoghornLeghorn Fri 29-Jan-21 20:22:02

I’ve had two implants and a crown during 2020. There was no problem with anything.

polomint Sun 31-Jan-21 23:01:51

My husband had toothache a few weeks ago and because he is housebound at the moment, a dentist came to our home and gave him a temporary filling. Unfortunately, he was in severe pain a few days ago and the dentist came back to see him and he has developed an abscess. Now he has to get an ambulance transfer to a local hospital next week to see what procedure he will need. I have not been at my dentist since September 2019

farview Mon 01-Feb-21 06:48:59

I'm going today, a tooth hanging on by a thread...not been able to chew properly for I'm glad to be going but of course also feeling worried

NotSpaghetti Mon 01-Feb-21 08:20:07

This sounds like my dentist sparklefizz - I've been twice over lockdown and so has my adult daughter.

My dentist also has a gadget that (I think) she said was a UV light that is put in the surgery between appointments after manual cleaning. It stays there for (?) I think, 15 minutes.
She and her dental nurse is in full PPE. Her reception person is masked and gowned.

I had to run through a series of questions before attending and then had temperature taken outside (in the porch) before entering. No use of waiting area. No crossover of patients.

My other daughter (NHS dentist) with temperature testing in the doorway but 2 in waiting room and much much less PPE.
I did not like her going to be honest.

Barmeyoldbat Mon 01-Feb-21 09:06:33

Mr Barmey has been to the dentist for dental implants and all has been well.